Quick Notes: Let Them Eat Cake Edition

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  June 2, 2013 — 7 Comments

Just a few quick news items for you on this Sunday.

It looks like a very nice hotel.

It looks like a very nice hotel.

You Really Don’t Want to Mess With Drunk Wiccans: At least, according to the police blotter in Kirkland, Washington you don’t. Quote: “Disturbance: 2:40 a.m., 200 block of Kirkland Ave. A 26-year-old woman was arrested after she walked into the Heathman Hotel intoxicated and out of control. The hotel manager reported the woman was speaking in a made-up language before  she grabbed the manager’s lapel and head-butted her. The woman broke vases, goblets and coffee cups before exiting from the  emergency exit, screaming profanities and that she was Wiccan in front of the hotel.” Was it really a “made-up” language, or was she speaking Enochian?!? Maybe this is an object lesson in careful drawing down technique.

This cake purchased from Gresham’s Sweet Cakes by Melissa bears an important message. - IMAGE: ronitphoto.com

This cake purchased from Gresham’s Sweet Cakes by Melissa bears an important message. – IMAGE: ronitphoto.com PHOTO VIA: Willamette Week

Let The Wiccans Eat Christian Cake: You know that bakery in Oregon that won’t make cakes for same-sex weddings because it violates their religious principles? It seems making cakes for Pagan ceremonies don’t violate their religious principles. Quote: “I was calling to get a quote on a cake for a midsummer solstice party. My coven is celebrating on Friday, June 21. The decoration would be very simple: just a green pentagram. We’d like to pick it up sometime that afternoon, before the bonfire. It’ll be for about 30 people. Sweet Cake says – ‘For 30 poeople we have a couple options… We have two kind of cakes you could have. About the diagram you want on the cake, I’m not sure how much extra that would be.'” So, I guess on the flowchart of sin being a Wiccan is less bad than getting gay married? At least in the world of cake. What if you’re a Pagan same-sex couple, could you get some cupcakes or something? Ah, homophobia masquerading as selectively enforced religious morality, you’re hilarious (not really).

Rev. Sarah Halverson

Rev. Sarah Halverson

A Christian Says Some Nice Stuff: I’m a little over-dosed on Christian disapproval regarding my religious choices, aren’t you? So here’s the Rev. Sarah Halverson, a pastor at Fairview Community Church, responding to someone outraged that they were hosting an interfaith meeting with Wiccans in their church. Quote: “We believe that our faith cannot be destroyed by learning about the faith of another. And ultimately, we believe that God and Jesus call us to be open, loving and tolerant (if not affirming!). We also don’t believe we’ll go to hell because we have a Wiccan in our sanctuary and have a conversation about her faith.” Can I get an amen?

That’s all I have for now, have a great day!

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Jason Pitzl-Waters


  • teresaseifert

    One could argue that Enochian is a made-up language. It depends on how much faith you put into the works of John Dee. However, there are many ancient languages that would be so unfamiliar to the modern ear as to be just as made-up sounding. This would put more weight to the poor drawing down hypothesis.

    • Lēoht Sceadusawol

      There are many modern languages that sound made up, if the person listening is not a linguist.

      • Franklin Evans

        American English is a perfect example.

  • Cairnes

    It seems more often than not it is not the religion itself but the person who is at ‘fault,’ People use the religion to hide behind and mask their own insecurities, fears and opinions; so instead of taking any criticism themselves one can always say ‘No no! it is my religion which compels me to do this! it is my religion you must respect it… it is God’s law!’ To give an example of what I mean by this, I am looking at the Rev. Sarah Halverson here and know without a doubt that many other Christians would say that she is also wrong, that women can not take up this office (and I know because I’ve heard it said first hand). If Christians can not decide amongst themselves what Gods ‘true’ law is then how can they decide for non christians what their proper moral behaviors and choices should be? It would seem everything is subjective, and each person brings their own personal lexicon to the table: the meaning of ‘god,’ ‘satan,’ ‘religion,’ ‘spiritual,’ ‘marriage’ etc. etc. have as many meanings as there are persons and opinions.

  • M

    No no…for Queer Pagans, they retool Twinkies with a giant leaf made of frosting.

  • Wolfsbane

    As a Pagan, I think you’d have to be an absolute idiot to ingest food made homophobic Christians, after letting them know your religion.