…and I even write about pop culture

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” It’s three minutes into “The Swan,” and I hate every person remotely associated with this show, and so should you. The only way to express that hatred, and to send a message to Fox that evil will not triumph over good, is to refuse to watch this show, and to refuse to discuss it without shutting down the conversation entirely, as in, “Only someone with no soul could endure more than (generously) five minutes of that show.”” – Heather Havrilesky (Salon)

I have said it before and I say it again. We are in a severely whacked culture when extensive cosmetic surgery and liposuction is turned into a game show.

I fear that the forces of good have been so blinded by pop culture that they actually convince themselves that this is some sort of ironic good time. The old “of course it’s bad that’s why it’s good” saw.

The fact that TV people are so fearless only proves how beyond caring most of us are and that is scary, more scary in some ways than the avid haters and bigots, they at least know what they are doing and what cause they are down for (as demented as that may be). Those beyond caring, or worse yet, those who are enjoying this parade of misery and surgical “beauty” are giving a mandate to further taint our collective unconscious and make us all pay a higher karmic price down the road.