“we miss you already”

As perhaps a final cap on this whole “Episcopagan” issue, you can read the reactions from the Druid group the Episcopalian ministers worked with.

“In truth as you know I pondered walking between these worlds as you have. I chose to work in my realm, and keep the door open for those like yourself. I will continue to do so, should you or anyone else ever gain courage to help our cultures heal from the divide of religion and spirituality. And in this same way I will also celebrate our diversity, with an open heart and understanding I wish for our world.” -Merlyn

“They are faced with the need to make a difficult choice, and each one requires that they leave part of their hearts behind, and many good friends. I feel compassion for the choice forced on them. How would I choose? I don’t know. Either one involves heartbreak and loss. I light a candle for them and send them love and peace. on their journey. May their journey wind about and bring them back to us one day.” – Donata

“Bill, I appreciate probably better than anyone here the ramifications of your difficult choice. As you know, after 16 years in the same priesthood of the same church, I made the opposite choice to the one you felt you had to. I know you were trying to affect change from within and that once you choose ‘out’ there is no more ‘back in’… “ – (Rev’d) Peter J. Wolfwalker Slade, B Th, BA, M Div; Presider, Celtic Church of Canada

To those who forced this final decision I have to wonder if you brought more souls to your Christ or did you push more away? I have heard that you believe that only your God can know the hearts and souls of men, yet here it seems we have a case where a kangeroo court of bloggers, reporters and religious pundits, many who didn’t even belong to this Church decided they knew what was in the hearts and souls of these two priests. I can only wonder if the greater good was served here or was this all a waste?

Jason Pitzl-Waters