So Vote It Be

Well voting day is apon us. I plan on getting to the polls early and then cleaning my house for our election night party. I figure no matter what happens I should be surrounded by friends and copious amounts of alcohol.

It should be of no surprise to anyone reading this blog that I lean left of center. Nor should it be much of a shocker that I’m voting for Kerry this election. Some of the conservative bent may question my sanity, but so it goes in an election year.

I thought in these last hours I would give a Pagan perspective on the upcoming election and some of the issues and trends.

It’s no big secret that modern Pagans by an overwhelming majority vote left of center, the most recent Witchvox poll (the largest and most visited modern Pagan website) gives John Kerry a commanding lead.

John F. Kerry (D) 72.0%

George W. Bush (R) 17.7%

Michael Badnarik (L) 5.6%

Ralph Nader (I) 2.2%

Other 1.5%

David Cobb (G) 0.8%

Michael Peroutka (C) 0.2%

George Bush holding on to less than 20%, while Badnarik polls over 5% thanks to the tendency for conservative Pagans to often veer Libertarian rather than Republican. Nader is pulling stronger numbers from our community than in national polls, no doubt from the impression that he is better on “eco” issues than the other candidates.

There is no love lost between the Bush administration and modern Pagans. From his pre-Presidency anti-Pagan comments to his Director of the Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives telling Pagans that they don’t care for the poor to his wretched record on the environment to his pandering to the kind of Christians who don’t like us much he pretty much scores the grand-slam of alienating the majority of our faith community (not that he cared if we voted for him anyway).

Pagans participated in the GOTV effort and a few high-profile modern Pagans gave candidate endorsements (I have linked directly to their endorsements when I could find them).

Issac Bonewits (Kerry, former Nader supporter)

Lowell McFarland, Tuan Today News Service (Kerry)

Starhawk (Kerry, former Nader supporter)

Obviously I’m hoping for the best, so I hope that on November 3rd I can truly look forward to the end of the Bush dynasty and the repair of our far too polarized society.

Jason Pitzl-Waters