2010 Litany of our Honored Dead

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  October 19, 2010 — 7 Comments

A friend suggested that I should make an easily accessible list of the prominent members of our interconnected communities who have crossed the veil this year. That way, those of you who are involved in the ritual planning for upcoming ancestor-honoring festivals like Samhain, or Día de los Muertos, can prepare altars, litanies, or special celebrations. This has been a particularly heavy year for the Pagan community in terms of losses, so I thought it doubly appropriate to start this tradition now.

2010 Litany of our Honored Dead:

Len Rosenberg (Black Lotus) 1951 – 2010

Bard, teacher, Shakta (Hindu Goddess worshiper), and Elder in the Protean Tradition of Witchcraft.

Lady Sintana (Candace Lehrman White) 1937 – 2010

Activist, founder of the Ravenwood Church and Seminary of Wicca, Inc.

Isaac Bonewits 1949 – 2010

Pagan author, theologian, singer, Druid leader, and founder of Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF).

Alexei Kondratiev 1949 – 2010

Celtic scholar, linguist, and author.

Lady Svetlana 1934 – 2010

Liturgist, co-founder of Feraferia.

Barbara Stacy 1926 – 2010

Author and Associate Editor of The Witches’ Almanac.

Jean Dubuis 1919 – 2010

Noted French alchemist, esotericist, and nuclear physicist. Founder of “Les Philosopes de le Nature” (LPN).

The above list is in reverse chronological order. Click on the links for obituaries.

Other Noted Personages Who Crossed the Veil:

Barry Raftery (Celtic scholar), Mary Daly (feminist thealogian), Robert Holdstock (author), Edward Woodward (actor).

Full list of notable deaths in 2010.

The estimated 230,000 people who died in 2010 Haiti earthquake.

You may also wish to honor the military and service personnel of your country, and all innocents who have died in military conflicts this past year.

I hope you find this list useful, and if there’s anyone you think I might have missed, please add them to the comments.

Jason Pitzl-Waters