Janet Mefferd’s Gay Pagan Hysteria

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  October 19, 2011 — 163 Comments

Christian radio host Janet Mefferd is not a fringe figure. Her syndicated radio program plays on over 110 affiliates in the United States, and often brings on big-name figures like Herman CainFranklin Graham, Rick Perry, and Michele Bachmann. I wanted to make that clear, because one of the first defenses for extreme rhetoric is that this or that person is “fringe” (ie not representative of their movement). I wanted to make that clear before I shared this quote from her show on Monday.

Janet Mefferd

Janet Mefferd

“But this is the mindset, it’s more of a pagan mindset, I go back all the time to the movement of ancient paganism because it is on the rise. Whether people call themselves pagan or not that’s what is at root here: people challenge the traditional authority of God. And when you challenge the authority of God, what happens next? It’s like a sea of dominoes, one goes over it hits the next one, it hits the next one, it hits the next one. If there is no God, if I don’t go to church, if I reject Christianity, if I reject the Bible, all bets are off; I can do whatever I want. I can go down to the Occupy Wall Street protests and scream about the bankers; I can go out in the woods and beat a drum and worship an owl if I want to; I can have sex with whomever I want as often as I want with no consequences and if I do become pregnant I can just go get an abortion and then I can march in the streets and talk about women’s rights and reproductive health; and eventually, I can talk about how wonderful homosexuality is and how it’s just another alternative lifestyle and it’s all about love.”

According to Mefferd, Pagans (or “pagans,” though I don’t think there’s a distinction in her mind) destroyed marriage once (really?), and are poised to do so again.

“Marriage may be done for this culture in certain sectors, in certain pockets, but marriage most certainly is certainly not done because it is the God-ordained institution that mirrors the analogy of Christ and His church, it is the human institution that most closely reflects the heart of God the Father in Christ Jesus our Lord. That’s why they’re attacking it, they don’t know that that’s why they’re attacking it, they’re attacking it because they’re looking at all the advances in medical technology. I can have a baby without a man, so why do I need a man? I can earn more than a man, so why do I need a man? You can have a baby by adoption, and you can do it with a same-sex partner, so why do you need marriage? This is exactly what the pagans did, way back when, this is exactly what they did: destroy marriage. It’s shaking a fist in the face of God.”

Nor was this rhetorical linking of “paganism,” homosexuality, and societal ruin a one-time event. Just listen to the venom and menace when speaking on the subject earlier this month.

“I think the homosexuality issue is an excuse, I think it’s an excuse. I think it’s an excuse of the pagan mind to begin what they have wanted to do for a very long time and that is to wipe out Christianity. Maybe that’s overstated, maybe I’m being a little bit over the top, but I really don’t think so. I think it’s an excuse. I think it’s the pagan who doesn’t want to hear about sin. I think it’s the pagan who doesn’t want the word of God to be believed by anybody because it’s an offense. And I think homosexuality is the perfect issue for them to use to shut Christians up.

This unhinged mindset repeats on her show again and again. Giving time to figures like Bradlee Dean, so he can try to obfuscate the clear and well-documented cases of him calling for the persecution of gays. Invoking the specter of some nebulous gay-pagan axis hell-bent on destroying Christian religion. As Heathen political commentator Hrafnkell Haraldsson so aptly puts it, “simply declining to be persecuted apparently makes a person a persecutor of Christianity.”

“Obviously, at no point in history has there been a plot (by anyone) to wipe out Christianity (scholars recognize that until the mid-third century there was not even one government-sponsored attack on Christianity let alone centuries of persecution) and there is none now. Unfortunately, simply declining to be persecuted apparently makes a person a persecutor of Christianity. Declining to allow them to spread their hate is apparently itself hate. It’s a weird and wacky world fundamentalist Christians inhabit. Sadly, we get to share it with them.”

This would all be laughable were it not for two things, the reach and influence of Mefferd’s show, which as I pointed out earlier is not inconsiderable, and the fact that her crusade against equality for LGBTQ individuals and adherents to minority religions, or even those who simply disagree with her perspectives, unequivocally paints us as the enemy. There’s a disturbing resonance with the recent freedom of the West Memphis 3, thrown in prison for believing and liking the wrong things in the wrong town, and the idea that those times could come again thanks to people like Mefferd.  It’s yet another reason why the Pagan conference with a Republican candidate for president is so important, as it creates a tiny crack in the alliance between conservative politics and the religious rhetoric displayed here.

Jason Pitzl-Waters


  • Anonymous

    Wow that’s scary. I really do fear as non-Christianity becomes more mainstream we are headed for some very rough times.

    • Eat My Gay Pagan Ass

      Yea, real freedom and equality… What scary concepts!

      • Anonymous

        Yes it would appear that’s what these folks are afraid of true equality for all religious beliefs.

      • pick-flowers-not-fights

        IKR!!!! blesses be )O(

      • Hahahaha, love the name. You really should use it to write Mrs. Mefferd a reply on her website. Don’t tell her I put you up to it!

  • kenneth

    What a sick religion and movement.

  • Kilmrnock

    i personly have no qwalms w/ christianty per se , just w/ fools like her and her ilk. tis a real shame those like her make the most noise and hense get the attention . the radicals , extremists within xtianity are getting the limelight now , but to dislike all of them would be just as rediculous as the radicals are.besides we have to coexist w/ these people for the foreseeable future. Kilm

    • I’ll have to disagree — the letters of Paul give a person a LOT to have a qualm about Christianity.

  • Don

    Christians saying Christian things. Shocking!

    • I love the way she ties Christianity and capitalism together, as though Jesus did not beat the shit out of the moneychangers for doing their business in G-d’s temple.

      • Susannkae

        The money changers were cheating the people who were buying their sacrificial animals. Charging too much and also charging interest which was against old testament law. That they were doing it in the Temple, God’s home on earth, was beyond bearing. That’s why he whipped them and chased them from the Temple.

        • Charles Cosimano

          And a few days later the money changers had him nailed to a cross.

  • Grimmorrigan

    “I reject Christianity, if I reject the Bible, all bets are off; I can do whatever I want. I can go down to the Occupy Wall Street protests and scream about the bankers; I can go out in the woods and beat a drum and worship an owl if I want to; I can have sex with whomever I want as often as I want with no consequences and if I do become pregnant I can just go get an abortion and then I can march in the streets and talk about women’s rights and reproductive health; and eventually, I can talk about how wonderful homosexuality is and how it’s just another alternative lifestyle and it’s all about love.”

    How’d she know how I spent my weekend?

    • Fallingwings

      For a second, I was thinking she giving us compliments! Yeah being a pagan frees me to fight for other’s right to love, and be with who they want. And I’m proud of that.

    • Harmonyfb

      Yeah…I kept waiting for there to be negative things in there, but…there aren’t. ::is a little puzzled::

      Occupying Wall Street (exercising our constitutionally-protected right to free speech and assembly? Fantastic!), sex with no consequences (it’s natural and wholesome and fun…what’s the downside of consenting adults enjoying it in a responsible manner?), getting an abortion (she missed the other choice in ‘pro-choice’, apparently), going out in the woods and beating drums (what is her problem with music and nature?), talking about how wonderful homosexuality is (just as wonderful as heterosexuality! And what is this ‘lifestyle’ that she’s on about?)

      Where’s the bad things she’s supposed to be accusing us of? Sounds to me like she’s jealous of others who get to have fun while she’s stuck in a seriously grim religion.

      • Crystal Kendrick

        “Sounds to me like she’s jealous of others who get to have fun while she’s stuck in a seriously grim religion.” You nailed it. They get really upset when people have fun and they aren’t allowed, and because they’re not having fun, no one should.

        • true … additionally, she is one of those, who feel persecuted if she has no right to persecute “the other”

    • Pagan Puff Pieces

      … all of those things? In order?

      I can barely remember to stretch in the morning.

      Who knew rejecting the Bible was so busy! I thought people did it so they could relax for once… And some people do all that without rejecting Christianity! Workaholics.

      • Anonymous

        Now I feel like an underachiever. I has a sad.

    • pick-flowers-not-fights

      LOL i worship cats not an owl =^_^=

    • Anonymous


  • Lori F – MN

    Gays distroyed marriage? What about gay marriage?

    And now if we complain about Christians making false accusations, WE are Christian bashing?

    Typical of their logic

    • Harmonyfb

      I find it incredibly amusing that she thinks the Pagan ancients didn’t have marriage.

      • There are a lot of Christians who believe that life before Jesus was nasty, brutish and short.

        • RivaWitch

          Life that followed Christianity was called The Dark Ages!

  • Thank you again for bringing some of these sickening comments to light. I only wish you didn’t have to.

  • I’ve already read this multiple times and shared on Facebook, my blog…. Things like this need to be retold and retold, just… so angering. Offensive on so many levels.

  • I’m awfully glad I’m not you, and not a bigot or hypocrit. It’s Christians like you that are destroying everything Christ taught you. If thine eye offendeth thee… pluck it out.

  • Patrick Barry

    So, if I am a straight pagan male, I will eventually start craving penis? That is the most idiotic {penis} thing I have ever heard {penis}. The sheer lunacy of {penis} the religious right is {penis} mind boggling. penis PEnis peNIS. *GASP*
    Oh no!!!! They were right!!!!!!!zom$dietyeleventy1111!

    • I am really happy I wasn’t drinking anything when I read this, Patrick. Started giggling like a fool.

      • Patrick Barry

        I’ll try to time it better next time 🙂

        • Ah, but is the penis you desire truly a penis, or just a representation of your desire for your father’s pride and respect?

          • Patrick Barry

            Nope, just penis. Thanks for the additional insight though {penis}.

          • Westernwhitewolf

            Patrick, I am so loving you right now. Unfortunately I am a girl, and have no penis. 🙁

          • Patrick Barry

            Seeing as for some reason I cannot reply to Westernwhitewolf for some reason. FYI. I’m a straight male. 🙂

    • Grimmorrigan

      I get feelings like that for candy corn once in awhile, then I get some and I remember that it tastes like diabetes and chalk. If your penis cravings get the better of you kiss a guy. You’ll either like it or like me and candy corn realize why you don’t eat it more often.

      • Patrick Barry

        Uh okay. Ya do realize I was joking, eh? Although I dig the diabetes and chalk candy corn reference. That’s cool.

        • Grimmorrigan

          I do and I hope you realize I am too. 😉

          • Patrick Barry

            Thats good, I was kind of starting to worry there. There’s no inflection on the internet. Oh and I did once some twenty five years ago, didn’t care for it.

          • Baruch Dreamstalker

            I have diabetes and you’re right, that’s exactly what candy corn tastes like.

    • Anonymous

      Hey Patrick, if you’re (penis) str8 that’s (penis) o.k. but being (penis) pagan won’t make you (penis) gay unless you were (penis) born that way…;)

  • We invented marriage. We even invented divorce-proof marriage. We just don’t get our knickers in a twist over it. I often talk about how awesome homosexuality is, and yet I’m still a straight woman. I guess I’m just born this way.

    • kenneth

      Hell, I once tried to join Gay America. The man at the recruiting station was appalled at my taste in clothes and photos of the interior decor of my condo, a nightmare hybrid of 1980s electronics and IKEA furniture. He laughed at me as he tore up my application and said something to the effect that “this isn’t 1968 Castro, we have standards now!”

  • The narrative of persecution is alive and well among Fundamentalist Christians, running right alongside their narrative of Spiritual Warfare.

    The irony is that as toxic as we may find many of their beliefs and attitudes, their myth-scape of signs and wonders, of invisible war between divine and demonic powers, of direct contact with the numinous via prayer and prophecy and glossolalia – all this speaks to a rejection of a world they find devoid of enchantment and wider meaning.

    Pagans make a similar rejection – although of course it does not follow that the result must look anything similar.

    • It depends what you mean by ‘world’. Since many of us honour nature in all its visible and invisible layers, you could say that rather than rejecting a world devoid of enchantment, pagans have found a way of re-enchanting the world without having to leave it. Our gods are immanent and our rituals are rooted in the seasons.

      If you mean travelling through the astral planes and communicating with spirits, these are occult practices not linked to any one religion in particular. They don’t require being disenchanted by the world.

      • By ‘the world’ I mean human society (particularly modern Western culture) as grounded within an Objectivist narrative – one that denies the existence of invisible layers, or as a concession to monotheism projects them into some entirely ‘other’ hereafter.

  • A sea of dominoes? How would that work, exactly?

    • Unless you’re Scrooge McDuck, I’d imagine it would hurt to dive into a sea of small, hard objects.

  • “I can have a baby without a man, so why do I need a man? I can earn more than a man, so why do I need a man? You can have a baby by adoption, and you can do it with a same-sex partner, so why do you need marriage?”

    I can’t say I’ve seen pagans advocating this (unless pagans mean anyone who isn’t the right kind of christian?) but I have read/heard several feminists use dialog like that for things like doing away with marriage or even in some extreme cases, doing away with men. 😛

    Still, who knows. I certainly don’t think the world would be worse off by the removal of Christianity and Islam. And the Hindi in India certainly seem to share the idea, if the reports I’ve read of Buddhist monks leading actual attacks against Churches and Mosques is true.

    • Lioness

      I share Ghandi’s assessment of Christianity. It’s a wonderful religion, what a shame no one practices it.

      • Jack Heron

        “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult, and left untried” – G.K. Chesterton

    • Adoption is a good thing — leads to fewer abortions. Adoption by singles, by married heterosexuals, by married homosexuals, by PARENTS. Let’s hear it for adoption. Yaaaaay!

      • Yay!

        I’ve always been an advocate of adoption. I think I told my mom when I was 9 years old that I wouldn’t be giving birth but adopting. I have 7 adopted cousins, too 🙂

    • _3Jane

      Eh, decoding that quote is actually simple. If you rely on someone (like a child relies their parents), you obey them, even if you don’t want to.

      I’d say she’s trying to express that no woman would willingly stay in a marriage (as defined by some Christian branches – woman being obedient to man etc), if she wasn’t forced to do it by having to rely on a man to provide her with money and children. Which, you know. She might have a point, because I certainly wouldn’t. Good thing I have all these other options, eh?

  • TanteFledermaus

    I’m always a little puzzled by arguments like this- do they really think Christians INVENTED marriage? Hindus get married. Jews get married. Muslims get married. They’re not trying to invoke some Jesus-church relationship. Are those really marriages?

    • Lioness

      No, they think their God created the world, created Adam and Eve, and then invented marriage. so everything good in all non-Judeo-Christian religions is just a holdover from the Good Old Days with Adam and Eve.

      • Bittysnitty

        They also think the world is only 6000 years old.

  • It seems these fundamentalists are working hard to alienate other Christians. I can only hope that mainstream Christians will hear all of these invectives and back slowly away from Mrs. Mefferd and her co-religionists.

    • Patrick Barry

      But to these christians, other christians are not true christians. If you aren’t “born-again’ then you are not a christian by their world view. To them most episcoplaians, certainly most catholics, lutherans, etc will not be saved. They jsut have not come out and said that yet.

      • Lioness

        They have said it lots of time, but no one’s caught them saying it on video recently.

        • Patrick Barry

          True, I just meant the dominionist folks.

    • kenneth

      One could hope for an intra-Christian war like the reformation and counter-reformation to thin the herd, but there’ a couple problems with that. One, it weeds out the moderates. Two, it’s the reason we face loons like Mefford today. The fanatics who were too crazy to co-exist in England were shipped over here….

      • In some ways, though, we are seeing an alchemical distilling of all three Abrahamic religions, reducing them to their purist essences. Those who are leaving the religion of Christianity are filtering it down to the most fanatical. The violence in the Islamic countries is radicalizing more and removing those who won’t. And arguably, the state of Isreal is doing much the same to the Jewish population, in that once more there is a rise in anti-Semitism, causing those who will not tolerate it to go to the Jewish Nation, and join with those already taking a harder line on such persecutions.

        In the end I do expect an inter-Abrahmic war (we’re already seeing the restart over these last ten years.) And I do think it’s only going to get worse as the “Distilling and purification” continues. All we can really do is prepare, gather or folk, and try to find little pockets that aren’t likely to get hit and hope they wipe each other out.

        • Pagan Puff Pieces

          Nobody is ever satisfied or safe when it comes to wiping out. It’s nothing to joke about or hope for.

      • I don’t hope for an intra-Christian, or an intra-monotheistic war. Nobody would be safe and even those who say they are not concerned would be. And since half my family are Christian and a good many are Jewish, I certainly would feel concerned, even if I didn’t already as a human being. Wishing for war is a dangerous game.

        What I hope for is that ordinary, non-fanatical Christians will succeed at effectively neutralizing these crazies, by openly opposing them, and by standing up visibly and clearly for what they believe is the real message of Christ. You know – love thy neighbour, serve the poor, forgive thy enemies, and so on. I follow a lot of religious news, and I have some idea that this is starting to happen. I might not believe in the divinity of that Jesus, far less in his exclusivity, but I think most pagans can live with those principles being part of our pluralist society.

        What I wish for even more is an alliance of all those who oppose that kind of thinking, whatever their religious affiliation or lack thereof, in order to defeat the influence of that kind of regressive thinking in our societies. It starts by not tarring all Christians with the same brush.

  • “… to shut Christians up.”

    Feh, if I thought there was a 0.01% chance of that …

  • Pagan Puff Pieces

    …. God’s an investor on Wall Street?

    And marriage is about “getting” babies? That doesn’t sound all fantastically wonderful and good for society in and of itself. I mean, it would if I wanted to “get” a baby, but there’s a lot more to society than where babies come from.

    (And was that picture taken in the 80s?)

    • Crystal Kendrick

      “And was that picture taken in the 80s?” No, she’s just that sad and tragic.

      • Anonymous

        She’s stuck in the 80’s because they don’t invite her to the gay orgies in the woods anymore?

  • Susannkae

    “But this is the mindset, it’s more of a pagan mindset, I go back all the time to the movement of ancient paganism because it is on the rise. Whether people call themselves pagan or not that’s what is at root here: people challenge the traditional authority of God.”

    I just really love this circular thinking… Pagans didn’t challenge the traditional authority of God, because they didn’t believe in the Christian God.

    Whether or not paganism is on the rise, three are too many of us for them to do much… and those who are not devout Christians certainly don’t want this to continue because then they would have to clean up their own acts and “get right with God.”

    They are just freaking because paganism has become so popular and they are feeling threatened. Again, in my opinion, I think there are just too many non-Abrahamic spiritual people and, this is the important one, too many back-slidden Christians for the religion to ever really regain the strength it’s had for the last couple of centuries here in the United States.

    The great revivals happened because of very hard times, in conjunction with lack of knowledge and lack of national, and world, news coverage. Christianity was really over when the internet gained popularity. I predict Christianity will fade away into unimportant small sects, perhaps living like the Amish, in the next generation or so. Any religion needs young people to bear children into it and Christianity is becoming an old person’s religion.

    I can see politicians trying to win the Christian vote, but they will do and say anything to get elected and then what happens in Washington is so un-Christian, it’s still amazing to me.

    I was in Christianity for 30 years before I discovered I could be Pagan. Sometimes I need to step back in order to see the forest… Having had history as a fundamental independent baptist, and my relatives still are, it’s easy to see the mindset and the fear.


    • kenneth

      The craziness of it all – and I frequently tell them this, is that they’re showing a raging insecurity now that their majority is “only” 78 % (and virtually 100% of Congress and top leadership. They actually believe they’re an oppressed minority! They’re intimidated by us, who make up maybe 0.6 % of the population. If they’re this loony now, I shudder to think how they’ll act out when they’re on the cusp of becoming an actual demographic minority.

      • Susannkae

        They know deep in their hearts that Congress and the top leadership is not christian in faith, but only in speech. If you asked any of them who in Washington is a “true” Christian, they would be hard pressed to pick one based on voting records, friendships with lobbyists, and prior acts in their lives. Look at Sarah Palin’s daughter who was recently in a bar bashing gays folks. If she’s such a good christian girl, why was she in a bar? Shrug. Just my thoughts.

        • kenneth

          Well, that’s exactly the math they use to construct their persecution fantasies. The draw the lines of who a “real” Christian is so narrowly, that it just barely includes themselves and whatever sect they favor. Even that approval is tentative and can be withdrawn at any time for any vote or act which falls foul of their loyalty. If we turn in on ourselves closely enough, then it is true, the whole world is against you….

    • Lioness

      It’s not about us, not really. They need non-Christian bogeymen to blame their troubles on. We’re just convenient. If they didn’t have us, they’ve blame another religious group, or the atheists or in case of an emergency the Devil.

  • “If there is no God, if I don’t go to church, if I reject Christianity, if I reject the Bible, all bets are off; I can do whatever I want. I can go down to the Occupy Wall Street protests and scream about the bankers; I can go out in the woods and beat a drum and worship an owl if I want to; I can have sex with whomever I want as often as I want with no consequences and if I do become pregnant I can just go get an abortion and then I can march in the streets and talk about women’s rights and reproductive health; and eventually, I can talk about how wonderful homosexuality is and how it’s just another alternative lifestyle and it’s all about love.”

    She can go join OWS and scream about bankers whether she “rejects Christianity” or not. There’s nothing anti-Christian about that.

    Going out in the woods and beating a drum? Could lead to an epiphany or two. 😉 (Don’t know about worshiping owls though.)

    Having sex with whomever whenever? This is a bad thing? I’d recommend not doing it unprotected without getting to know her partners *really* well, but other than that, could be enlightening.

    Marching in the streets and talking about women’s rights and reproductive health? What’s stopping you, Janet? Getting pregnant and/or getting abortion are not prerequisites for working for your rights as a woman. And choice *does* mean you might, after all, choose to see being pregnant as a good thing.

    It’s funny how she tries to hint with phrasing (and presumably tone of voice) that the absence of Christianity leads to all these things and that that automatically means all these things are bad. I think she has a very narrow view of both Christianity and social/sexual ethics .. and some of the things she’s so quick to condemn could actually be eye-openingly positive events if she were to set aside her prejudices ..



  • Lioness

    I’ve been Pagan for decades. I’ve fought for religious freedom, women’s rights, and gay rights. Ergo I must be in favor of the destruction of marriage.

    Wow. That would explain perfectly how come I’ve been happily married for 23 years.

    • Me too. Thirty years married. Forty-some years Pagan. Friends who’re homosexual and Pagan been in a “civil union” 25 years, with two adopted children. Don’t wanna “destroy” marriage, want everyone to enjoy those rights, if they so desire.

  • Mia

    Where’s a real rapture when you need one?

    • Thelettuceman

      Rapture? I think some kind of internal rupture may be necessary.

      • Mia

        They’ve had years of practice being constipated, I think it’s gonna take quite a bit to make ruptures.

    • Jack Heron

      That would be good – all the arrogant troublemakers will fly off somewhere else. And the meek will inherit the Earth.

      • Screw the meek. Christians are “meek.” Let the strong, the powerful, the Pagan and Heathen inherit the earth. Enough of this backwards illogic of the Abrahamics. I say a return of the natural order, where honor and strength and power matter more than one’s color or gender or creed.

      • Mia

        I thought it was the geeks instead.

    • Who’s to say it hasn’t already happened? I can’t believe the Christian god would want these kooks any more than the rest of us do…

  • 400000tomatoes

    People believe Paganism is about breaking down Christianity? WHat? Also, everyone here is part of the 99% and should Occupy Wallstreet because the rich are getting tax breaks because they have all the power in the government (through campaign funding) and we do not.

    • 400000tomatoes

      Not going to lie, thought this was a christian site. My Bad. Thanks for bringing this to light. It is certainly educating to see how parts of the media are brainwashing people.

      • Harmonyfb

        thought this was a christian site.

        You mean ‘Patheos’ in general, or ‘The Wild Hunt’ in particular?

        • Can’t really blame ’em if it’s the Patheos. It is kinda overwhelmed by the Abrahamic religions, and the wild hunt does get flooded with those stupid christian adds.

  • Joemax93

    “The unpopularity of my beliefs shakes my faith, therefore I am oppressed.”

    That is, if I may say, some of the most free-range, organically grown, disingenuous, ideologically marinated un-self-awareness I’ve ever seen in the wild.

    • Really? Because it makes me feel strong. Pressure breeds gems, as the old Mandalorian proverb goes. Let them rail against my Northern ways, it will bring the shield wall closer together and make our gods admire our strength all the more. 😀

  • Joemax93

    “Even a superstitious man has certain inalienable rights. He has a right to harbor and indulge his imbecilities as long as he pleases, provided only he does not try to inflict them upon other men by force. He has a right to argue for them as eloquently as he can, in season and out of season. He has a right to teach them to his children. But certainly he has no right to be protected against the free criticism of those who do not hold them. He has no right to demand that they be treated as sacred. He has no right to preach them without challenge.” – H.L. Mencken, 1927

  • Sersiously, someone needs to phone her show and let her know that that hair do just ain’t working for her…

    • kenneth

      Hey man, some of us happen to think wookie hairstyles on women are HOT! If she could grow hair like that on her face too, Chewie would put a ring on that!

      • Susannkae

        I was kinda thinking it was a wig. I may be wrong.

  • bard08

    “And I think homosexuality is the perfect issue for them to use to shut Christians up.“

    Hasn’t worked so far, has it?

    • kenneth

      I tell people on the conspiracy Christian boards that the last thing we want to do is shut them up. If we silence them, we grant them legitimacy and martyrdom of a sort. If we want their movement to fade into obscurity on its own merits, the best thing we can do is let them speak their mind at all times! The more they show people their true nature, the faster we’ll be rid of them.

    • Starfish

      You know, there may be something to this. I came out to my fundy family last year and they’ve barely said a word to me since then . . .

  • i always find 2 things in most christian arguments:
    1 – that no human has a built-in moral compass, all reasonable, kind and responsible behaviour is an override over default psychotic personalities, and only comes from jesus, nowhere else.
    2 – that all other religions or belief systems or social structures, that are outside their concept of morality, is a plot of the devil to
    a – give them demons
    b – overthrow the world order – which is christ.

    i blame it on the basic psychology of christianity – that you can be as big an donkey’s behind as you like, there’s a god who keeps on forgiving you as long as you can look “sorry” enough to convince yourself that he falls for it, no matter what the consequences are for the people you have hurt, or whether you actually plan on stopping what you’re doing.

    weird… that… there is no personal responsibility for actions, intentions, or even a requirement to be tolerant in christianity, because jesus says it’s the only one that is “right”…

    it’s a whole bunch of gun powder, dat….

    • Bittysnitty

      in the christian world it’s not what you do, it’s who you know. The rest of us have to make do with just doing the right thing.

  • > I can go down to the Occupy Wall Street protests and scream about the bankers;

    Funny, because christianitytoday says “It’s not a stretch to say that Jesus was a rebel. He was. He was bucking the system, turning over tables, and saying all sorts of subversive things in the days when he was walking the earth.” I guess he’s pretty un-Christian-like…

    > I can go out in the woods and beat a drum and worship an owl if I want to;

    I wonder if she’s referencing the 40-foot owl in the Bohemian Grove. Her spiel doesn’t seem too far off the conspiracy theories I’ve seen thrown about.

    • Susannkae

      How can Jesus “Christ”, for whom the movement was named, be un-Christ like or un-Christian?
      Just wondering. (Smile)

    • Screaming at bankers is mild. Jesus got violent and turned over their tables. I believe attacking a business like that as a form of protest is known as rioting.

  • Charles Cosimano

    Now come on, you have go to admire someone who can do a radio show in a straightjackt.

  • BC Richardson

    For a good time Don’t call Janet.

    Lots of good comments & couldn’t think of anything to add.


    • Anonymous

      Dr. Scott!

  • Only when the dusk starts to fall does the owl of Minerva spread its wings and fly. (Hegel)

  • Its people with a scarily large reach, like this Jane Mefferd and that 40 Days business that is currently underway, that really make me wonder if we are heading towards some kind of actual religious war… I mean, I live in Australia and even I am concerned as to the sway these people and organisations have over evidently powerful American politicians.

  • Druidwood

    So um all Pagans are Gay or all gay people are Pagans? I’ve been a Pagan for just over 15 years & never wanted to be with another man. And correct me if I’m wrong here but wasn’t it Christians who tried to stamp out Paganism?

    • Anonymous

      I was taught through divination that being gay is a reincarnation issue and that…essentially..yes…gays are pagan by nature.

      • I’ve heard the same ‘gay is a reincarnation issue’ from a few books. Buckland wrote that gay people were those who were the ‘opposite’ gender in a previous life and still felt those same attractions.

        As a queer person, I thought that was pretty stupid. Offensive too. I don’t know if you are talking about the same thing/meaning the same, though. Your comment just reminded me of that.

        • Anonymous

          as a queer person, i can’t think of a better ideal.

          no offense intended, but i think its a beautiful idea that we get sort-of “rewarded” by the Goddess for
          our past lives by getting to gay in this one. 🙂

          • ‘Rewarded’?? Sorry, but I kind of think that if it was a ‘reward’ we wouldn’t have so many gay (especially teen) suicides.

            My being queer doesn’t have doesn’t have to do with my past lives…it has to do with my being queer in /this one/.

          • Anonymous

            Well, we’ll just have to agree to disagree then.

  • Jack

    And wind power becomes a viable alternative energy source by harvesting the hot air bellowing forth from fundamentalist Christians.

    • Crystal Kendrick

      They could collectively solve our energy crisis.

      • I don’t know about that, but with how much scenery they chew, we could save a load on drill bits and stuff while trying to tap the US oil deposits, which would let us stop buying from the Muslim governments that are providing funding to the Islamic Terrorists, which I certainly could support. 😀

        Using the Christian to fight the Muslim so the Pagan is strong. I like it.

  • Crick

    I have but two comments, first of all, Christians will always adamantly defend thier views. That is why out of 400 plus religions in the world, they stand out as the learning curve. Neo Pagans contribute to this by validating and reacting to their every word. Stop enabling them!
    Second, the homosexuality issue is a social issue and should not be seen as a tenet of paganism. Far too often, causes completely un-related to paganism will use the pagan umbrella to strengthen their own position.
    This is one of the set-backs of Neo Paganism, the misguided assumption that they represent everyone…


    • kenneth

      I don’t think it’s the case that outside gay rights groups are “using the pagan umbrella” to advance their cause. It’s not even a matter of homosexuality being a “tenet” of our religions, but there is a clear difference in beliefs around the issue between most modern pagans and most Christians. On the basis of both personal belief and theology, most modern pagans, at least in the West, have a very accepting view of gay people and don’t see them as a “mistake” that has to be corrected by religion. It’s not the basis of what we’re about spiritually, but it is an important difference between us and Christianity and worth noting.

    • Jack

      “Second, the homosexuality issue is a social issue and should not be seen as a tenet of paganism. Far too often, causes completely un-related to paganism will use the pagan umbrella to strengthen their own position.
      This is one of the set-backs of Neo Paganism, the misguided assumption that they represent everyone…”

      As a 78 year old straight man who’s been a proud father of a wonderful son who happens to be gay I can tell you that if my religion didn’t regard his relationship with his (deeply loving and loyal) partner as every bit as special as mine with his mother it wouldn’t be my religion.

      I can also tell you that if you think you can throw LGBT folks under the bus because you’re embarrassed by them or you think they’d be a set back for our religions you should expect a cool reception at best from the Pagan community at large and no welcome from me in particular.

      Just goes to show that homophobia is just as ugly on Pagans as Christians, but we knew that already now didn’t we?

      • Baruch Dreamstalker


        (and you and your son are blessed)

  • her hair alone should invalidate anything she says.

    • Crystal Kendrick

      I would recommend a short pixie cut but she might think it a bit too pagan.

  • (Smart-aleck switch ON) Okay, Gay people, we now know it’s YOU who are responsible for destroying good Christian marriages. It’s Gay people who keep throwing wet towels on the floor instead of hanging them up, and leaving the cap off the toothpaste. Gay people who use the car and forget to fill it with gas. Gay people must be agitating the in-laws. Gay people sneaking in, feeding the children candy before dinner and letting them stay up way past bedtime. Gay people spending the rent money on gambling. A Gay man snuck into the basement, took out all the power tools, and left them in the rain. A Gay woman drank the milk right out of the container, AND forgot to put the cap back on. Gay people woke the baby. A Gay person forgot to notice the wife’s new hairstyle. It’s Gay people who do this, and make married heterosexuals fight, which destroys marriages. Darn you, Gay people, anyway! (Smart-aleck switch OFF).

    • kenneth

      It was also the gay mafia who whacked Gadhafi! He was a voice in the wilderness for Christian marriage, and that posed a threat to them!

      • Gay people woke the baby? Oo Damn you gay people! Why cant you just let the baby sleep? -cries-

        • Anonymous

          It’s all that bloody drumming, and the hooting, and then the loud gay sex orgies next door! I can’t stand it!


    • Anonymous

      Hey Alice,

      You’re right…we did it all. We’re gaying up everything! We have secret plans to throw gay grenades into crowds so they all end up as fashion designers and florists!
      Our Gay Pagan plot is in motion as we speak! mwhahahahaha!

      Even though you’ve found us out…you’ll never stop us! We’re too gay and the power of our gayness shall flow into guhvurnmints and courthouses…we shall cast our gay spells on your dishwashing detergent and your pencils!

      All shall wear ruby lipstick and high-heels!

      (walks out…giggling at the genius of the master plan of all gay pagans everywhere…)

      • Now you’ve done it… you gosh-darned Gays are also responsible for me spewing sweet tea all over my keyboard — from laughing so hard at that last post!

  • Are you kidding me!!! Like really you dumb C***!!! Seriously??? I would love to talk to this lunatic!!!

  • Earthchik

    Blame the straight people they gave birth to the gays and the Pagans.
    It’s said that mainstream media allows so ignorance to be spouted. Any thing for ratings I assume.

  • Daniel Kestral

    Destroying the sanctity of marriage? Why don’t they just focus on the real issues that threaten marriage, like domestic violence, objectification, cheating, lack of mutual respect, mental and emotional abuse, alcoholism, child neglect, and the myriad of other issues that plague “traditional marriage and family?”

    • Pagan Puff Pieces

      Also pagans’ fault. Somehow. PAGAN.

      • Daniel Kestral

        Never ceases to amaze me how they always look for causes other than the real ones that need addressing.

        • Pagan Puff Pieces

          If the status quo allows for bad things to happen, then they’re not important. Besides, most of those more negatively effect the more helpless and less important people in the relationship, so it’s, bad, but not bad enough to really do anything about, and surely there’s some explanation for it to let you sympathize with the abuser and blame the abused.

          (When she threw Wall Street in there, I knew this wasn’t just about Biblical things. This is about mentally equating God and goodness with the establishment and earthly government and norms, and never really being able to separate the two, unless an outsider comes into the picture.)

      • Patrick Barry

        Well ya see that’s because you don’t know what Pagan means. It’s really an acronym.
        People Aggravating Good American Normality.
        Didn’t you know that?

        See, there’s your problem. 🙂

  • Burning times will come again if this hate can’t be combated.

  • Veracity

    The really frightening thing about this is, as Jason points out, this woman is *not* on the fringe. She has a wide audience. The line of her logic is as ridiculous as those in the 16th century who believed that promiscuity>adultery>homosexuality>pedophilia>bestiality (yes, they really believed this was biologically how human sex drive worked). But people actually listen to this woman, insane as she sounds.

    Nevermind that the many pagan forms of marriage include a year-and-a-day period to make sure people are really ready to make the commitment, rather than peer pressure forcing them into the “right thing to do” because they had a one night stand. Or because 2 people want to have sex but feel they must marry before they do so, so that their Divine Leader won’t spank them for their natural healthy sex drive. Basing marriage on such flimsy bedrock wouldn’t have anything to do with the high rates of divorce these days now, would it?

    My husband is a Christian, my mother was Christian, my father is Christian, my brother, my sister, in fact, all of my family who I have heard profess a belief have professed themselves Christians of one type or another. Some of them are the kindest and most loving people I know. Some of them are open-minded to other faiths, some are not. And some of them are the most close-minded hypocritical I’m-Right-You’re-Wrong-The-End people I have ever met. Unfortunately, those are the sort who make the most noise. I am not out of the closet with the majority of my family because of this section of them, and I often wonder, if/when I do let them all know where I stand, how many of the kind and loving group will stand silent while the jerkwads ban me as the heathen black sheep?

    Because it’s already out there – “Are you with us or against us?” We’ve already seen candidates for public office find out the hard way that you are not ALLOWED to refrain from answering the question “What religion are you?” Public pressure on Main Street is the same. In my small town, people assume everyone is of their faith, something I find to be the pinacle of arrogance. And to these people, freedom of speech and freedom of religion only applies to them, not to you. Some don’t see how this can lead to the same violent religious wars of previous centuries; some do and welcome it. I’m not sure which group is scarier – those who don’t see it coming or those who can’t wait, sure that they will be victorious when in fact NO ONE wins.

  • It’s interesting how conservative religious rhetoric often frames other people’s desire to make different religious and moral choices as an attempt to destroy them (the conservatives). The fact that seeing different ways of life is so threatening makes me think that, despite its relatively substantial political clout, there’s a fundamental insecurity to the Religious Right’s position.

  • S.Moore

    Oh Lordy, You’re making me miss listening in on Christian “oh my God the sky is falling” radio….

    “I can go out in the woods and beat a drum and worship an owl if I want to; ”

    I have to wonder if she had these Gawd fearin’ Christians in mind when she said that;


    Personally I think its COMPLETELY UNFAIR that Christians get to have a giant owl statue in such a pretty grove to make offerings to while they dance around in Lingere. They should share. Or at least do a workshop about it at Pcon.

    -Shannon Moore

    • Finnchuill

      The Bohemian Grove doesn’t have anything to do with Christianity.

      • S.Moore

        That is rather the point. It is attended by good right Christians

  • Pitch313

    OMG! Bizarro zombies are eating our Pagan brains in reverse agit prop!!!

    Me am brainless Pagan now. Me like diversity of religions, cultures, sexual orientations, relationships, and magical undertakings. So me must destroy them. Me revere many deities. So me must obey grand unified agenda that me cannot figure out at all of only one deity.

    Bad must come from me trying to do good and right things.

    Me give up by shambling into maw of Cthulhu! Or sacred heart of Jesus! Me get too confused…

  • Baruch Dreamstalker

    “I can have sex […] as often as I want […]”

    Poor girl, she really needs to get out more…

  • pick-flowers-not-fights

    this is ridiculous!! pagans are NOT out to destroy Christianity! and there is nothing wrong with same sex marriage! women do NOT need men and men do NOT need women…

    “how wonderful homosexuality is and how it’s just another alternative lifestyle and it’s all about love.” = truth.
    this right here just ticks me off.

  • pick-flowers-not-fights

    i am a lesbian and a pagan. i love to give hugs and to help people. i like to daydream and pet my cats. i like to put my energy into words… i like caring about people….. but as far as i know i have no desire to put out christianity. most of my friends are christians in fact. so like my name says: pick flowers not fights

  • My only possible retort is that I’m Pagan and so is my wife. Our children can make their own decisions.

    • Harmonyfb

      Yeah…odd how my decades of Paganism and demonstrating for gay rights haven’t “destroyed” my 24-year hetero marriage.

      • You also have to wonder how the Fundies think we exist beyond a single generation. Maybe it’s binary fission. One day we each fall over and twice as many of us get up.

        I’d be happy to live and let live, but that really only works if everybody else does that too.

        Beware of the pea-wits, gentlebeings – they’re loud.

  • Crystal Williams

    If anything is under attack it’s Paganism. But thats okay right? The only thing I want to be “saved” from are people like her groups like “One Million Moms”. Bigots make me so angry.

  • Somehow I immediately don’t trust any religion or other world views that so thoroughly entangle creedism, heterosexism and other prejudices within the depths, the very soul, of its supposedly superior axis of morality, an axis that’s so superior that any other models, all of them, are dismissed as immoral, anything goes deals. (I’m glad not all monotheists fall for the arguments involved.) Or at least, any model that’s considered vulnerable enough might make a fun and easy target.

    That’s about the maturity of a playground bully.

    And, hey, congrats, they’ve managed to spice up The Forces of Good™ vs. The Forces of Evil™ dualism with their version of the Apollonian (wholeness) vs. Dionysian (individualism, anything goes) false dilemma and paint all of reality with it. Are these logs in their eyes? Cognitively, yes they are.

    It’d be impressive if it weren’t so dysfunctional and contrary to equality and the spirit of democracy, in practice. It’s ends up being so incredibly toxic to “love thy neighbor” type of decency toward each other and retards social reciprocal ethics skills.

    But then, controversy sells and hatred is too easy.

    That’s the problem with belief-based identity clashes. They encourage horrible behaviors so contrary to equality and ethics while encouraging people to feel increasingly righteous in the process. The more horrible they become, the more righteous and certain they feel about it. There’s something really wrong with that. It certainly is a huge MF.

    Prejudice is not a virtue, is not a family value, is not ethical, is based on numerous logic errors as much as there’s any logic to it…

    • Pagan Puff Pieces

      Pssst. Since Apollonian and Dionysian stuff came up, I need to ask…

      … where did discussing of things in those terms come from originally? I’ve found myself using those terms to describe things, later realizing I probably was making Nietzsche a pizza parlor topic without realizing it (and his usage was kind of different)…

      • It’s incredibly powerful and necessary to name things and boil them down to their essence, especially in ways that point out the root logic errors afoot and how they may thwart or stunt social maturity, cognition, equality, imagination and ethics … how they may impact politics, the state of civil rights and public dialog.

        Whether one wants to see doing this as impractical pizza parlor chat with no real application of any consequence, if that’s what you mean, or as something that is capable of impacting politics at large and daily lives, that’s up to each person but I can imagine that most people can’t imagine how such talk will have any impact if the rest of the world seems to ignore it … at the moment anyway.

        U.S. culture may increasingly move away from valuing leverage and abusive power and control struggles above all else, something that banksters and those with creedist political aims are guilty of, and I’m hoping the nation will move toward more of a community-based consciousness, but not one that begs various prejudices and bandwagon effects because it can’t bear to part with old ball and chain crutches.

        The latter could hold us back in all fields, not just politics.

        Apollonian and Dionysian stuff was used before Nietzsche, in Prussia, and all the way back to Greece. Mention of it comes up in numerous modern works as well. It’s more common used and abused but not named, and that is a very real issue.

  • Nhardee64

    Dislike. Im wiccan, and bisexual. In no point in my life have i considered my life style as an excuse. I was christian for 12 years, anx never have i heard stereotyping like this.

    • Lolnotbrandon ;3


      • lolnotbrandon :3

        tho this vid was a F- :/

        • Brandon???XDDidekmn

          I no longer care what the ignorant people of this world say anymore. The lies she tells mean nothing. nothing other then a blind persons opinion.

          • pick-flowers-not-fights

            except she has thousands of people who listen to her radio station who agree and are brain washed by her… 🙁

          • Hey! Stop equating this woman’s biased and hateful opinions with visual impairment. Thank you!

  • You know, all this hysteria over homosexuals reminds me of Lewis Blacks’ Gay Bandidos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-id4GKsaQk

  • jhamm77


  • munich64

    What I found most interesting is that “Occupy Wall Street” got tied up into this. The other elements have been a familiar part of Christian conservative dialogue for the past 30 years.

    But if standing up to corporate power is nothing more that a way of defying God……well that is REALLY telling, now isn’t it

  • Hey..its really scary and interesting too..