New Alexandrian Library Gifted With Rare Dion Fortune Paintings

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  September 7, 2011 — 20 Comments

The New Alexandrian Library, overseen by the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, is a project that hopes to create “a library worthy of its namesake” focused on esoteric knowledge, mystical and the spiritual writings from many traditions, and the “history of our magickal communities.” Based in Delaware, the NAL broke ground earlier this year on the domed buildings that will house their growing collection. Last week, the library was gifted with four paintings created by the legendary 20th century British occultist Dion Fortune, author of such works as “Psychic Self-Defense”“Mystical Qabalah”, and “The Sea Priestess”.

Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki with donated Dion Fortune paintings.

“This previous weekend Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki gifted the NAL with paintings of the four Archangels painted by Dion Fortune that were used in Dion’s first ritual room and in Dolores’ first ritual room. We are very grateful.”

The paintings were donated by Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki, director of Servants Of the Light, a Hermetic order descended from Fortune’s Society of the Inner Light, and herself a widely regarded author and occultist. Caroline Kenner, a supporter of the New Alexandrian Library, said she was “deeply inspired” by the artworks, and that they will be “appreciated in perpetuity by people who understand their power.” The gift was made at a recent fundraiser on behalf of the library that featured Ashcroft-Nowicki as a speaker.

This is a high-profile gift for a library project that is still in its early stages, one that no doubt reflects well on its governing board. For ongoing updates on the New Alexandrian Library check out their Facebook page.

Jason Pitzl-Waters


  • Justin Patrick Moore

    I’ll be speaking on “The Library Angel & It’s Oracle” at the Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle this weekend, Sept. 10th & 11th 2011. The talk will focus on the Library Angel in the works of Arthur Koestler, Robert Moss, and the Qabalistic origins of the Library Angel, Harahel in the Shemhamphorasch. The talk will showcase how the Library Angel communicates through synchronicity, chance-operations, and coincidence, providing an easy method for practicing bibliomancy and the Hermetic Art of Combination. I will also be touching on Multidimensional/Astral libraries, and talking about the need to preserve esoteric histories. In this regard mention will be made of the Black Moon Archives, the Cultural Conservers Foundation (Sheneset Project), and the New Alexandrian Library.

  • Looks like I will need to make a pilgrimage.

  • Lady Greenflame

    I’ve read a fair amount about Dion Fortune (one of my most admired occultists) and do not recall hearing about her painting the archangels, or anything else. From the glimpse we see in the photograph, they look beautiful. What a precious gift.

    • Charles Cosimano

      I never knew she painted either.

    • Gwydion Stormcrow

      Unfortunately, as I understand it, much of Dion Fortune’s art and unpublished materials, including a commissioned oil portrait of her, were destroyed by the Interim Warden of the Society of the Inner Light upon her death to prevent her from being ‘worshipped’ as an icon. She does appear, however, to have been fairly prolific.

  • So in 50 years can I donate email print outs between you and me Jason? 😛

  • How amazing and awesome that a place like this will actually exist one day! I can’t wait to see it and these paintings!!

  • Anonymous

    I recognize Delores, Ivo, Katrina, and Michael. Can you identify the other person in the photo? What a great gift! I’d love to see larger pictures of the paintings.

    • Gwydion Stormcrow

      It’s Aeptha of Light Haven ( ). She is an excellent teacher and ritualist in her own right, and was attending the Dolores event. We have known her and her Lodge for years.

      (This is Michael, btw).

  • Goosebumps. Goosebumps City.

  • What an amazing gift! I’ve really got to get more of Fortune’s writings, I’ve only read The Sea Priestess.

  • Besides their artistic value, imagine how much magickal power those paintings must hold.

    Thank you again, Jason. You keep on findin’ and printin’ the good news, and we’ll keep on readin’ it!

  • AnonGuest

    I think I like everyone in that group photo.

  • If they want to raise money, they should sell prints of the four paintings, in various sizes, for people to put in their own ritual rooms. I’d buy a set.

  • Persephone Thorn

    considering Ivo stated himself loud and clear at Bell Book and Candle… anyone seeing “angels” is delusional, and the Astral is “all in your head” what a hypocrite.

    • Citation?

    • Gwydion Stormcrow

      While I was not at any event where Ivo made such statements in that fashion, he (and I) have very strong feelings about the nature and frequency of contact with what we would refer to as ‘angelic’ powers. Too many people run around saying that they ‘see’ angels everywhere they look. And some of those people are indeed delusional. Given angelic nature and power, it is not likely that everything one calls an angel is indeed a being of that order. Even in the Bible what is usually the first thing an Angel says? “Be Not Afraid.” That should give an indication of the real experience of angelic contact.

      As for the statement ‘astral is all in your head,’ we make a distinction between the personal astral, which is part of an individuals astral body and where much of the personal work occurs and the Astral, which is indeed outside of ourselves and which our personal astral as entry. Again, too many people cannot make a differentiation between the two.

      Finally, the logic which considers having a more restrictive view of angels and accepting Dion Fortune’s Temple Archangels paintings is somehow hypocrisy escapes me. However, this sounds like either (1) a misunderstanding of what was said or (2) sour grapes.

      • Persephone Thorn

        3) none of the above, I would like to state here that at no point was “being afraid” a comment made about working with the angels by myself…. And how hilarious it is that an assumed “too many people cannot make a differentiation between the two… ” To make snap decisions that anyone that works with them are “delusional” which is what happened…. … the hypocrasy escapes you…. hmm

  • This is a kingly gift for such a new project. I do hope it lives up to its namesake!