Shots Fired at Florida Pagan Author’s Home

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  March 30, 2013 — 107 Comments

Tampa Bay, Florida resident Kyrja Withers, an out Pagan and author of the Pagan-themed children’s book “Rupert’s Tales: The Wheel of the Year Beltane, Litha, Lammas, and Mabon” announced that on Thursday her home was shot at, the most recent escalation in a string of seemingly religiously-motivated incidents.

Kyrja's window.

Kyrja’s window.

“Someone shot at me tonight – and though they missed, The Glitter Dome is a bit more …. holey … tonight. We’ve had intermittent problems with someone honking their horn outside our house at very late hours and screaming obscenities  Once, they threw a firecracker in our front house. Last night, they screamed “F’ing WITCH” – quite clearly. No mistake. Today, we received several telephone calls where the caller said something unintelligible and then hung up, as well as an inappropriate post on one of my Rupert videos. This is obviously personal. And now, they have crossed the line and have caused property damage. And yes – the first window they hit is where I sit. It is time to deal with this. And so we shall. We ask for your assistance in calling for swift justice.”

Kyrja Withers (Photo: Tampa Bay Times)

Kyrja Withers (Photo: Tampa Bay Times)

I contacted Kyrja personally for a follow-up statement where she said the police investigation is ongoing, and that she does not regret being an “out” Pagan despite the attack.

“The only statements I know to make at this point is that the investigation by our local police department is ongoing at this point, and we do appreciate their efforts.  I have seen a few posts throughout the day from people who have stated our situation is the very reason they prefer not to make their Pagan faith known.  And, while I certainly respect their own choices, I can tell you that I would never have known the level of happiness and peace I do now if not for having made my own choices both public and well-known.  Too, if we are unwilling to get to “reveal” ourselves for the people we are – to include the spiritual paths we walk, we will never diminish the level of stigmatism for all of our brothers and sister.  Normalizing our faith sometimes requires courage; more often doing so provides more opportunities for celebration. If we had the opportunity, what I would like to do is to educate the individual(s) responsible for these incidents and to have them do community service within the Pagan community.  Chances are, it would be quite the eye-opening experience for them.”

We will keep you posted on this incident as further developments occur. We wish safety for Kyrja’s family, and that justice be brought to her attackers. For those wanting to know more about Kyrja’s work writing children’s books, you can visit her web site, or Facebook page.

Jason Pitzl-Waters


  • Lupa GreenWolf

    I really hope she doesn’t come to any harm and that the people who did this end up receiving justice. The sad thing, too, is that some people will blame *her* for being out as pagan, and say she brought it on herself. I say more power to her, and place the blame where it belongs–squarely on her attackers.

    • Misha

      Sounds familiar…blame the victim–especially if the victim is female.

      • Genexs

        Yeah, just look at her! Look how threatening she is with that wand!

        • WolfSong

          Yeah, that terrifying, plastic princess wand.

          • Mmmmhmmm… The threat of sparkles, tolerance, understanding and sunshine… A real weapon of harm to the community…

  • Baruch Dreamstalker

    May prompt justice befall those attacking our sister in Spirit!

  • Good wishes to you, Kyrja. You are in my thoughts and prayers, as are the misguided cowards who are tormenting you. There is criminality at so many levels here, for as well as the totally unjustifiable attack on you whoever is behind this is attacking everything that Jesus lived and died for. Peace to you.

  • Nosfadry

    I would have already been staking my home out with a rifle at the level of harrassement she was getting before the shots. This is also why we have the second amendment. The only way the police will ever catch the perp is if he brags to people. Other than that it’s clean getaway. She should not have gone to the media until after they caught the bastard but now with all this media attention the odds of him trying again are slim and none.

    • kestrel9000

      Very good. This pagan also shoots back.

      • MertvayaRuka

        As does this one. I thought you looked familiar and I have to commend you for your patience with the other place you post at. Not sure how you and the rest of RKBA Kossacks put up with some of the bile spewed at you.

        • kestrel9000

          I don’t post there anymore. I’m done there, and for just that reason. Banned, in fact.

          • MertvayaRuka

            Well friend, if you’re not over there all ready, the Liberal Gun Club would love to have you. If you want/need more info, go ahead and email at my username @ hotmail, this way we don’t derail Jason’s thread any further.

  • I hope that her neighbors, both business and at her home, are willing to help here in the form of noting anything even mildly suspicious such as unfamiliar cars in the neighborhood; someone trespassing on her property or eyeballing it for a period of time; taking down license plates and pertinent details and taking pictures with a cell-phone camera. I have stared down someone unfamiliar in my former neighborhood who was making a very prolonged examination of a neighbor’s truck, standing there until he left. Another neighbor noticed a car he didn’t recognize in front of someone’s house just sitting and sitting. He stood in front of it and pointedly wrote down the license plate and a description of the vehicle and the driver. A few hours later, the resident of the house came by and, as he described it, “just about kissed my hands.” Turns out everything was okay, that had been a friend of theirs, but he welcomed the intervention since his elderly, unwell, and homebound mother was often in the house on her own. Community-minded responses such as these have broken cases before, and they will again.

  • So sad she’s such a nice lady. Praying for you and your family Kyrja.

  • Reading stuff like this really disappoints me. I really hope for justice. It hurts my soul that in 2013, people still behave like this.

  • Chanelle Johnson

    I hope these people are this day in age this sort of action is ridiculous. Good luck, safety, love and light to you. You are doing wonderful things!

  • Smh these people just dont quit. This is exactly why i dont have friends. Smh

  • E

    Makes my blood boil.
    All this trouble because she’s a Pagan.
    I wish those other religions would just live and let live. We’re not persecuting anyone because of their faith. :'(

  • lady khurab/massachusetts

    Karma will come collecting, maybe not today, but whatever you put out there will come back around, and those who did this to our fellow sister will get the justice for this type of crime! never be ashamed of who you are. Ignorance is just another word for fear!

  • Shenwolf

    Hhhmmmm…. I guess his sacred narrative does not contain the phrase, “Love thy neighbor as thy self….” He should also have to replace the window and stand outside with a sign stating he is a criminal.

  • Seriously? I am outraged beyond belief…..the freaking burning times are over….we are peace loving earth worshipers….we have rights just like EVERYONE else does….it doesn’t matter what your religion….culture….color….sexual preference ….. or lifestyle….we are all equal….and should be treated as such! Thanx for listening to my rant….hugz

    • Mustangofold

      The Burning times have never ended. They just pause, regroup, and change the call to action to a different name.

  • People who shoot at private homes because of some stupid prejudice are pathetic fools. They look for what they perceive as weak targets so they can carry out their fantasies of power over others because they themselves are neutered and powerless. I hope the fool is found and punished to the full extent of the law.

  • John A Robertson

    This type of criminal will “Be Known for their words, Their Actions and Their Deeds” …Tampa Florida is on of the most heavily video surveillanced cities in this country with cameras everywhere. They will be found, and prosecuted. This is a hate crime, a terrorist act and needs to be dealt with as such

    • Robert Alvarez.

      I feel a Hex coming on!

  • Nia

    Seriously?! Seriously, Florida?! (I’m from FL and my mom wonders why I don’t want to leave Seattle and move back there.) Hate crime… It’s just so… righteous. I missed that part in Matthew where Jesus said, “Thou shalt shoot up thy neighbors house, b!tches!” I’m buying more copies of her books to donate to the library. They’re so cute. She’s so cute. Who the hell shoots cute?! Ugh.

    • This kind of activity is the exact reason I have never and will never go to Florida…

  • TIN

    You have our support should you need it Kryja. Take care of yourself..

  • Genexs

    Can we get this woman some IP security cams?

    • Genexs

      Well, one way to help: I just grabbed a copy of her book off Amazon.

  • Bubblie

    being an out – pagan in FL had caused a lot of problems for us. at one point a man who became a social services investigator made up lies and pulled strings to try to take out kid away from us. the most horrible experience of my life. I no longer say that I’m pagan to my neighbors, even though we’ve moved to another state.

    • Baruch Dreamstalker

      That man was not unique to Florida. A Pagan Mom I know in Ohio had the same problem with a ring of fundamentalists in the county Guardian ad Litem program. We never got justice for her, not directly, but the rogue GALs eventually gave up and the County got a permanent allergy to dragging religion into family court.

      • Bubblie

        I’m glad. As for me… everything they threw at us was dismissed, but it was awful, awful, awful… and embarrassing to have to explain that I was arrested because FL thought “there are concerns with pagans raising children” >.<

        • BryonMorrigan

          How long ago was this? And what county, if you don’t mind my asking?

          • Bubblie

            Okaloosa County – 8 years ago. We weren’t the only family – they went after pagan families that fall through the winter and spring.

          • BryonMorrigan

            Thanks. I’m a law student, and work for a Pagan-friendly lawyer here in Florida. It’s probably too late now, 8 years later, to go after them at this point, but let me know if you know of anything like that happening here in FL.

          • BlueHawk

            Good for you! We need more folks like you and the lawyer you’re working for!

          • A similar thing happened here in WV. I didn’t live in the state at the time so I don’t know the details, but a child was taken away from the parents in Clay County WV for the parents being pagan. That is why I keep quiet about it around my neighbors. You never know.

  • Billy Jakee

    I hope the redneck scum that did this find their stay behind bars quite pleasurable with bubba being their cell mates. As for being out as Pagans… WHY NOT??? Christians, and any other faiths do the same exact thing!!! This isnt the dark ages anymore…

  • Kyrja I’m really sorry this happened to you and continues to happen , the police should be there to help you but obviously they aren’t ,Its a Shame that we can’t just live our lives and worship as we see fit with out worrying about being harnessed or threatened or ever worse tried to be killed This is more that likely a Christian who feels he is doing “gods” work well last time I checked Our religion was legal just like theirs is. get cameras and tape the jerks then take them to court.

    • Ursyl

      The police cannot be everywhere all at the same moments. They respond when called, and from my reading of the article, are investigating this like they with all crimes reported.

  • Water Witch

    Whatever happened to “love your neighbor as you love yourself”?? Obviously someone missed that one in Sunday school. I so wish people would let others live and focus on the issues that are tearing our country apart… A “witch” or pagan on your block is definitely not the problem… Hope all things turn out well….

  • GearoidMacConfhiaclaigh

    Par for the course. I hope they catch whoever it is, or that they are at least scared off by the attention.

    It’s ridiculous that this happens, and its even more ridiculous that to many people harassing a pagan isn’t wrong. I wouldn’t doubt some of them are even in the police force. Hope you get the good cops.

  • It is truly sad to see that this is still taking place in this day and age. To those that did this… You are not Christian you are just down right STUPID. You crossed one of your God’s own laws. Great way to show everyone that you have not learned to embrace your own beliefs. You are a shit stain on the Christians and I am sure that most are distancing themselves from you just as they did Westboro Church. True Christians are going to assist in finding you and turning you in. I AM AN OUT PAGAN!

  • Wren

    I am a friend of theirs and have been through a year of this in another part of the country. I was astounded of all the people and here and why? But it happens and often when it does no one wants to say anything about it- that is wrong. They win when you back down. They are cowards for the truly brave face you.

    This kind of harassment and violence should never happen because of a spiritual choice. And whats worse is that they- Kyrja and her husband do huge amounts for the community as a whole as well as with donations and highway adoptions, and she has been a resident here quite a while.

    Who wakes up and decided hey I think its time to cleanse the neighborhood?

  • I’m from Florida and I’ll never go back. Something in the soil there makes crazies pop up like weeds.

  • What a sad situation. She obviously has drawn the attention of some real low-life nit jobs… I am glad that she is standing her ground about the importance of being open & honest about her spiritual path… The only way to educate people about the Pagan lifestyle is to come out of hiding… I support her in everyway. I hope they find these idiots and stop them from doing further harm. I personally don’t have much faith in law enforcement…

  • Jadalya Boudicca

    I am an out Pagan and complete supporter of the Second Amendment…those of us on a warrior path know that despite how much we may work to make this a perfect world, it is not a perfect world…or even a good one. To be a Pagan in the open means you MUST take the proper steps to defend yourself. This woman should start carrying, if you ask me. I’m a woman and I do! 🙂

    • Jack

      Look at this victim-blaming bull.

      • GearoidMacConfhiaclaigh

        What? Not even in the least.

        I’m a little iffy on it being a MUST. I’m an open pagan, and I don’t even generally carry a knife anymore (too legally problematic), but pointing it out isn’t a problem. She didn’t say “if you defend yourself none of this would happen”, she said, with a bit of overkill “you need to be able or ready to defend yourself”.

        As an aside, I’d really love someone to explain to me why a bloody gun is protected under the right to bear ARMS, but carrying an edged weapon isn’t? Other than the NRA shouting like madmen, I can’t see why someone should be able to carry an automatic rifle but I’ll get in big trouble if I have a knife over 3 inches.

        • Personal speculation: because knives leave no traceable evidence (other than the wound), while a gun leaves scorching from the gun powder, spent shell(s) and the bullet itself. Second: a gun can and will be accepted as a defensive weapon. A knife can be seen as such only under rather rare circumstances. Maybe it’s more a cultural thing, but open carry and licensed concealed carry are part of our social matrix; a knife screams to most people aggressive and threatening. Shrug.

          • GearoidMacConfhiaclaigh

            Yeah but a knife also requires you to be much closer, increasing the chance for a positive ID, and a change for other traces. I think if you looked into how easy it is to trace one or the other it’d be a toss-up, though if anyone has law enforcement experience to correct me that’d be great.

            I do suppose it’s cultural. But here I am, all acculturated as a pagan, and wondering why I can’t have a knife. Or even a sword with say formal dress. It just seems fundamentally wrong to me that people will go to ridiculous lengths to protect ridiculously unnecessary and overpowered firearms, but a 4 inch knife is beyond the pale (granted, a lot of people I know carry anyway, but I like my good knife too much to let some backwoods Christian cop take it away from me).

          • Lēoht Sceadusawol

            Don’t know about the US, but in the UK, there are strict knife control laws (nothing with a fixed blade or longer than three inches), but there are exceptions for religious grounds – Sikhs can carry kirpans.

            Often wondered if this means someone who uses the Eddas as a basis for their spiritual philosophies can carry a sword…

          • GearoidMacConfhiaclaigh

            We technically have exceptions, but in reality Sikhs and Pagans can’t take advantage of them well. Local law enforcement tends to be conservative and Christian with little respect for other faiths outside of big cities or metro areas, and even in them you got an even chance at best. Most Sikhs I’ve met here carry a non-bladed replica. Even that can cause problems. I’ve even heard of issues from people carrying a sgain dubh with no blade.

          • Lēoht Sceadusawol

            I’ve heard of Sikhs carrying kirpans without a problem, but Pagans don’t get the same kind of recognition.

          • GearoidMacConfhiaclaigh

            From what I’ve heard it’s iffy. Again, the letter of the law and the guy enforcing it don’t always agree. I’m in a fairly conservative semi-rural area though, it’s probably better down in Baltimore or DC where I see a decent number of Sikhs (who are always surprised I know they’re Sikhs, even though conservative religious Sikhs look pretty distinct).

          • i know in scotland you can no longer carry a skain dudh, at weddings the men have a plastic one down the sock x

          • GearoidMacConfhiaclaigh

            That’s entirely depressing.

            I’m not a hardcore gun type (despite being American), but I do put some stock in the ancient idea that an adult should be at least minimally armed, and things like a sgian dubh are perfect because they are visible, small, and largely ceremonial. Not to mention the functional side of it all.

          • Lēoht Sceadusawol

            They removed the bit about ‘national dress’ as a good reason.

            Religious grounds or historical reenactment are still good, though:


        • Folcwald

          You’re not the only one wondering about knives.

        • I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s wondered that about knives. Knives, after all, in addition to self defense can be put to a hundred other practical uses every day that a gun cannot.

          • CharlieAdamsInKY

            If I remember correctly, knives are strictly a state issue, as is *concealed carry permits*. The federal government doesn’t actually have any regulations involving either. And in at least some states with concealed carry, the permit covers bladed weapons, nunchaku, etc, as well as guns.

    • Lēoht Sceadusawol

      Not everyone is a warrior. Part of the responsibility of being a warrior is being prepared to fight for others.

  • river

    I appreciate everyone in the pagan media who has shared the story of this injustice. These criminals, and anyone else who suffers hatred, will soon be getting a rude awakening.

  • I would contact what is the University of Florida or is it Daytona State in Deland. There is a gentleman there who is involved with the ACLU contact the Unitarian Universalist Church in New Smyrna they know the man who is a professor and activist involved with the ACLU..He spoke at one of the sermons back in early spring 2010.

  • Blessed be! And load ur guns, remember magic is a last resort if they somehow survive the 12 guage slug!

    • Lēoht Sceadusawol

      Enchant the slug? Use science and magic together.

  • Lanthiriel

    “Too, if we are unwilling to get to “reveal” ourselves for the people
    we are – to include the spiritual paths we walk, we will never diminish
    the level of stigmatism for all of our brothers and sister.”
    Right . . . I’m going to paint a bullseye on myself and my children just so I can “diminish the level of stigmatism” Give me a break. I’m much more into hiding in plain sight, thank you very much.

  • Mimi

    Mafdet be with you.

  • I hope they charge them with attempted murder. If you shoot at someone’s house with their car in the driveway, knowing they’re there, and shooting where they normally sit, you are intending to kill them. You don’t shoot at someone for laughs. What they did is certainly a felony at any rate. People wonder why I got my family and I out of the South and never looked back, it’s because Pagans are not safe there. It’s a metropolis of hate, plain and simple. They can’t stand anyone who is different. I lived in North Carolina for 28 years, and moved to Illinois, a Liberal State, for freedom and safety. But, then again, if we all leave the South, we are letting them win. I just hope that the police do something about this and protect all citizens no matter their religion. This cannot be tolerated.

    • This court reporter is 99 percent certain that attempted murder and several other felony counts will be charged if the perps are caught.

      A quick note on a common misunderstanding re: your hope that “the police do something about this.” The police are only the most publicly visible representation of the legal system. Their function in a case like this is, rough and dirty, to bring the suspect(s) in and book ’em. Police can’t do jack if the District Attorney’s office doesn’t, can’t, or won’t pursue the case. So while I would be the first and likely the sharpest critic if the police failed to follow up on this, it’s a fact that they can only take it so far.

      And I could not agree more with your underlying sentiment which I read as “this must be aggressively pursued and dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.” I am taking this opportunity to point out an extremely common misunderstanding which leads to a lot of unfounded and unfair police-bashing.

  • WangKerr

    Personally I think all religion of all kinds is bollocks but this kind of behavior is deplorable.

  • wideworldtarot

    reverse lookup the numbers of the harassing calls, install an exterior security camera, call the police, federal representatives/senator, there are mundane steps to take. esp now that the violence has escalated it is likely to continue to escalate. be safe!

  • wideworldtarot

    ps reverse lookup will give you names, and for a small fee street address, criminal record…esp interesting to see if these perps have parole issues

  • Magaly Guerrero

    Oh my goodness, what is wrong with people. I’m glad you are seeking the protection of the authorities, and you already know that you have an entire community sending you a spiritual cloak.

    Things like this shouldn’t happen. I know it sounds like a silly thing to say, but… it’s just beyond saddening, and unerving.

  • This is why I dont practice the Wiccan Rede fight fire with fire you can take care of this problem spiritually. It is my belief that its ok as long as you leave them an out.

  • BlueHawk

    I love the idea of community service within the Pagan community!

  • Rowan

    I applaud Kyrja for being an outed Pagan! “Let the haters hate.” As one might say. But whoever did this, all who is doing this, I hope that they do get what’s coming to them. I am sure they will. More than that I hope no harm comes to Kyrja

  • punkinhead2009

    She needs cameras. Put them everywhere, but hidden. Sad and pathetic situation.

  • cernowain greenman

    This is awful and scary that someone can be so violent toward a beloved Pagan author. We don’t know who it is and we do not know for sure that the perpetrator is Christian as many of the posts here assume. It could as easily be a disgruntled fellow Pagan. I’ve heard my share of Pagans yelling “F…ing Witch” at other Pagan. I’ll bet others here have too.

    I personally do not think it is time to leap to the conclusion that this is persecution. But let us bind together as Pagans because one of our own is in danger… from whoever it is.

  • Balinnor

    Having recently been to the Glitter Dome to record a video segment for her web show, I can say without a doubt there is not anyplace, outside of a theme park, where you will find more color and wonder. The point I am trying to make is, if anyone has a problem with Kyrja, they need to get a least a semblance of a life. Kyrja volunteers for many causes, besides being an active author. The most infectious thing about her is her giggle, which, upon hearing, will bring a smile to even the most stoic of visages. Individuals who do these sort of attacks, whether it against someone of a different ethnicity, gender preference, sexual orientation, or religion, only serve to retard the advance of humanity as a whole. Hate has no place in a modern world, unfortunately the fact that these crimes still happen demonstrates that some people still have a long way to go towards enlightenment.

    • Lēoht Sceadusawol

      Hate has a place in every world. Just needs to be channelled in the right way.

  • My husband, Randy, and I would like to thank each of you for your concern, your kindness, your comments, and your advice. Fortunately, we have a large number of Pagan and Pagan-friendly friends (which includes some Christians and those of other faiths as well) who have rallied ’round to ensure we are feeling safe and well-cared for. Each moment, of each day, we have the opportunity to – and are responsible for – making our own choices. We choose to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Or, in this case, one “paw” in front of the other so that the messages of “All knowledge is worth having” and “There is always more than one way to do things,” and “You make a difference” are heard. Blessings of great joy to each of you. As Randy and I like to say: Peace, Friendship and LOTS of reasons to giggle!

  • CC

    Wonder why stuff like this is classified as a “Hate Crime” when someone attacks a Muslim or a Jewish person but, not when the attack someone for being a Pagan? Florida what is wrong with you? This IS a Hate Crime!

  • This is appalling. While a Christian myself, I have several friends who are Pagans and I respect their beliefs. Obviosuly the people doing this aren’t too well edcuated either or they’d understand there is nothing to fear with pAganism. How sad. I hope she will be OK and whoever is harrassing her gets nailed.

    • Lēoht Sceadusawol

      …to a cross.

  • Linann

    Looks like christains at work again.

  • Kim

    Stay safe and strong sister! Thank you for coming out and taking the heat. You are truly courageous and a hero in my eyes! Blessed be!

  • Christiana

    This is horrible, but please don’t make it be about Florida. The fact is, this could happen anywhere. Florida has some wonderful Pagan festivals, like FPG. Don’t blame the victim, and don’t blame the geography. There is violence, hatred and ignorance everywhere.
    I appreciate Kyrja’s comments about the joys of being out-of-the-broom-closet, despite this terrible event. The more visible we are, the more vocal we are, the more we will claim our rightful place in this country.

  • When I lived In florida someone came to our covenstead and broke the windows on our cars and rubbed dog poop on the door handles.. we called the cops and they did nothing for us and just told us “we are classifying this as a hate crime since we know what you do in this house…” This story does not at all surprise me..not in a state that elects Bush family members and people proudly still fly their confederate flags and regularly erects mega-churches.

    • the south in general is like this , but don’t tell them that , they don’t
      see it

  • I pray that the Goddess holds Ms. Withers and her family in her arms with love and protection. May She bring those who are guilty of this cowardly act to justice. May she open their eyes and remove the hate from their hearts. So Mote it Be!

  • This is so messed up. Judge not lest ye judge yourself it says in the bible yet day after day i see the same people who say they live by the bible do just this. Whoever you are your not God and you have no business messing with this lady. By the way sweetheart I’m a witch to what do you think your going to do get all of us? You better do your research and eat you breakfast, lunch, and dinner because your taking on an all day job. We are here and we are not hiding anymore. Blessed Be.

  • I hope the criminals are brought to justice. Mat be with you.

  • Phoenix Lily

    We cannot predict the outcome of what is to come, we can only speculate. In honor of Kyjra and for her protection and swift justice, I ask on the next full moon, on that night we all do a spell for Kyjra. Weare are the weavers of the web and if we can shake that thread and speed up the process so that she and her husband are safe. And that those who cause harm are in the spotlight, we all need step in.

  • look at all the pagans leaving messages of hope on here, brothers and sisters stand strong together,we have always faced persecution,time to start fighting back,blessed be to you all.x

  • Robert Alvarez.

    Truly amazing! And I fully agree with Nia about who shoots cute?! The Moon is Waning, and I AM not in the mood to Hex, so if these holier-than-thou perps are reading, there are Witches watching you!

  • I was raised in Tampa and it’s sad to see this happen. Tho I’ll never go back to live there, my family’s still there so I’ll come back to visit. But this shooting is intolerable. We should be above this by now. I really hope that they find whoever is responsible and put them behind bars. Best of luck to you!

  • WitchWay

    We can all send our own thoughts and pleas to our own dieties to intercede or assist in finding the wrongdoers. We can ask them to help protect our fellow witch as well. So Mote it Be.

  • Blessed be. May you never experience such hatred again in your life. I am out as a pagan, very aware of the prejudices. The constant discrimination is appalling this day and age. May the Lord and Lady hold you dear. And may the people responsible become educated.

  • Star Washam

    This is really screwed up. I’m pagan n don’t care who knows it. we are not what people think. we have nothin to do with Satan. whoever done this needs to be brought to justice. us pagans will not hid because someone is being stupid.

  • Now there are two places I never want to visit — Florida and Steubenville, OH!

  • Dubhradh

    As someone who is Christian, I’m infuriated by the intolerance and hate expressed. Attacking someone who professes a faith different from yours in unacceptable, I hope they catch these people. I also hope there’s a day of reckoning with their maker (God or Goddess:).

  • Bearmagick

    This is why I, an initiated witch, have a license to carry and do so every day. I do not want to hurt someone but I will defend myself, my wife, and our friends if need be.

  • Surrounding Ms. Withers with protective light. May she be safe and sound and I hope this issue is resolved quickly and those responsible are found and see the light.

  • harmonyfb

    Those of us who’ve lived in the area for a while are having flashbacks to the Moon Lake incident. 🙁 Very scary. My prayers are with her.