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File this under things I never saw coming. Pagan Portal manager Star Foster has had enough of conservative Christian distortions concerning modern Paganism, their leaders saying one thing to supporters, and then moderating (or outright lying) about their views when the media spotlight turns to them. Star was so angry, that she decided the productive solution would be to lobby The Daily Show and have them bring me on as a guest.

“Instead I’m going to ask you to write The Daily Show and suggest they invite The Wild Hunt author and Washington Post columnist Jason Pitzl-Waters on the show to discuss David Barton and the real challenges religious minorities face in this country. As a journalist he is familiar with the legal battle facing Patrick McCollum, the discrimination against Santeria, the triumphs of and challenges before the Lady Liberty League, the AFA earth-centered spirituality space, the Witch-Children of Africa and India, and many more stories important to our communities. He’s the journalist at the nexus of all of these stories, and he’s an excellent public speaker.”

Within a few hours, a page entitled “100,000 to get Jason Pitzl-Waters on the Daily Show” appeared, and now has nearly 800 supporters. People are writing letters to The Daily Show, and posting supportive messages at their Facebook profiles and on Twitter.

I’m really quite taken aback, flattered, and surprised by all of this. Naturally, if some minor media miracle occurs and I actually get a call from The Daily Show people I’d be happy to appear and talk about minority religions and that question no one is asking David Barton. Even if I don’t, I think this outpouring shows just how invested we’ve become in building and maintaining our own Pagan-centered media. We are no longer voiceless or powerless, and we care about setting the record straight. So thank you to everyone who has put time and effort into this, and I guess we’ll see what happens!