“Crushed To The Floor”

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Charisma magazine reports on it’s feature on ExWitch Ministries an internet-based group founded by former Witch Kathi Sharpe. Sharpe, like most former “occult” practitioners have the usual song-and-dance about their fling with “satan”, and how they encountered the power of Christ.

“I got only 100 yards into the place before I felt I would be crushed to the floor if I did not leave,” she said. “Me, the occultist, found myself forced right back out of that building by the presence of God. … It was one of the unnerving experiences of my life.”

Yes, thats right folks, God himself booted her out of the Church (something that I assume has been fixed by her conversion). But, as the article tells you, these violent episodes are a positive sign that they aren’t beyond saving!

Sharpe said some of the witches and pagans that attend services try to go unnoticed, showing no problem talking about Christ and reading a Bible. Those individuals, according to another former occultist known simply as Lottie, are strong-willed and are not seeking Christ.

See, if you are a pagan and can attend church and hold a Bible without getting the spiritual whammie then you must be too “strong-willed” in your adherance to devilish arts to see the truth. What amazing logic!