2010 Wild Hunt Winter Pledge Drive, Nov 15-21

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  November 15, 2010 — 5 Comments


Since it started in 2004, the Wild Hunt has become a vital news source for modern Pagans, and a crucial resource for those outside the Pagan movement who want to explore the issues that are important to us.

The Wild Hunt doesn’t simply alert you to the interesting (or infuriating) stories of the day, but adds analysis, context, and unique features.

The future is bright for The Wild Hunt, and for Pagan journalism as a whole! We’d like to invite you along, as we begin our second annual Wild Hunt Winter Pledge Drive. Our goals are three:

  • To keep The Wild Hunt full-access (no subscription fees or “pay-walls”).
  • To keep The Wild Hunt non-commercial (no ads or spam).
  • To keep The Wild Hunt daily.

The Wild Hunt averages over 45,000 unique visitors per month, giving this daily news source a very respectable “circulation” in the world of niche journalism. Over 7,000 readers receive The Wild Hunt directly every day, via their Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, LiveJournal, or email.


If you are one of these avid followers of Pagan and religious-minority news, please consider contributing to the site during this year’s Winter Pledge Drive, in one of these categories:

  • Basic – $5
  • Reader – $20
  • Supporter – $50
  • Benefactor – $150

Click this button to contribute now:

If you’d prefer to make a recurring monthly donation through Paypal, you can do that in increments of $5 dollars per month or $10 dollars per month.

Monthly Donation
Option 1 : $5.00USD – monthly
Option 2 : $10.00USD – monthly

If you are unfamiliar with PayPal or have other questions, please contact me.


This year’s Pledge Drive will continue from November 15th through the 21st. Feel free to share this post on Facebook, Twitter, and your other favorite social sites! Thanks for being a part of The Wild Hunt.

Jason Pitzl-Waters