Quick Note: The Creepy Satanic Crime Videos Shown to Police Officers

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  November 17, 2010 — 8 Comments
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Laughing Squid and io9 link to an inadvertently (I hope) creepy clip from the “Law Enforcement Guide to Satanic Cults”.

Here’s another clip from the same video.

While it’s (very) easy to mock and laugh at these videos now, we can’t forget the part programs like this played in ruining the lives of hundreds of people in the 1980s and 1990s. While the “Law Enforcement Guide to Satanic Cults” seems blatantly fabricated and made-up on-the-fly today, programs like it were no doubt instrumental in miscarriages of justice like the West Memphis 3 case, or the Kern County California arrests. Then, and today still, self-appointed “occult experts” ride a circuit of town halls, police gatherings, and church halls to share their “expertise” in an always-alleged but never conclusively proven occult crime underground. Updating their schtick to include the latest fads (lately, that means vampires).

Both serious journalists and talk-show hosts (even Oprah) at the time dived right into the hysteria.

As I pointed out in my recent piece on the mainstreaming of exorcisms, all the “silly” talk about Satanism primes the pump for new moral panics breaking out, especially in hard times. The next time it emerges it could come from within the Hip-Hop community, or be directed at the fans of a popular pop starlet. It all seems bizarre and unlikely until you realize that federal money was spent to combat “goth culture” in the wake of Columbine. So yes, it’s easy to laugh at these videos now, but lets not forget that all comedy is tragedy plus timing.

Jason Pitzl-Waters


  • "Interestingly enough…. they go hand in hand." (from video two)

  • Wow…..and people wonder where the Satanic Daycare scare of the 90's came from

  • HA! All I could think was.. "LOL MULLET!!!"

    • Business up front, all occult party in the back…

      • Grimmorrigan

        More boner talk from you. Its reasons like this that make me love you.

    • The_L

      It was so obvious to me that this idiot made the grafitti himself. For one thing, “It’s still kind of fresh,” for another, what Pagan would deliberately damage a tree like that? Or let people who might want to hurt us know the exact spot where we gather?

      But yes, I remember the Satan scare (even the biological symbol for female was not spared this treatment–if it wasnt a Christian symbol, it must be evil). I remember being told that innocuous symbols were satanic, and why they allegedly were. I was terrified for weeks after that, that a cabal of secret Satanists would kidnap, torture, and murder me. Our home phone number at the time had three 6’s in a row, and I was convinced that this meant I was cursed.

      Naturally, this fear-mongering didn’t exactly strengthen my faith or trust in Christianity–quite the opposite. Lies only create suspicion; only truth can engender trust in a thinking mind.

  • Skye

    "We're satanists, and we're partying!"