“Episcopagan” Round-Up

As the discussion progresses I’m going to post some links to other commentaries on the issue that I have enjoyed.

First off, I’m not the only Pagan who has taken note of this. Chas Clifton (esteemed Pagan scholar) has also been taking note and getting involved in the discussion. Check out these posts for his ongoing view.

The Salty Vicar
(great name btw) brings a “liberal orthodox” view of things and finds that the conservatives are expending far too much energy on the whole affair.

The Heretic’s Corner (who is also “liberal orthodox”) feels that the couple went too far and strayed from what the Christian religion is all about.

Meanwhile, Joe Perez tells the “amazing” story of the little neo-pagan Eucharist that could over at the Gay Spirituality & Culture blog.

Finally Father Jake (an eccentric and sometimes heretical Episcopal priest) weighs in on the ruckus and is “sickened” by the feeding-fenzy aspect of the whole affair and wonders if us Pagans have problems like this (short answer: yes).

At this point from what I have read and from the comments that have been left there are a host of Pagan-related issues for me to touch on. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to sit down and process some of the information I have taken in and give my further thoughts.

Jason Pitzl-Waters