Starhawk Marches On

For those of the progressive persuasion, Pagan leader, activist and Reclaiming co-founder Starhawk has been writing an ongoing account of the days before the RNC Protests.

Starhawk marching in Genoa

The accounts have been mostly folksy and inspirational, focusing on the humanity of the people gathering to protest at the Republican National Convention in New York.

“So while my friends at home say, “Take care of yourself” with that worried tone in their voices, I’m actually having a great time in a very New York way, listening to smart and inspiring people talk, and having lots of interesting conversations. And in spite of the media smear campaign and the police’s claim to be shadowing every dangerous anarchist in town, none of us actually seem to be being followed. Nor are the police harassing us. In Miami, activists were followed for weeks beforehand, arrested on the sidewalk while going to meetings or handing out flyers, and you could feel the surveillance like the Red Eye of Sauron, always watching. Here, the city seems quite normal, and the occasional cop we pass on the street is smiling and friendly.” – Starhawk

She marched to New York as part of the DNC2RNC march and I’m sure we can expect lengthy in-depth reports from the streets of New York once the convention begins.

Jason Pitzl-Waters