Stonehenge Remains, Maetreum of Cybele, and other Pagan News of Note

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  August 24, 2011 — 36 Comments

King Arthur vs. Archeology: British Druid leader King Arthur Pendragon (no, not that Arthur Pendragon) has failed in his attempt to force reburial of human remains found at Stonehenge, claiming the 5000-year-old cremated remains were of a royal “priest caste,” potential founding fathers of Britain.


“Mr Justice Wyn Williams refused to give King Arthur permission to launch a judicial review action – ruling at a High Court hearing in London that there was insufficient evidence to show that the Ministry of Justice might have acted unreasonably. The judge heard that the cremated remains of more than 40 bodies – thought to be at least 5,000 years old – were removed from a burial site at Stonehenge in 2008 and ministers gave researchers from Sheffield University permission to keep the bones until 2015.”

While King Arthur was calling for a “day of action” to protest this decision, another group, Pagans For Archaeology, were pleased that scientific exploration of the remains will continue uninterrupted.

“The very reason we know what we do about Stonehenge and the people buried there is due to archaeology, without it you would know naff all about it, the people and the relationship between the two.”

At their website, PFA makes their case for why the retention and study of human remains is important. As for King Arthur, he insists that this “is not a Pagan argument, it is not a Druid argument. It is a matter of common decency.” Stonhenge is matter of great emotional, religious, and psychological import for many Britons. With the London 2012 Olympics fast approaching, you can be sure that the treatment, preservation, and study of this site will continue to be a newsmaking issue.

Maetreum of Cybele Sends Out a Call for Help: The Maetreum of Cybele, Magna Mater, in an ongoing tax battle with the Town of Catskill, New York, have sent out an urgent plea for funds as what they hope will be the final trial in the matter approaches.

“All along the Town knew they would lose this battle if we could just get it to trial so they have attempted to bury us under legal motions to break us financially and have spent somewhere between 100 to 150 thousand dollars to do so.  I am sad to report that unless we get significant help in this final stages, they might succeed.  Donations so far have helped but we have had to hire a new attorney at about three times the cost as our original attorney.  She is much more experienced and worth the expense but has informed me that the rest of our case will cost us an approximate additional 10 thousand dollars which simply is impossible for us to come up with ourselves at this stage.

Our priestesses have stepped forward to the point of tens of thousands so far but now we are all broke.  Please, this case is important, a milestone for minority religion rights.  If this can be done to us, a legally incorporated religious charitable organization with full IRS 501 c3 recognition, it literally can be done to any minority religious group.  A victory, which is fairly well assured if we can finish the battle, is especially important when political groups are pushing back against non Christians, clean air and water and the basic concept of taking care of each other and our common planet home.”

The law in this case seems pretty clearly on the side of the Maetreum of Cybele, but Catskill is going to wage a scorched earth legal campaign in hopes the Pagans run out of money and energy first, stating that the town was already too deep into the case to give up and that significant dollars could be saved by preventing exemptions for illegitimate religions.” A court date is set for November 15th. We’ll keep you updated on further developments. For those wanting to an make a tax-deductible donation, you can do so directly via paypal to: Or you can contact them through their website.

In Other News:

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Jason Pitzl-Waters


  • Matthew

    I do wish he’d wear something other than robes when he goes out and claims to represent paganism…

  • Thank you for the update. The Maetreum is in definite need, and they really have a important fight.

  • Astro_gail

    Thank you for posting the information about the legal battle the Maetreum of Cybele has been & hopefully, will be able to continue. This is a very important case & if the town of Catskill wins, will set a dangerous legal precidence that will have negative fallout!

  • anon

    now, if we pagans put as much effort in helping the maetreum of cybele as talking about dominionism…that would be great. sorry guys, not saying dominionism is not an important is just that i rarely see extreme support/effort in the pagan community unless it is against a common “adversary” unfortunately…when there may be more important matters such as this one..
    at least, if we want to set a stance against these dominionists, then supporting our fellow pagans is key

    • Ursyl

      Seems to me that helping out that Maetreum IS taking a stand against a common adversary. The town is doing exactly what the Dominionists would do if in power: declaring certain religions to be illegitimate and denying the practitioners of those their full First Amendment rights.

      • anon

        personally, i dont think the dominionists are a threat at all.
        to me, american politicians just use religion to get voters…that is all.
        the only thing they care is money and giving tax breaks to the billionaires…
        i know that this topic gets all hyped up among some pagans around this time, but, you will see…all of this will die down…
        and nothing will happen…
        my 3 cents..

        • anon

          going back to cybele
          i just hope that pagans do donate. i have…
          i find that some pagans do the raving and bitching against christianity, dominionists…whatever but when it comes to support, they dont put as much effort and are nowhere to be seen…

  • Donation sent 🙂 I love the fact the Aussie dollar is up at the moment. Makes my donation go just a little further.

    • Anything is up on the American dollar these days. Glass beads, Zimbabwe’s currency, a verbal IOU from Gaddafi. Anything will help in this fight!

  • Thelettuceman

    I’m going to wander to the bank on Friday and see what I have to spare for the Maetreum. Perhaps I’ll drive over the river to hand deliver it, as well as offer my thanks for their services.

    • Valkyrie

      Well, with money or not, it would be great to see you! We’re holding Palenville Pagan Pride Day this Saturday.

      • Thelettuceman

        I am across the river in Columbia County (Almost Mass. border), so it’s somewhat of a hike, especially on a day I have to work. Boo to that. =(

  • Once again, Jason reveals his anti-unicorn agenda. Week after week this goes on and I’m sick of it. Where are the pro-unicorn posts, Mr. Pitzl-Waters? Oh right, there aren’t any, because you’re unicorn-phobic.

    If you’re a single-horned virgin-loving mythical beast, you certainly can’t expect fair treatment from TWH.

    • I agree. I realize that unicorns cause a certain feeling of…distaste…from black t-shirt wearing goths, but really Jason, can’t you let that bigotry go? Can’t you step outside your own prejudices and see unicorns for the intelligent, ethical, and beautiful beings they are?

      Wake the hell up and get rid of your personal baggage.

      • There’s no secret I lean anti-unicorn, but I strive to be fair to all mythical creatures, unicorns included.

        • I don’t see how your history of covering lions extensively compared to the paltry mentions of unicorns in TWH shows any sort of striving to be fair.

          In the endless lion-unicorn battle you have a bias and I just want you to admit it. When will you admit it? We deserve the TRUTH!

          • Adrian Hawkins

            Star maybe it has to do with England vs. Scotland. It could be James is a closet rugby fan, thus leading to all the unicorn bashing

        • Cara

          Oh sure. You say that, but your actions tell a different story. I mean, just look at the ads running next to your posts!

          Unicorn hide car seat covers?
          A special hunting scope that helps non-virgins see unicorns?

          That’s your idea of “striv[ing] to be fair to all mythical creatures”?!?

        • How can you hate unicorns?! They inspire Pharrell from the Neptunes to write club bangers like this:

      • anon

        jason is a cancerian…
        cancerians never let go of stuff that have hurt them in the past….

    • I bet he secretly loves them and just can’t admit it.

      • You’re probably right Thomas. Most anti-Unicorn sentiment comes from deep seeded issues rooted in being in the closet about their love of Unicorns.

        I wouldn’t be shocked to see Mr.Pitzl-Waters on the front page of PNC-Minnesota news caught in a wide stance while “innocently” standing in the forest at his next ritual.

    • Adrian Hawkins

      Im a unicorn, and I support the Wild Hunt.

      • Excellent, Adrian. I want this on a coffee mug during the next donation drive. “I’m a unicorn and I support the Wild Hunt.” The unicorn should be in a Crowley pose.

      • Cigfran

        I dislike and distrust Unicorns, and fully endorse The Wild Hunt’s stance against mono-horned ungulates.

        Let us also be wary of Narwhals, who self-evident affinity for Unicorns makes them suspect of all kinds of hidden perfidy.

        • Norse Alchemist

          Not to mention the ultimate question of just what a Unicorn does. A beast with a single horn with a love of virgins? Sounds suspicious to me.

          After all, Werewolf stories were about murderers/rapist, we can only wonder what dark and terrible origins the virgin loving unicorn has, and what dark secrets it performs.

          Raise the awareness! The more you know, and knowing is half the battle!

    • anon

      why dont you write an article that is more neutral and less biased?
      we need pagans that can be more objective
      i think some of us would want to see that…
      im also tired of seeing the anti-unicorn agenda in almost every single post….

      • When you choose to stop hiding behind anonymity.

        • anon

          anon is actually part of my first name and how must people refer me as…but…whatever

          • Cigfran

            That must play hell with your Google+ account.

          • anon

            heck, among other things

            oh anonda, anonda…

  • The city of Catskill is acting a lot like Thulsa Doom.

    I sincerely hope the Maetreum of Cybele will be free of this BS soon and that Catskill realizes there are definitely more important things to be doing then trying to run out a legitimate group of folks.

    • Thelettuceman

      It’s an Upstate New York thing. New York State is generally progressively liberal solely because of the millions of people that live Downstate. Upstate is very much your good-ol-boy town, and the Catskill Mountain Region towns are some of the worst offenders below the Adirondacks.

  • So pleased to see Wildhunt mention the 1st Annual Conference on Earth-Based, Nature-Centered, Polytheistic & Indigenous Faiths, it’s shaping up into an amazing Conference. Work-trade still available. WE’re also looking for a vendor for books and statuary. Thanks!