Pagan Media Interviews Republican Presidential Hopeful Gary Johnson

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  October 16, 2011 — 17 Comments

Earlier this evening a live Google+ video interview/”hangout” with GOP Presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson and members of the Pagan media was held. Pagan media organizations participating in the Q&A with the former New Mexico Governor included Cara Schulz of PNC-Minnesota, Star Foster of, Devin Hunter of ModernWitch Podcast, David Salisbury of PNC-Washinton DC, Crystal Blanton of PNC-Bay Area, and myself. In addition, Ramesh Rao of the Hindu American Foundation also took part. The conference was streamed and recorded by Keith Barrett, and you can watch the entire press conference embedded below (or at this link).

There was also a post-conference podcast hosted by Devin Hunter and Rowan Pendragon where participants shared their thoughts on the event.

A number of issues were discussed, including religious freedom, the rights of minority religions, LGBTQ rights, drug policy, education, taxes, and much, much, more. Stay tuned to PNC-Minnesota in the coming days for more details.

Aside from the political issues discussed, I think this is a big step forward for Pagan media on the Internet, and does much to establish ourselves as a community with serious concerns that deserve to be addressed on a national level. My thanks to Cara Schulz of PNC-Minnesota, who did a marvelous job moderating, for making this happen.

ADDENDUM: The story has been picked up by The Hill.

The former New Mexico governor spoke with members of the Pagan Newswire Collective, ModernWitch Podcast, and, among others. He said it was important to reach out to voters that fall outside the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths, while slamming his own party for being too beholden to the Christian right. “I think the world looks down on Republicans for their socially conservative views, which includes religion in government,” Johnson said. “I think that should not play a role in any of this. When Republicans talk about values – you know what? I bet you and I have the same values.”

So it looks like talking to Pagans will gain you some attention.

ADDENDUM II: You can now read a full transcript of the conference, here.

“You know all I have is my own experience and my own experience would be having been Gov. of New Mexico two terms I did not get the social conservative vote in New Mexico in the primary. I ended up getting the social conservative vote in the general election because then it seems like all the Republicans took on their second most important issue which was dollars and cents. And I really thought .. I really think I excelled in the area of dollars and cents. As Gov. of New Mexico it just wasn’t an issue ever. It wasn’t an issue when it came to filling my cabinet, filling the heads of agency. It was never an issue when it came to filling boards and commissions. It just wasn’t an issue. And I don’t expect it to be different as President of the United States. It’s just not a consideration. It’s just not something I ask of people and for the most part most people don’t volunteer it. All though there are those that do. It’s not something that I consider in my actions my appointments.”

A big thank-you to Masery at the Staff of Asclepius blog!

Jason Pitzl-Waters


  • Been a supporter of his for a bit. It is really depressing the only candidate I can support with a whole heart has no chance. The big dogs won’t even let him debate the majority of the time. It would also probably be true that our support (non Judeo-Christian) would actually hurt him amongst the Bible thumpers.

    • Thomas,

      Johnson’s goal is to focus on NH. We don’t have “bible thumpers” up here. He’s simply looking to raise enough money in the next month to bring his message through radio and tv to the NH voters.

      This is exactly how he did it in NM. 2% three months out to squeaking out a win.

      Once the momentum starts it will be hard to stop. Cain came out of nowhere to win NH by a huge margin. Johnson could do it. He needs money.

      The pagan community is large enough to give him the financial support needed to shoot past many of the other candidates.

      In fact there are many groups – LGBT, poker players, marijuana smokers, FairTax supporters.

      If any one of these communities or all of them started getting behind Johnson by letting their friends know and making a $10 or $100 donation then you would see the seismic shift in the GOP race toward the only sensible candidate in the race.

      Use the referral code “pagan” and donate to Johnson’s campaign and encourage your circles of friends to do the same.

  • Well done!

  • Kilmrnock

    i watched/listened to the interviews last nite and the wrapup afterwards. Found all of it quite informative . He is actualy a republican i could actualy vote for . My political views are what could best be called Liberal Libritarian , in the true definition of a libritarian , not what Ron Paul is .His veiws on equality for pagans in the courts, and prisons , and even on civil unions are in line w/ most of my veiws. A true libritarian would not court or want anything to do w/ the radical religious right . Religion in any form has no place in the govt of a free people .With our mixed bag of enthicities and religions , the founding fathers had the right idea , keep religion and govt separate . Gary Johnson holds these veiws along w/ his take on small govt . I for the most part, like him . Kilm

  • Kilmrnock

    Just to clearify my views on Civil Unions . I believe that as long as it has all the same rights and privleges i prefer the name civil union for marriage for alternative relationships . The reasoning is , the radical right religious types put alot of baggage on the term marriage . it will be a hot topic term for quite some time to come . The one man one woman concept . I personly fully support a alternate relationship couple that wants to use that term , but find it’s use problematic today w/ radicals in the limelight , our xtian freinds . i just believe using the term Civil Union will be easier for now , easier to get under the radar than using a hot button term .So our/my LGBT friends can get on with thier lives w/ relative peace. Kilm

    • I gotta wonder if “civil unions” creates a second-class-citizen mentality and the problems that go with that. Like, say, a couple wants to book a honeymoon suite, is the hotel gonna balk if they’re same-gendered? A couple wants to make medical decisions, is a religious-based hospital gonna be compelled to oblige?

      • Anonymous

        For once, Alice is correct. The concept of “marriage” predates Christianity (and Judaism and Islam, for that matter)…and the fact that the Christian Emperors of Rome felt the need to outlaw same-sex marriage in 342 CE just goes to show that it is a PURELY, 100% Christian* idea being foisted on the USA, in clear violation of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

        Religious organizations can decide who they will conduct ceremonies for, in the comfort of their own churches, mosques, and temples…but religious organization do NOT have the right to tell other religious or secular organizations that they cannot perform these same ceremonies, simply based on theological doctrine. It’s no different than if the Muslims were the majority here, and passing laws saying that Catholics couldn’t drink wine during communion, because alcohol consumption is prohibited in Islam.

        You either believe in Theocracy or Liberty: You cannot have both. And if you support the prohibition on gay marriage, then you are supporting Theocracy. End of story.


        (* Muslims didn’t exist in 342 CE, nor do they have any significant sway in enacting these laws in the USA, so don’t bother bringing up that strawman argument…)

  • Is there a written transcript of the interview/after-action somewhere? I have trouble watching videos.

  • River Mulcrew

    Would it take too much time to provide a written report on this? You know, like real journalism would do? Some of us don’t have time to sit through videos and abstract the salient features, like any reporter is supposed to do before s/he writes a news story. My time is valuable. I want the news, thanks. Then, maybe, I’ll decide whether the video is worth the time. I appreciate what you do and I thank you for it. Really and truly. I’m just tellin’ you the way media work best for me, and a lot of other, I’m sure …

    • I tried to get my crack team of round-the-clock transcribers on the project, but I soon discovered they were imaginary!

      That said, if you head over to PNC-Minnesota there are some transcribed quotes and a run-down of the event.

      That will have to hold you until we can transcribe the whole thing.

      • “The Hill” mainstream media also picked this story up.

        We also must realize that Jason is providing this service to us essentially for free. And when people provide more comprehensive services, then have the audacity to charge money to recoup their investment of time and effort, or have advertising, then readers and listeners will ka-b*tch about it.

        • True, true, true. I’m glad Jason provides this service, I’m glad it’s free for the readers (I honestly don’t mind ads that much), and I don’t plan to complain unless I’m going to offer help as well.

  • Lonespark

    This is very good. Good for Pagan news reporting and good for the country to have more viewpoints in the presidential contest.

  • Kilmrnock

    i too would like to thank , jason . the sevice you provide to the pagan community is invaluable . this i just another case of the good you do , on our behalf . i just wanted you to know all that you do is appreciated . again thank you, my freind . kilm

  • Libertree

    I helped found the modern day libertarian movement in an act of ceremonial magick in 1969 and I’m happy to see that we have two candidates in this years Republican presidential primary, Gary Johnson and Ron Paul. I say that one way that we can reduce the problems with conservative Christians is to make common cause on some issues and candidates which is why I formed Pagans Ron Paul on Facebook. Some of these issues where some conservatives and libertarians meet are; withdrawing US troops from overseas and reducing the military budget, ending the drug war, stopping the state from banning natural remedies and opposing the bailouts of the rich corporations and banks. Both Obomba and the Bushes and have screwed the American people by opposing these positions. Contact me, Don Meinshausen, on FB for further discussion.