Pagan Community Notes: Fundraising Efforts, Academia, and Activism

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  November 1, 2012 — 6 Comments

Pagan Community Notes is a series focused on news originating from within the Pagan community. Reinforcing the idea that what happens to and within our organizations, groups, and events is news, and news-worthy. My hope is that more individuals, especially those working within Pagan organizations, get into the habit of sharing their news with the world. So let’s get started!

Support in the Wake of Sandy: Pagan author and teacher T. Thorn Coyle and Solar Cross Temple have started a FirstGiving page to support Miriam’s Kitchen in Washington DC. The money for the campaign will help Miriam’s Kitchen buy sleeping bags, warm clothes, hypothermia kits and other necessities, along with feeding people, as they do all year long, but which is especially important in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

storm fundraiser

Solar Cross Temple will be coordinating locally with David Salisbury of Firefly House, who volunteers at Miriam’s Kitchen. If this campaign is successful, and raises its goal in a week, Solar Cross Temple will start another campaign to help food banks and/or first responders in New Jersey and NYC next week. They have currently raised 25% of their goal, and this could be an excellent joint statement from the Pagan community in response to the hardships and tragedies many on the East Coast are currently facing.

Cherry Hill Seminary Spring Symposium Features Historian Ronald Hutton: Online Pagan learning institution Cherry Hill Seminary has announced that they will be partnering with the University of South Carolina to co-host a symposium featuring scholar Ronald Hutton, author of “The Triumph of the Moon:A History of Modern Pagan Witchcraft,” as their keynote speaker.

Good Hutton Pic

Ronald Hutton

“Sacred Lands and Spiritual Landscapes will take place on the USC campus in this old southern capital.  The agenda includes presentations by Hutton, CHS’ own Wendy Griffin, and Jonathan Leader, chair of the USC Dept. of Archaeology, and South Carolina’s State Archaeologist. This is an unprecedented opportunity to meet and engage in discussion with an international figure such as Hutton, an English historian who specializes in the study of Early Modern Britain, British folklore, pre-Christian religion and contemporary Paganism.”

The symposium will take place April 13, 2013, on the USC campus in Columbia, South Carolina. Scholars wishing to participate have until January 1st, 2013 to submit papers. More information will be posted to the Cherry Hill Seminary website in the near future. We’re hoping that a Wild Hunt reporter will be able to attend and report on the symposium.

Faith, Fern & Compass Raise Awareness & Funds for Hunger and Homelessness: The podcast Faith, Fern, & Compass, which focuses on nature spirituality, ecology, art, and other topics, and is hosted by Alison Leigh Lilly and Jeff Lilly, announced that they will be donating half of the first month’s subscription fee for all new Pro Members to the National Coalition for the Homeless through November 18th.

FFC 215 580x181

“On this week’s Halloween/Samhain Special podcast episode, Jeff and I explore the disturbing and tragic stories that homeless children in Miami pass along among themselves about the war between angels and demons, and the role of Bloody Mary as the fearsome, heartless murderer of children, who causes even trusted adults to betray them. We hope to help bring some awareness to the problem of homelessness in this country, especially in the wake of Hurricane Sandy which, like most natural disasters, impacts the disenfranchised and impoverished hardest of all.

For everyone who signs up to become a Pro Member between Oct. 31 (today) and Nov. 18, FF&C will donate half of their first month’s subscription to the National Coalition for the Homeless, to help spread awareness and support those who work for the cause of social justice. We’re also encouraging our current listeners to donate to National Homeless or another homelessness or disaster relief charity of their choice.”

More information can be found at the Faith, Fern, & Compass site.

In Other Community News:  

  • Patrick McCleary of the blog Pagandad is launching a new series of ebooks entitled “Voices from the Grain” that is “devoted to the idea of getting the voices of Pagan men out there.” Their first edition is scheduled to be released in December with the topic being Yule.
  • The Heathen Anarchist collective Circle Ansuz Bay Area Leidang has issued a press release about their recent leafleting and postering near Counter-Currents Publishing, a white supremacist publisher. Quote: “As Heathens, San Franciscans, and human beings we are outraged by the presence of this mouthpiece for backward, bigoted beliefs in the city.”
  • The 5th Israeli Conference for the Study of Contemporary Religion and Spirituality, organized by the Program in Religious Studies at Tel Aviv University, has announced its call for papers. The conference will take place May 28th and 29th, 2013.  Featured Keynote Lectures will include Prof. Ronald Hutton (University of Bristol, UK), Prof. Jeffrey J. Kripal (Rice University, US) and Prof. James R. Lewis (University of Tromso, Norway). Deadline for proposals is December 15 2012 (email link for proposals).

That’s all I have for now, have a great day!

Jason Pitzl-Waters


  • It is good to see some Heathens specifically taking on the racist and anti-Semitic scumbags at Counter-Currents.

    • anon heathen

      no, if you read the page it says that they were raising awareness about white power in the metal scene. Tyr was not targeted (as they are most obviously anti-racist), their fans were just agitated about the inclusiveness of the metal scene. Fans who go to Nordic metal shows are usually targets of white supremacist organizing. its called inoculation. talk about knee-jerk reactions lol

      • While it is true that Tyr is obviously anti-racist, they have been the target of antifa smears in the past, and they even produced a song in direct response to such false accusations: “Shadow of the Swastika”. Therefore showing up at their concert with leaflets that say “Keep Bigotry Out of Metal” is highly ambiguous at best.

        But the most important thing is that Counter-Currents is a bunch of racist and antisemitic scumbags, and they are trying to “reach out” to Heathens with their fascist bullshit.

        • anon heathen

          Now there, we are in complete agreement lol More Heathens should be aware that they (as a group) are being target by racist and (neo)fascist organizations who see them as a recruiting pool.

          • And that really is the most important point. It is difficult to comprehend just how evil Counter-Currents is. The only reason they are at all critical of Christianity is because, in their opinion, Christianity is partly to blame for the decline of the White race! But (and I am not making this up), it isn’t really the Christians who are to blame, but rather … (drum roll please) the Jews. The only problem with modern Christianity, then, according to Counter-Currents, is that they have gone soft on the Jews.

            In other words, far from being in any way genuinely sympathetic to Heathenism, Counter-Currents would prefer a return to the medeival variety of Christianity of those who destroyed Irminsul, and who forcibly converted the Heathens of Northern Europe at swordpoint.

            And unlike most others on the right (and even the far right) Counter-Currents is very open about their sympathies for Nazism and Fascism.

            No true Heathen could ever associate with such people.

  • May it be said that this post proves beyond a doubt that Ronald Hutton is a damn snappy dresser. That is all.