Most influential?

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  April 19, 2004 — Leave a comment

Chas Clifton in his blog talks about a evangelical Canadian professor who asked him for a list of the “25 most influential witches in modern times” to which I think he gave a quick-witted answer. Specifically, it went something along the lines of “Witchcraft, what Witchcraft?” but this then got me thinking about if someone asked me who the 25 most influential modern Pagans still living, who would they be? How would one gage this? Fame? Influence? Knowledge? Combinations of those attributes and others? I think I may take a crack at it and post my opinions on the subject. Obviously they will be based on my own bias and opinions, but it seems a fun exercise in taking a step back and looking at not only who we personally value but who has made the biggest marks on our modern Pagan culture. More later.

Jason Pitzl-Waters