A Darker Shade of Playlist

Playlist for 08/22/04, A Darker Shade of Pagan radio special

Iowaska – Modranicht

Faith and The Muse – Mesmerism

Inkubus Sukkubus – The Beast With Two Backs

Bjork – Oceania

Incus – Dead Wood

Nebelhexe – Wake To Wither

Ego Likeness – Above The Soil (Isabel’s Version)

Ouija Radio – Eye of The Storm

Soulscape – Wyrd Sisters

Lupercalia – Tribe

Mirabilis – Invocation of The Sun

Butterfly Messiah – It’s Time

Unto Ashes – I Cover You With Blood (Wounds Mix)

The Shroud – The Passion of Lovers

The Dreamside – Spin Moon Magic

Amber Asylum – Cardinal Sin

Hungry Lucy – The Chase

Rhea’s Obsession – Too Deep

This Morn’ Omina – Epoch [ccf]

The Moors – Belen-Gaard

Coil – Love’s Secret Domain

For those who couldn’t listen to the show, I should be putting it online in a week or so. Be sure to check out the band links!

Jason Pitzl-Waters