Haunted by the “Third Wave”

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  November 18, 2009 — 14 Comments
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Much to Andrew Sullivan’s chagrin, former Vice Presidential candidate and Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin is once again dominating the media. Touting her new book, duking it out with Levi, and chatting with Oprah. But while political junkies are taking bets as to whether she’ll run for President, the media blitz also draws us back into the folks who incubated her political career, and support her to this day. The spiritual-war loving neo-Charismatic, neo-Pentecostal movement known by some as the “Third Wave of the Holy Spirit”. Vehemently anti-Pagan and anti-Catholic, Palin publicly distanced herself from them during the campaign after an embarrassing video emerged showing her being blessed by a self-proclaimed African witch-hunter. Now, Talk to Action’s Bruce Wilson cites sources that Palin not only kept in contact with prominent Third Wavers (specifically Mary Glazier) throughout the campaign, but that they believed a terror attack would kill McCain and place her in the Oval Office.

“On September 22, with the 2008 presidential election little more than five weeks away, Glazier sent a prophetic “Warning of Imminent Attack” out through her prayer network [see 1, 2, 3]. Glazier later released a slightly sanitized version but her original “warning” concerned an “imminent” terrorist attack that could leave American in mourning with Sarah Palin “stepping into an office that she was mantled for.” Sarah Palin has been close to Mary Glazier throughout the entire course of Palin’s political career. On June 13, 2008 Mary Glazier told Christian leaders at a church conference held near Seattle that Palin had joined Glazier’s personal prayer group in 1989, around the time Palin went into politics…”

Who is Mary Glazier? She’s the Palin spiritual mentor who, as I’ve reported before, took credit for giving a Wiccan cancer and driving her out of the state of Alaska.

Mary Glazier is one of two religious leaders (along with Thomas Muthee) associated with Sarah Palin who claim to have successfully fought witches. Glazier has described a campaign of “prayer warfare” which she says her prayer group used to drive a woman, whom Glazier claimed was a witch, out of the state of Alaska. As Glazier told the Christian magazine SpiritLed Woman, for a 2003 article, “As we continued to pray against the spirit of witchcraft, her incense altar caught on fire, her car engine blew up, she went blind in her left eye, and she was diagnosed with cancer.”

So far from being a misguided youthful foray into a radical Christian sect, Palin’s friendship with these extremists is seemingly ongoing, and they believe she’s bound for greatness. So while some think Palin has simply become tabloid-fodder, a joke to be ignored, some will know that she’s haunted by these extremist supporters, and that “terror attack” is simply another word for “opportunity” in their eyes. Especially if you’re going to be stepping into an office you were “mantled” by God for. If in 2012 she does run against Obama, as some think she might, we better keep a close eye on Sarah’s friends.

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Jason Pitzl-Waters


  • Ananta Androscoggin

    Christian Love at work.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Nope Snoozepossum

    Typical malcontent labelist response. Give them what they want, and it's still not good enough. Dude, you don't have issues. You have subscriptions. Even if you have good points to make, do you really think anyone is going to listen to you while you're pissing all over them?

  • http://ThePaganTemple.Blogspot.com/ patrickkelley

    I got that from years of listening to the left rant like a demented pack of jackals about Bush and everything he said or did, regardless of the facts, which most of the time seemed irrelevant, like for example the fact that most of the laws Bush signed was passed with overwhelming bi-partisan support, in some cases voted for by almost every single Democrat in both house of Congress. Never mind they didn't bother to read a word of whatever law they passed, hell, let's pass the thing anyway, and then we can go about tearing this country apart over bullshit WE SIGNED. Not that that matters to the ends justifies the means philosophy of the left. Sorry, I don't care anything about finding common ground with people who's first priority is achieving power and privilege at the expense of the national interest, and the people of the country for the benefit of a few special interest groups. Give me a ring when a relative handful of "prayer warriors" that make up less than two percent of the membership of their stated religion matches the perniciousness of the influence of the Trial Lawyer's Association, the NEA, service workers and some other labor unions, including especially government workers unions, race-hustling pimps like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and their organizations-and uh, what else, oh yeah now, I remember THEIR CHURCHES.

  • http://www.facebook.com/eileen.hall3 Eileen Hall

    It would seem you just prefer a different set of special interest groups.

  • http://ThePaganTemple.Blogspot.com/ patrickkelley

    Not at all. I don't like any special interest group, and really, if I had my way about it, there wouldn't be any political parties AT ALL for that matter. But you got to play with the hand you've been dealt, and as infuriating as it is, it really does come down to a choice between the lesser of evils. For me, it comes down to a choice in favor of limited government and individual liberty. The Republicans are merely a means to that end.

  • http://rufusopus.com Rufus Opus

    You, hiding in your house because it discomforts you is exactly the reason she will become president. You don't know the blanket of spells and curses you walk under, pagan, bound on earth and in heaven by their prayers. You think staying inside is your own idea? Palin and the 3rd Wave ftw!

  • http://rufusopus.com Rufus Opus

    If I ever have to fire a gun, my "spells" will already have failed and I would deserve to be burned. If there's anything to this stuff we believe, and I know there is, then there's no excuse for anyone who has an inkling of how magic works to end up in a situation where they will fall victim to witch burner.

    Think bigger than your self, your home, your rights, think bigger. Everything you perceive from the center of your sphere is under your influence, if not your direct command. Work with it, use it, or you will end up a smudge on the horizon. You see the threat, you have the tools: eliminate the threat. It is your duty.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/BryonMorrigan BryonMorrigan


  • http://intensedebate.com/people/kiadragon kiadragon

    Rufus, I agree with your passion. But a single mage or even a group of mages trying to hold back a mob of fascists idiots will always fail. If spells alone are the only way you have to fight off an attacker, you will perish under a tide of mob violence if you are unlucky in this incarnation. WWII was less than a century ago. Pagans and homosexuals are the new Jews. I will shoot both my wand and my rifle against anyone who comes to put me in a camp because of my religion. I hope you find your end as you wish it.

    "have to fire a gun, my "spells" will already have failed and I would deserve to be burned. If there's anything to this stuff we believe, and I know there is, then there's no excuse for anyone who has an inkling of how magic works to end up in a situation where they will fall victim to witch burner."

    You are not thinking there. Some of the finest mages in history (who could make you or me looking like a fluffy bunny) have be overpowered by the tide of human ignorance because they were as arrogant as your statement.

    Tell me all about how powerful your magic is when the flames come licking up your feet.

  • http://www.rufusopus.com Rufus Opus

    You're missing the point, but I think we agree about what to do if all else has failed.

    My point was this:

    Magicians need to be more proactive. If you look at the Lemegeton's goetia, there are spirits listed with attributes sufficient to provide a magician with advanced warning of any kind of social movement that would result in ending up in an internment camp, or getting lynched for that matter. Purson springs to mind. A magician should have at least one familiar spirit similar to Purson who keeps him posted on what's going on in the world that will result in any kind of personal harm.

    Furthermore, the spirits in the Lem's Goetia provide things like favor with the ruling princes, and many ways of manipulating the governance of our country, state, city, or neighborhood. It shouldn't get to a point where a modern night of broken glass can manifest.

    You're talking about reacting to an already-existing mob of fascist idiots. I'm talking about eliminating the Vril Society before it can be used by a charismatic lunatic to create the kind of situation that led to WWII.

  • http://lanternlight.wordpress.com Ian

    It may be of little value to make this point so long after the original post, but. I'd rather have the facts straightened than not.

    This statement is just factually wrong.

    Muthee has nothing to do with the child witch cases. The child witch cases are centered in the Cross River region of Nigeria while Muthee's ministry operates in Kenya. Muthee has no direct ties to the folks involved in the child witchcraft stuff, nor has he ever been accused of branding children as witches.

    Two different people, two different countries, two different flavors of African Christianity. Each which really need to be taken on their own terms before any comparisons get made.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/kiadragon kiadragon

    Fair enough. I may have missed your point, but that is only because I have always felt that using magic of any sort to attempt to influence major world events is metaphorically pissing into the wind.

    But I could be wrong.

    Remember that just because ancient spell commands the spirits to do a specific thing, that doesn't mean that it will work as advertised. However, I am not disputing that you or anyone else can or has made the magic work. I have no experience with it.

    My magic is more personally transformative than politically transformative. That makes me either very wise or a blind idiot who is missing the bigger picture.

    I have been accused of both. :)

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