Peter Dybing Elected President of Officers of Avalon

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  September 13, 2011 — 13 Comments

Officers of Avalon, a non-profit benevolent association for Pagan and Wiccan law enforcement, firefighting and emergency medical personnel and their families, has elected Peter Dybing as its new president starting on October 1st. On hearing the news, Dybing commented that “for me this is a great oppertunity to build on and add to the successes of this trusted Pagan organization.” The outgoing president, Kimberley “Windwalker” Long-Ewing, wished Dybing and the rest of the incoming governing board the best, and thanked all Officers of Avalon members “for the opportunity to serve”. Past OoA Presidents, also called Preceptor Generals, have included individuals like Kerr Cuhulain, author of “Pagan Religions: A Handbook for Diversity Training”, and a longtime debunker of Satanic Panic “occult experts.”

Peter Dybing

While a long-time participant in the modern Pagan community, Dybing, a trained EMT and volunteer firefighter, first gained widespread public attention for his efforts on-the-ground in earthquake-ravaged Haiti, giving us a Pagan perspective of what was going on there. He would go on to volunteer in the Gulf during the Deepwater Horizon disaster, and in August of 2010 was elected First Officer of Covenant of The Goddess for 2011.

“I wanted to serve the Covenant, they do some really wonderful things in terms of interfaith work, public information work, and people doing work in prisons. There’s some great things [COG does] I want to support. I think it’s really important because we’ve made so many inroads over the years that those things continue to get our support.”

Dybing’s tenure as First Officer was marked by its expansive outreach to, and engagement with, the Pagan community. During that year he publicly commented on a variety of hot-button issues, and led an initiative that raised $30,000 dollars for Japan earthquake assistance.

“This project also represents an important moment in Pagan history. Working together across intrafaith boundaries this community has demonstrated the maturation that has occurred over the past few decades. We have established that we are an effective and unified religious community that can respond to world events, take action when necessary and work together in support of achievable goals. Gone is the quietly whispered sentiment that Pagans do not work together or that Pagans do not give to charity.”

It seems certain that Dybing will bring his style of hands-on engagement to Officers of Avalon, an organization of first responders who will no doubt appreciate his “act now” activist impulses. One can also hope this signals a new era of growth and engagement for this organization. My congratulations to Dybing, and to the other board members that were elected.

Jason Pitzl-Waters


  • Hurrah!!

  • Congratulations Mr. Dybing.

  • Horray, I cant think of anyone who could be better suited for this than Peter Dybing! What an inspirational man.

  • As always, it’s exciting and joyful to hear GOOD news! Good luck and blessings to Mr. Dybing.

  • PJ

    Best of luck to him as he continues to represent us in a way that makes us proud.

  • Baruch Dreamstalker

    Wow. This is going to be interesting. Congratulations, Peter D.

  • Kilmrnock

    My congratulations to Peter Dybing. altho i’m not a member of the group , i’m quite familiar w/ the writings of it’s founder ,Kerr Cuhulian.His book, Wiccan Warrior , helped me find my way to my now Druid Warrior path .I wish Peter and the Officers of Avalon the best of of luck and continued success. Kilm

  • Crystal Blanton

    YAY Peter!! He is a wonderful person and great leader. He has been inspiring and very supportive in my career.

  • All Hail President Dybing!

    On a more serious note, I can’t wait to see the awesomeness he’ll infuse into OoA, an already great organization.

  • Rachael

    Just to be clear, Peter Dybing’s profession is the Western Region Incident Commander for the United States Forest service and FEMA. This is way beyond “volunteer fire fighter”. He is called to be first on the scene of any disaster in his region and coordinates all services, equipment and personnel for that incident.

    • Caliban

      Thanks for adding that clarification, Rachael – it really is an important and meaningful distinction, and does credit to Dybing and to us all that he represents Pagan values in such a – let’s not mince words – heroic manner.

    • Close, I am part of the SW region Incident Command Team, and an other southern area Incident Command Team.

  • Caliban

    THIS is the kind of public face Paganism needs – not a bunch of silly women in costumes running expensive tourist traps in Salem. Kudos to Mr. Dybing, and to the Officers of Avalon for setting an example for meaningful Pagan charitable service.