Scrooge Invents Christmas

An interesting entry into the ‘is Christmas Pagan‘ meme, we find out that what we think of today when we think of Christmas isn’t the fault of Jesus or the Pagans, it is instead a certain author.

I won’t be the first to point out, however, that the way we celebrate Christmas today has less to do with Christianity or paganism than with the strange and troubled imagination of a single man ? Charles Dickens. It was Dickens who more than anyone established Christmas as being about family ? specifically it was about the happy family he was denied as a child and then failed to create around himself as an adult. Last year at this time I read A Christmas Carol aloud to my children ? hear that, Mark Latham? ? and was struck by the almost total absence of any mention of Christianity. In fact, the foundation of our modern Christmas in this strange and tragic story is one of the oddities of modern cultureImre Salusinszky, The Australian

Jason Pitzl-Waters