The Anti-Pagan Florida Democrat

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  April 27, 2011 — 148 Comments

On May 17th a run-off election will be held for a City Council seat in Jacksonville, Florida. One of the candidates is part of the radical New Apostolic Reformation, has drawn the ire of LGBT advocacy groups, and commonly makes rather critical statements about President Barack Obama. Oh, and that’s the Democrat in this race.

The people of Jacksonville need a fresh breath. They need to know who they are voting for. I am not going to play the political games of pretending to be someone or something else to get elected and then having to spend four years living a lie. Everyone seems to be afraid of the word change because of the promises of other politicians who put a bad taste in the mouths of the people. Well, I must say that without change…things will stay the same! We just need the right kind of change. Before our cities can change, the hearts of men must change. When my heart was changed, everything around me fell into place. A lot of people talk about change, but my life is an example of it. By voting for me you will get a leader that is relevant, holds a high standard of morality and integrity is a shaker and mover that can make things happen in this city and does have a heart and mind to work FOR THE PEOPLE.

But when Democratic candidate Kimberly Daniels says she’ll work “for the people,” does she mean the non-Christian people? Daniels has made a truly dizzying amount of anti-Pagan (and anti-any-religion that isn’t her brand of Christianity) public statements.

“At Spoken Word Ministries, we have church members who have had sex changes, participated in high-level occult rituals, witnessed shape-shifting (the changing of human beings into animals), and many other sinful problems.” – Kim Daniels, page 11, Delivered To Destiny (Charisma House, 2005)

“We have experienced much success in one-session deliverances [exorcisms]… However, there have been times when I have personally walked homosexuals, ex-witches and drug addicts through sessions that took place over a couple of years.” – Kim Daniels, page 151-152, Clean House, Strong House, 2003, Charisma House

“Lord, expose the work of every witch, sorcerer, spiritualist or person from the dark side operating through [Barack Obama’s] cabinet members or through anyone else closely associated with him. We block the power of the influence of the Yoruba religion and all other groups of black people who worship their ancestors, in Jesus’ name. We put barriers around the Unites States that will bind and block the witchcraft coming from Kenya to influence our president in Jesus’ name. Let the power of every dedication of his past be broken, in Jesus’ name” – Kim Daniels, Charisma magazine, A Prayer For Barack Obama, January 19, 2009

I’m not exaggerating when I say that is only a sample of the rhetoric Daniels uses on a regular basis. She even takes a page out of good-ol’ Jack T. Chick and gives us the cursed candy Satanic Halloween narrative.

“The key word in discussing Halloween is “dedicated.” It is dedicated to darkness and is an accursed season. During Halloween, time-released curses are always loosed. A time-released curse is a period that has been set aside to release demonic activity and to ensnare souls in great measure. […]  Curses are sent through the tricks and treats of the innocent whether they get it by going door to door or by purchasing it from the local grocery store. The demons cannot tell the difference. […] During this season witches are celebrating the changing of the seasons from summer to fall. They give praise to the gods for the demonic harvest. They pray to the gods of the elements (air, fire, water and earth). […] While the lukewarm and ignorant think of these customs as “just harmless fun,” the vortexes of hell are releasing new assignments against souls. Witches take pride in laughing at the ignorance of natural men (those who ignore the spirit realm).

So when Kimberly Daniels talks about binding, exorcising, and waging spiritual warfare against “witches” she isn’t being metaphorical, she means us. How would you like Daniels representing your interests in Jacksonville? A lot of commentary and response has been focused on her anti-gay remarks, and what appears to be an anti-Semitic comment about Jews “owning everything,” but even if  we somehow contextualize all the statements that are currently getting press, it doesn’t erase her blatantly obvious opposition to modern Paganism. Does anyone honestly think she’ll erect some illusory theological firewall when making policy decisions? Kimberly Daniels isn’t getting any real heat for her anti-Pagan slurs (“sacrificing babies to shed innocent blood”, “orgies between animals and humans”), but it is there where the depth of her extremism is truly laid bare.

Jason Pitzl-Waters


  • kenneth

    So we've established that state's can't secede on their own initiative, but what if the rest of the country can come up with an amendment to to have Florida cast out of the union? The fundies could have their own little dream republic. In a few decades, the state will vanish underwater, they'll get their End Times fantasy fulfilled. It's win-win-win!

    • I used to fantasize about Texas seceding, but I realize that there are people I like living there, too so I guess I have to take the bad with the good.

      • thehouseofvines

        You do understand that you'd still be able to visit those people if Texas seceded … right? It'd be like going to Canada or Mexico, neither of which are part of the United States of America but both still exist on this material plane.

      • Actually, Texas is more Pagan-friendly than most people think. Texans have a pretty strong "live and let live" ethic. The average Texan isn't going to really care what Gods you worship or what party you vote for, so long as you don't interfere with them living their lives as they see fit. Granted there are some exceptions. But having lived in Texas my whole life, I have no fear of being out as Pagan.

        • grimmorrigan

          I found that true in most parts of Texas. I've heard nightmares about places like Abaleen ( too early to look it up). Smaller towns with a bar and a church on every corner.

    • thehouseofvines

      I've long argued that the only way to save America is to dissolve the Union outright.

      • sarenth

        Out of curiosity, why is that?

      • Tomb

        I once thought like that before I realized that the breakup of America would only lead to destroying the American spirit.

    • Nicole Youngman

      No way–the wingnuts can NOT have those beaches. Not even the Pensacola ones. 😉

    • Souris Optique

      If you consider committing mass murder simple, Fire.

      • Faemiller

        Jason, (or anyone else knowledgeable) do you have any background on how she's become the democratic candidate? I don't know much about Jacksonville politics – who are her constituents?

        Is this one of those districts that always votes Republican and the only reason the election is close is because this particular Democrat is a wing-nut and is actually pulling voters from the right of a more main-stream republican candidate? Or is there a viable democratic party that swings this way regularly? Putting it another way, is this a fluke for the region, or a trend?

        Some context would be lovely.

        • Brandi S.

          She's running in an At-Large City Council race, which is city-wide. While there are more registered Democrats in Jax than there are Republicans, the initial race was 76% Republican candidates to just 16% Democratic candidates and 8% running with No Party Affiliation. Daniels was one of just 10 Democrats running in the first election in March. Two Democrats won their races decisively in the initial election (one of whom ran as a fiscal conservative and one of whom ran in a contest where his only opponent was another Democrat in what I presume is the city's sole liberal voting precinct). Most races in the March election had multiple candidates, so 40% or more of the vote was required to win decisively, and there were run-offs in 8 different races city-wide. TWO of those races have Democratic candidates – the mayoral race, with a candidate who has major Democratic endorsements, and the At-Large Group 1 race, which is the race Kimberly Daniels is running in. She got enough of the vote to make it through to the run-offs (including, admittedly, mine, as I knew that she was religious but had no idea about her bigotry, hatred, and ignorance at the time of the election), and her opponent is a Republican running on a slogan of Faith * Family * Fiscal Responsibility, so he is definitely a more mainstream Republican capable of getting the Republican votes. Jacksonville has a large African-American population which may swing the vote in Daniels' direction because she is one of the few African-American candidates running, and the issues she talks about in interviews and on her webpage are things like tackling substance abuse, which is a big problem in Jacksonville, plus she's a military veteran in a heavily military town, and Jacksonville also has a very disenfranchised Democratic voter base who may not know all of this about her radically right-wing religious views (as I did not until last week – I knew only that she was a church pastor but not what that particular church preached) or may not care simply because she's one of the only Democrats running in a heavily Republican city, so she may actually stand a chance of winning on that basis alone. I won't be voting for her this time around, but I won't be voting for her opponent either. In fact, I'll be leaving every race on my ballot blank except the mayoral race because there are no candidates in the other races that I can even think of voting for in good conscience. However, other Jacksonville voters may not feel the same way. Religious views and church participation factor in heavily in Jacksonville elections, and nearly every single candidate is using his or her religion as a selling point in their bid for election. Also, despite having more registered Democrats than registered Republicans, the votes go overwhelmingly to the Republican candidates (and the fact that there are almost nothing BUT Republican candidates running in most races probably helps with that as well). I moved away from Jacksonville for 16 1/2 years after graduating from high school and only recently returned to help care for my elderly grandmother, but I would never, ever choose to live here again for any other reason than that because it feels like being stuck in a time-warp between the pre-Civil Rights-era 1950s and a heavily Republican and Tea Party-influenced present.

          As to your first question about how she became the democratic candidate, I honestly don't know. There was another Democrat running as a fiscal conservative in another local race who won his election decisively in March and I would never have considered him a Democrat based on his running platform and I wrote the local Democratic Party to complain about how few Democrats were running in the first place, and the fact that those that were included conservatives who should have more rightly been running on the Republican ticket. I never got a response, so I never found out quite how this was allowed to happen, but my guess is that candidates just had to file to run – they didn't necessarily need their party's endorsement to run as a member of that party. It probably helps, as with the mayoral candidate, but it can't possibly be a requirement with candidates like this running on the Democratic ticket.

          • Jason Pitzl-Waters

            Brandi, this is very informative. Do you mind if I promote this to the main blog page so everyone can read it?

          • Brandi S.

            Not at all. Please be my guest.

  • grimmorrigan

    Well I'm now happy I left Florida.

  • I wonder if i can get her to be the entertainment at my sons 1st birthday party.

    • sarenth

      Wouldn't clowns be less frightening?

      • grimmorrigan

        I would rather party with Pennywise the clown. Although she might be better entertainment than the band Pennywise.

  • But wait – There's more!

    I'd add that top leaders of the NAR, C. Peter Wagner, Cindy Jacobs, and Ed Silvoso (who convened the 1999 Singapore meeting that led to the formation of the International Coalition of Apostles), are each on record celebrating the burning of allegedly "idolatrous" books and artwork.

    In his 2008 book "Dominion! – How Kingdom Action Can Change The World", Peter Wagner holds up Girolamo Savonarola's exploits in fin-de-siecle 14th Century Florence as a positive model of "social transformation." Savonarola outlawed sodomy (he wanted it punished by burning the accused) and was responsible for the original "Bonfire of the Vanities", during which, legend has it, the Dominican friar chucked a Botticelli or two into the flames.

  • "If it wasn't for slavery…I might be somewhere in Africa worshipping a tree…"

    omg she is awesome

    • Christine

      "Witches take pride in laughing at the ignorance of natural men…"

      Well, she got one thing right at lease. Because I'm over here laughing at her ignorant butt and I'm proud of it!

      • Terry Thrasher

        Damn, what a psychopath. If that's the only option, time to vote 3rd party for real.

      • annonymous

        OMG yea she definitely got that part right… I laughed at that entire Halloween passage! "Time released curses are always loosed" lol Really?

        • sarenth

          Time released curses, now in pill form. "Want to just hurt someone and not have to pay for it? Now, from the same company that brought you the time-released hex, Hexadrin, comes a brand-new time-released curse: Cursalox. This will deliver targeted curses to the site of anyone you want, with none of the guilt, moral outrage or jailtime!"

          • grimmorrigan

            Hasn't Pfizer already copyrighted those?

      • I'd be laughing if it wasn't for her type doing a great job wiping us out in the past. Then again, I have been wanting to go a Viking, and I might as well get into Valhalla fighting for my Godkin.

        I will admit though, her Halloween parties must be a blast. I've never been to a Pagan event that was a quarter that wild.

        • Nick_Ritter

          I have to admit, the "shape-shifting" comment struck me as something that it might be cool to actually see.

    • Every time I see my state in the news, it's worse than the time before. Very disheartening. I love Florida, but I can't wait to move somewhere with less hateful people in power.

      • Kathy

        Florida has Wonderful Pagans! And Pgan communities! I thank you all for holding the space for yourselves there. Its such a strange extreme collection of extremes. I love the natural world of Florida, it is truly special, and really the whole state should be a Nature preserve, with only those that love the earth there. I wish to experience much more of it before it may very well be under water.

        • Kathy

          Florida has Wonderful Pagans! And Pgan communities! I thank you all for holding the space for yourselves there. Its such a strange extreme collection of extremes. I love the natural world of Florida, it is truly special, and really the whole state should be a Nature preserve, with only those that love the earth there. I wish to experience much more of it before it may very well be under water.

        • Not just a bigot, but a ranting, delusional bigot. Isn't it time we started requiring psychiatric assessment of prospective political candidates?

          • freemanpresson

            Based on recent developments in clinical psych, I would say those people are not our friends either.

          • oh? what developments are these?

          • sarenth

            Considering how many of the developments tend to be backed by shoddy research at companies that the FDA then swallows willfully, that they then feed to kids without testing on kids at all, yeah, I can see where Freemanpresson is coming from.

          • Rowan Blackthorn

            If that is the Democrat, then what does the Republican look like?

          • Not much different. Some would argue worse, but that's mostly because they want to make their party look good and deny the ones that make them look bad, even if they are true to the politics of said party.

            In truth, Democrat or Republican, religious intolerance looks the same, and both parties are just as guilty as each other. Democrats are no better than the Republicans, or did people learn nothing from "Dabblegate."

          • Crystal7431

            They could at least get her on bigotted behavior against homosexuals as the American Academy of Psychiatry and the American Psychological Association recognize homosexuality as a normal behavior. Of course, if they did this a good hunk of our representatives would be gone. A win-win, as I see it.

          • sarenth

            True that, Crystal.

        • Moggie Cat

          Isn't Florida where WitchVox is based out of?

      • Bookhousegal

        I guess the lower the sea level, and the more the leveraged real estate, the crazier the denial needs to be?

        • You don't live in hurricane territory by being sane….

          • grimmorrigan


    • zomg. Which side is she working for again?!?!?

      • The Democrats.

        Not that I'm surprised.

        • sarenth

          Considering the Democrats who have run and continue to work for me in my state, I am.

    • Jennifer Parsons

      Holy crap. In 2011, we've still got people taking pages from Roger Taney's decision on Dred Scott v. Sandford.

      Note to self: Don't just pray for Florida and her Pagans, pray for Vodouisants and other members of Yoruba religions; they get awful press.

      • sarenth

        "Don't just pray for Florida and her Pagans, pray for Vodouisants and other members of Yoruba religions; they get awful press." Yes, I definitely agree.

        This is why I am adamant about Pagans engaging in interfaith dialogue. If you don't want to do it with monotheists, fine, but it does have a place between African Diasporic faiths, and all the people who huddle under the Pagan umbrella.

        Also, perhaps some magic for protection for them wouldn't hurt either.

    • Bookhousegal

      Holy. Mother. Of Punk.

      How is it *she's* 'electable' in this world about now?

      • thehouseofvines

        A perfect argument against democracy if I've ever seen one.

        • Want to help me build a Pagan/Heathen Empire then?

        • sarenth

          Thank the Gods we're a federal constitutional republic. ^_^

  • What a fruit loop! What is it about Florida that draws the weirdos?

    • Baruch Dreamstalker

      You can't get any further south…

      • Now now, many a southerner is Pagan, and many more are friendly enough.

        I think it's the heat and the sun that do it. Or all those mind altering drugs from Latin America. I've been told that stuff will mess you up.

    • Crystal7431

      It's all that sun. A little is good for the skin and bones. Too much exposure and you end up like her.

    • grimmorrigan

      After living there for 26 years the only conclusion I could come to was that crap rolls downhill.

  • Pagan Puff Pieces

    … witnessed WHAT?

    In such a dreary, empty world, sex changes, shape shifting, and occult rituals shouldn't be viewed as a problem…

    (I wouldn't give praise for demons who are too dumb to tell the difference)

    • Bookhousegal

      I dunno, in Teabagger world, why not combine the three, bill it all via insurance oligopolies, and blame the liberals? 🙂

      • Except she isn't a Teabagger. She Is A Democrat.! A Liberal Democrat!

        Now the shoe is on the other foot.

        • Crystal7431

          Not a "liberal" Democrat. Democrats have never been lock step, unfortunately. Just take a look at my state's Senator Joe Asshole Manchin. He's a Dem who votes with Repubs 8 out of 10 times and won on an anti-Obama platform (not that Obama is the liberal dream by any stretch of the imagination but he's perceived that way by people who don't know any better- and those people are his voting base).

          • grimmorrigan

            A fellow West Virginian! Praise the Gods!

          • Crystal7431

            Yes, we're everywhere [said in creepy conspiracy theorist voice]. It's funny you lived in Florida. A good portion of my family left WV years ago for Florida. Many of them are coming back.

        • Souris Optique

          Liberal my ass.

    • Lori F – MN

      What psycodelics were they serving? Dang!

  • <sigh> She's only furthering the stereotype of politics = many blood-sucking insects… Is it too much to ask that the people who run for political office be sane?

    • thehouseofvines

      Anyone who wants to be in office should automatically be disqualified. Our officials should be drafted, forcibly if need be.

      • Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Douglas Adams: "Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job."

      • Crystal7431

        I can support this. Those who want to lead least, lead best.

    • it's not a stereotype if it's actual fact.

  • Neville

    Another long-term consequence of the slashed funding for mental institutions under Ronald Reagan.

    • Didn't he slash that because to many people (i,e, Liberal Democrats and Progressives) complained that locking up the mentally ill was Morally Wrong and Inhuman?

      • I believe he did!

        As a graduate of our country's mental institutions I can say with some authority that while I think the time I spent locked up was excessive (HA), I was safer there then outside. The hospitals though need a full overhaul though.

  • Kelly Dugery

    “At Spoken Word Ministries, we have church members who have… witnessed shape-shifting (the changing of human beings into animals)…” – Kim Daniels, page 11, Delivered To Destiny (Charisma House, 2005)

    Hey! I wonder if she still knows how to get in touch with these shape-shifters? That's something I wouldn't mind learning how to do! I could shift into a dog and be my own best friend! And being able to shift into a horse would be really cool. Just think how much you could save on groceries if you could graze in your own back yard!

    • annonymous

      I was wondering the same thing…when I read that I was like DAMN! She MUST be something special to have met a shapeshifter!

    • Bookhousegal

      I'll point out that people that crazy and anxious to believe you have scary powers… Well, the Force can have a strong effect on the…. bugf*ahem* individuals who actually can manage to tear themselves away from screaming back at whoever Fox News and CBN jiggle on their little screens. 🙂

  • Ruby Sara

    re: "they give praise to the gods for the demonic harvest"

    Ah, yes, that damnable demonic harvest, feeding the people…with vegetable EVIL. Satanic squash I abjure thee! Okra of Oblivion! Fiendish Fennel! Out, out, hideous horticultural harbingers of…wholesome foodstuffs…from the vortices of hell! Hell I say!

    • Zan Fraser

      Well, if nothing else, she inspires good parody-

      • Well, there are Right-Wing Democrats and Liberal Republicans. It happens. The idea that Democrats=Liberals, and Republicans=Conservatives is a relatively new concept. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., for example, was a Far Left Republican who frequently referred to Right-Wingers as "Fascists," and Far Right extremist Fred Phelps is a Democrat. The only thing that matters is their political position, not the little letter in parentheses after their name. I'd vote for just about anyone to keep this lunatic Christian Supremacist out of office…

        • except I think she and others stated she was a Liberal.

          • Where did she state that she was a Liberal? Every position that she has made a statement upon so far…she has taken the Far Right stance (religion, homosexuality, abortion, etc.). She is endorsed by a host of Far Right celebrities, including Pat Robertson, and most of her friends are deeply involved in the campaigns of Far Right politicians.

            And even if she DID try to pretend she was a Liberal…that wouldn't make it so. Considering how Far Right she is…it would be like Dennis Kucinich trying to pretend he's a Conservative. Get real.

            Here's some more about her:

          • Leea

            Byron, a lot of these tea-party types of both denominations (D or R) seem to think they can say ANYTHING, and as long as they keep repeating it, it'll magically come true…hmm, maybe she and others of her ilk are doing more magic than us demonic pagans?

          • Souris Optique

            You really have no idea what that term actually means, do you?

          • Do you? perhaps you would like to "educate" this "uncultured heathen."

          • Liberalism: a political or social philosophy advocating the freedom of the individual, parliamentary systems of government, nonviolent modification of political, social, or economic institutions to assure unrestricted development in all spheres of human endeavor, and governmental guarantees of individual rights and civil liberties. (

            Conservatism: the disposition to preserve or restore what is established and traditional and to limit change. (

            So no, she could in no way be considered a "Liberal," and fits the definition of "Conservative" quite well.

    • Thriceraven

      Thanks much for the laugh! As soon as you mentioned demonic vegetables though, all I could think of was the (very Christine) Veggietales.

      • Thriceraven

        Sorry, I meant Christian. The very Christian Veggietales.

      • Pagan Puff Pieces

        (The less eco-friendly of us have to buy hothouse grown demons out of season. )

        Someone play those Silly Songs backwards! I think we're onto something.

        (Actually, Veggietales is the only legit entertaining Christian kids show I can think of)

    • Nicole Youngman

      Anyone remember the old SNL skit…"demon raisins, I REBUKE you…."

      ….still laughing…

    • I always knew veggies were evil. That said, it explains so much why those children killed everyone in those Corn movies. He who walks behind the rows is probably related to Cthulu or something. I never knew witches were responsible though, I thought it was uber Christians who expelled too much evil and thus let it pollute the land.

    • sarenth

      Huh. So Attack of the Killer Tomatoes wasn't a B sci-fi horror movie and kids show, it was a precursor of the coming Apocalypse.

      • Baruch Dreamstalker

        Gad! The last time I heard mention of the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes I wasn't even Pagan yet…

    • Veracity

      Damnable demonic harvest feeding people – exactly what I thought when I read it.

    • Moggie Cat

      I always knew greenbeans were pretty evil…I've been telling people that for years and nobody believes me!

  • Juliaki

    I'm very excited about moving back to Florida in the future, but this is why I've told my husband outright that I have no desire to move to Jacksonville. Thankfully, Florida is diverse enough that there's some bastions of normalcy and loveliness in the state to balance out these fluffernutters.

    • In what way is Kimberly Daniels different from the kind of Christian that some Pagans seem to think of as being our "friends", or at least not our enemies? One difference is that Daniels' theology is far more internally consistent than any "liberal" or "progressive" Christian ever could be. Another difference is that what Daniels preaches is obviously Christianity, whereas any would-be "Christians" who do not condemn Paganism in such absolute terms are on very shaky ground, as anyone who knows their Bible and their church history is well aware.

      Some people will label Daniels a "fundamentalist", and that she is. Her ideology is solidly based on the fundamental teachings of Christianity.

      • Baruch Dreamstalker

        Liberal Christian theology isn't internally inconsistent. It take a different view of Scripture, as the word of men about God rather than the word of God, and thus vulnerable to the pervalent attitudes of the times in which those men lived. So it can take the Beatitudes seriously without getting sucked into the no-no's of Leviticus or Paul.

      • "The people of Jacksonville need a fresh breath."

        Well, she has one thing in her favor. She wants to make sure everyone brushes their teeth and uses mouthwash.


        In all seriousness — is she running w/ the Democratic endorsement? Or is she like a LaRouchian Democrat, untouched by the party with even a 10-foot pole?

        • All of the endorsements I've seen were from Right-Wing Republicans…

      • Faemiller

        Apuleius, I'm really quite disappointed by your anti-Christian bent. Yes there is a lot of wild stuff in the Bible, but you're ignoring about the evolution of Christian thought in the past 500 years or so. There are many theologically genuine Christians who practice tolerance – just as there are theologically genuine Pagans who practice tolerance.

        There are a fair number of nutty Pagans out there, and I for one wouldn't appreciate the rest of the world saying that I am less of a Pagan then them because my views are less extreme then theirs. I give the same courtesy to Christan – this one woman doesn't speak for all of them.

        There's the trite old saying about 'being the change you wish to see in the world' – I for one would like to see a world where everyone can admire the positive parts of each others' faiths, learn from them, and respectfully oppose intolerance.

        • Bookhousegal

          I dunno, though, considering I don't see much outrage from Christians about what this lady says and does, and what I do see is a lot of routine defamation leveled against *us* any time some kid spray-paints a pentacle somewhere, this perhaps isn't the best thread to try and prove any points about how 'they're the real victims here.'

          If they want to say they're 'really actually for tolerance,' it's time for them to start *acting* like it in some kind of audible numbers when political power is involved.

        • Faemiller, how much emphasis do you place on "admiring the positive parts" of Kimberly Daniels' faith? How about Pat Robertson's faith? Or Osama bin Laden's?

          As far as "tolerance" goes, I am completely in favor of tolerating (if only just barely) Kimberly Daniels and her ilk. Just as I am in favor of tolerating all other forms of Christianity and Islam, etc. But at the same time I also believe that Christianity, as Christianity, is deserving of quite harsh and sweeping criticism. But such criticism is a completely separate issue from "tolerance".

    • Vanye

      That is an insult to all good and tasty marshmallow fluff and peanutbutter sandwiches everywhere

      • Juliaki

        See, for me I like marshmallow fluff (in limited applications), but combining it with peanut butter is pure evil. Now peanut butter and nutella…we might talk. 🙂

  • Tea

    I wish I could just laugh people like this, but they really disturb me. If they had more power, they would delight in stripping us of our basic civil rights.

    • kenneth

      That's the hell of it Tea, they DO have more power or are on their way to doing so. Even a mere decade ago, people like this were written off as the lunatic fringe. Now they are comfortably installed in mainstream parties.

      • Crystal7431

        I know. I seriously worry about this. They have money and money talks in this country. It brings influence and power.

    • Crystal7431

      "They would delight in stripping us of our basic civil rights." Or worse.

  • chuck_cosimano

    It might be fun to have her win. After all, there would not be much she could do except sound funny because no one else would take her seriously. And think of the running mate she will be for Sarah Palin next year.

    • freemanpresson

      The first part is true; we need to remember she's running for city council. The minutiae of city government give little scope for her larger program. She is a long way from running for VP.

      • Knowing our luck, she'll win. She is a Black Female Christian. She's pretty much the dream of the Democrats and Evangelical Right. And most Blacks are Christian, like she is. And I mean a great majority are exactly the same type.


      • Except that she can set rules and precedent that can be used by others to hold us down. Cities may not be worth much politically now, but there is still power in those who know how to use them.

        • sarenth

          Look at Catskill.

    • Cathryn Bauer

      That would only encourage her and others with a similar bent. No. Someone like that should not have any authority or input into the making of laws and ordinances. She's so attached to her own, blatantly unconstitutional agenda that she can't be trusted to work within the law.

  • elnigma

    KIm Daniels – we break all the barriers you've thrown, particularly those intended to try to make the US more racist and intolerant of African religions. You and your follower's ill-wishing and bindings are mirrored back and since they come from your own doing, you'll have no protection from them. We reject your poisoned offering, sit in your own soup.

    • More and more, I find myself hating my state. Kimberly Daniels is most certainly not a Democrat. Why not drop the facade and just run as Tea Party? I'm sure they'd just love having her.

      • I think she lacks the proper complexion for the Tea Party.

        • There's lots of blacks in power with the Tea Party, so don't be racist.

          And she certainly is a Democrat. Just not the kind you're used to. She's the kind that existed during most of the Democrats history, that of racist, elitist, christian dogmatic that think those who are different should be subjugated or done away with. Remember, It was Lincoln and the Republicans who freed the slaves. It was Democrats who insisted blacks should be owned. The democrats only changed their rhetoric (but not their beliefs) when they realized that by backing the Blacks in Civil Rights, they could get a hard core voter population that would never, ever question them. Despite the fact that while publicly backing, most Democrats actually hindered the passage of Civil Rights laws, while Republicans who didn't back the Movement as much, were actually responsible for Passing said laws. Funny what they skip teaching except in specialty classes hidden away in universities.

          • Actually, if you'd ever been to a university, you'd know that that's where you learn ACTUAL history, not the uneducated Glenn Beck "spin" you just posted. Up until the 1960s, both parties had Left and Right "wings." There were Liberal Republicans and Conservative Democrats. When the Republican Party was first formed, it was the Far Left-Wing group known as the "Radical Republicans" who were the chief force pushing for the abolition of slavery. The Democratic South was the most Conservative element in the country, and the platform of the CSA was a wholly Right-Wing exercise.

            In the late 1960s, the GOP adopted something called the "Southern Strategy." (Note: This is well documented, and even RNC chairman Michael Steele has called it a sad chapter in GOP history…)

            The Southern Strategy was the idea that…if the Republicans adopted an Anti-Civil Rights platform, they could win away the Southern Conservative Democrats (aka "Dixiecrats"), even if it cost them the African-American vote, which had been traditionally Republican ever since they had won the right to vote. Nixon political strategist Kevin Phillips stated in a 1970 New York Times article: "From now on, the Republicans are never going to get more than 10 to 20 percent of the Negro vote and they don't need any more than that… but Republicans would be shortsighted if they weakened enforcement of the Voting Rights Act. The more Negroes who register as Democrats in the South, the sooner the Negrophobe whites will quit the Democrats and become Republicans. That's where the votes are. Without that prodding from the blacks, the whites will backslide into their old comfortable arrangement with the local Democrats."

            After the strategy was implemented, most of the Conservative Democrats, like Strom Thurmond, switched party affiliation and became Republicans. The only prominent Right-Wing Democrat to NOT do this was Sen. Robert Byrd, who instead stayed a Democrat…but moved to the center politically and renounced his racist past.

            Please stop listening to guys like Glenn Beck who never even finished a single college class. Read a history book, or better yet…do what I did and go get a Master's Degree in History.

          • Baruch Dreamstalker

            I lived through the period Alchemist and Bryon are describing, and I affirm that Bryon's narrative is correct. Alchemist's post is a classic half-truth of the most malicious sort: Every single statement is true but it ads up to a completely false impression of where Democrats and Republicans were in 1960. What remains unknown is whether Alchemist actually thinks his statement is the whole truth, or he knowingly posted a half-truth.

          • -bangs head on desk-

            Before you go accusing me of "Glenn Becking" (which I certainly am not!) I learned all those facts I just stated In The University Class Room In Several History Classes By Several Different Teachers!

            The fact that I stated Actual Facts (even ones you didn't like) and failed to then modify it with facts that you believe should be stated to make the political party that you don't like look bad, Bryon and Baruch, Doesn't mean that anything I said was malicious half-truths or "Glenn Beck" inspired lies. For your information, I actually have a degree in this stuff and graduated with honors, and rarely, if ever, watch Beck. I am well aware that the political parties have changed over time. My point was to say that the woman was a Democrat of the Old Style, from before the change. Stop insisting that the Democrats are Heroes and Friends, when they are just as bad as everyone else out there.

          • Souris Optique

            Funny what *you* skip, too.

          • Leea

            what did he skip, Souris? Other than in the 80's Reagan then hooked up with the religious right, and started the process of bringing the evangelicals into the forefront, which, when coupled with his above history, led us to where we are now…

  • Kathy

    Hehe, did anyone see the date on her comment about the black nd white chickens sacrificed for Obama? Oct 2008. that means those chickens apparently worked. LoL.

    • Christine

      Well, there is a Pagans for Obama email list (I'm on it). It was really active during the election but not much actvity since.

    • elnigma

      Anybody mentioning 2008 ought to be reminded of Cheney in 2007 shooting 70 tame pheasants and an undisclosed number of ducks all in one day. Which wasn't even done for religion or to help anyone else, just done out of some cruelty.

  • I feel like I learned a few new things today: Religious fascists can be found anywhere, no matter what the party or if they happen to be either liberal or conservative. Also the best way to deal with the problem of the religious right and extreme evangelicals would be to give them Florida, or whatever parcel of land they want where they can form their own society and drive it off a cliff without taking out the rest of us.

    • harmonyfb

      Appeasement never works.

      Also, she can't have Florida, I'm living here.

    • grimmorrigan

      They want evey parcel of land. They do not stop with a single victory, it only fuels them with rhetoric for the next one.

  • freemanpresson

    " her rhetoric is a tool to stir fear and emotional involvement in those who listen to her" — the very definition of demagoguery.

  • Nicole Youngman

    I wonder if someone should clue her in that some *white* people also worship/revere their ancestors, and that not all of the tree-worshipers are in Africa? That'd really ruin her Token Black Lady Who Says Things White Wingnuts Love to Hear schtick, though. 😉

  • Sadly, that's generally the type elected to lead.

  • Tom

    There are lots of Democrats like Kimberly in the South, they're not uncommon at all.

    • Souris Optique

      Holy crap, really? In 30 something years of living here she's the first I've even heard of. Where are these freaks, pray tell?

      • Hiding up North. Reverend Jeremiah Wright is a good example, and he has/had the President's ear for many years.

  • Excuse me but…is this Kimberly Daniels an admitted former prostitute and drug addict now addicted to abusive power (prejudice as an axis of morality and more)? Who now has God on her side, of course? Heh.

    Education is key, else people like this may very well get elected. And we can't blame the entire downfall of education on No Child Left a Brain or the ramifications of budget cuts at play now.

    Most of what I learned, I learned outside of formal education. The vast majority of it. Especially anything having to do with the different natures of power, politics or religion.

  • Cathryn Bauer

    Yet another politician without a basic understanding of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They should have to pass a test on this before they run for office!

  • Holly

    I'm a Witch and I VOTE ! I know plenty of witches in the area, They are upstanding people in our Jacksonville community, They are nurses, attorneys, members of the city… firefighters, professional and lay people and they all VOTE Too! I can tell when people don't know what the Hell they are talking about and she doesn't even know what shape shifing is! Much less what she knows about Halloween. She watches too much TV….! How dare she say anything bad about another religion. It shows her ignorance.
    Maybe I should run for one of them offices!!!!! I am a Witch and I'm proud to be a Witch! I'm out of the broom closet and run one of the Biggest Coven in Jacksonville. I will stand up and fight for my rights and the rights of others no matter what their religion is. It'a personal choice of what religion you follow.

    • Brandi

      Jacksonville certainly needs something other than what's on offer, that's for sure! I'm a Jacksonville voter and I just can't even justify voting in any of the elections except the mayoral one this time around, since I refuse to vote for anyone with right-wing views and there's only one candidate out of the 16 who made it through to the run-offs who is a Democrat who actually has Democratic endorsements. (Of course, the other Democrat is Kimberly Daniels, but I think it's safe to say I won't be voting for her.) I also won't be voting for her Republican opponent, however, David A. Taylor, whose campaign slogan is Faith * Family * Responsibility. His faith may not be as nutjob as Kimberly Daniels', but I'm not going to vote for someone who uses their faith as the primary characteristic they want people to vote for them on, either. There's almost no choice at all whatsoever, anyway, for someone with progressive views in this city that seems like a throw-back to the 50s half the time. So I shall be leaving most of my ballot blank this time around (as I did last time too, actually), in this election where, out of 16 run-off candidates, only two identify as Democrats (one of whom is Kimberly Daniels), and one as No Party Affiliation, with the other thirteen being Republicans. Anyone interested in seeing the actual candidate list with links to the candidates' official websites can do so here:… .

  • Uh, anybody but me think it's an appropriate time for defensive magick? Not offensive – I don't want to kill them, as much as they apparently want to kill me – but sheesh! Don't we have a duty to kick this nasty astral slime to the curb? I sure don't want it mucking up MY village (or my life). If you believe that thoughts and spiritual activities have influence, how can this massive, negative magick working be ignored? She's not alone. Waaaay not.

  • Souris is replying to Alchemist, not Bryon.

    • And I don't see that I skipped anything. I was talking the politics of Pre-Civil Rights Democrats. I wasn't aware I had to write an entire textbook on the history of American politics just so people people wouldn't get offended. Everything after that wasn't relevant to my comment, because I wasn't discussing the current state of the parties, and nothing had been mentioned about Reagan or anything else related to him.

      • Souris Optique

        I was under the impression we were discussing a current political candidate rather than the political positions of 50+ years ago.

        • We are, but just because some one is "current" doesn't mean they can't have views from hundreds, if not thousands of years ago in their politics.

      • Don't act surprised. You have absurdly suggested that Daniels was a "Liberal," and then tried to suggest that this behavior was typical of Democrats, and intentionally obfuscated the differences between being a "Liberal" and being a "Democrat." (…and the same with "Conservatives" and "Republicans")

        …and if you don't watch Glenn Beck…why are you repeating his talking points?

        • Hmm, idk, maybe because I've read history books and there are common things that pop up. And who knows, maybe Beck has been reading accredited, respectable history books as well and that's where he draws his stuff from. I couldn't tell you.

          The fact is that you don't like what I'm saying, and find it to be vaguely like someone else you hate with the passion that dogmatic people generally reserved for those who do not believe as they do, regardless of that person's actual alternative beliefs are, doesn't mean the two are related. Are you a dogmatic person? I don't know. Never met you. But you sure seem to be insisting that I don't know what i'm talking about, simply because it is different from what you believe to be "correct."

          • Show me a reputable history book by an academic source that backs up anything you've been saying. Beck, a dropout who couldn't last a single course in college, gets his "history" from sources like David Barton, Jonah Goldberg, and W. Cleon Skousen…none of whom have any background or education in history…and you certainly are typing a lot of stuff that sounds just like the uneducated propaganda posed by those types.

            What I'm doing is not being "dogmatic"…it's being TRUTHFUL and FACTUAL…and you can't prove otherwise…or at least, you can't without relying on "sources" of such dubious and revisionist nature that they would never be accepted in a college class.

            Face it: You've been proved wrong. Daniels is not a "Liberal" under any definition of the term, and you deliberately tried to use the words "Democrat" and "Republican" as synonyms for "Liberal" and "Conservative" in order to make the fictitious inference that Liberals have a poor record on Civil Rights, and Conservatives were responsible for Civil Rights legislation. It's the same "trick" that Conservatives try to play on message boards all over the Internet…and it's as deliberate a lie and distortion as anything David Irving (another debunked Right-Wing "historian" with no degree) ever wrote about the Holocaust.

  • Onthepath

    When religion leaves out a feminine aspect we find more war, anger, and female suppression in the world. But add in the feminine touch into humanity and a lot of that dies away. If you teach that another religion is evil than you are spreading a fear ofthe unknown. That fear is what makes so many people small minded. Open your world and see what is really out there not just what you perceive is out there!

  • Onthepath

    When religion leaves out a feminine aspect we find more war, anger, and female suppression in the world. But add in the feminine touch into humanity and a lot of that dies away. If you teach that another religion is evil than you are spreading a fear ofthe unknown. That fear is what makes so many people small minded. Open your world and see what is really out there not just what you perceive is out there!