Final Winter Pledge Drive Update

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  November 22, 2009 — 10 Comments

To say that I’m deeply moved and overwhelmed by the generous support you have shown during this week would be an understatement. I won’t go into numbers at this point, but many of you not only gave but gave generously to keep The Wild Hunt open, non-commercial, and operating on a daily schedule. The commitment to this project shown by some of you has been nothing short of inspiring, like author Lisa McSherry, who gave generously despite dealing with some major medical and fiscal issues at home.

“Jason Pitzl-Waters is honest and makes every effort to be objective while retaining a uniquely Pagan perspective. The Wild Hunt is one of the few community resources that remains fresh and ever-vibrant. Even a small donation is a show of support, and I urge everyone I know to donate something. I am, and I have major medical bills. That is how important I believe The Wild Hunt is.”

To everyone who gave, no matter what the amount, I thank you. I wish I had the time to call each and every one of you personally to express my sincerest gratitude. Know this, you have not only helped this site, but you have succeeded in crumbling and eroding the old complaint that modern Pagans won’t fiscally support anything of importance. I now know first-hand that this is false, a meme born of frustration and past failure, and one that is past due to slip away entirely. Pagans will step up fiscally for what they think is important. They stood up for SJ Tucker when she was in trouble, they stood up for Pagan troops serving overseas, and they stood up this past week to ensure that quality Pagan journalism and commentary that keeps them informed sticks around for the long-term.

The Wild Hunt isn’t just some guy and his blog, it’s a community of people. A community of support, debate, and information-gathering that is nurturing a long-term investment in the future of Pagan news. My goal is to not only make Pagan journalism my full-time job, but to eventually make it possible for other people to follow in my footsteps. All of you have helped to make that future possible.

There will be future pledge drives, and this blog will try to develop over time a robust non-commercial funding method that can be adopted and emulated by other Pagan media outlets. I will also be exploring different ways of funding with other Pagan journalism projects, but The Wild Hunt will always remain open, reader-supported, and non-commercial. Again, this is due to all of you. Thank you.

It’s still not too late to donate! If you’ve been meaning to participate in the Winter Pledge Drive now’s your chance! You can either make a one-time donation, or you can commit to a monthly subscription fee of $5.00 or $10.00 per month. In addition, you’ll be able to access donation-information year-round, as well as find links to the groups and organizations that have chosen to help underwrite this project, at the Affiliates page.

Jason Pitzl-Waters


  • Rachel Melcher

    Thank you for the work you do! I've donated and will continue to heartily do so because I believe in the power of pagans helping pagans. Thank you for keeping me informed and, by doing so, giving me a sense of membership in the broader community of world pagans.

  • Catima

    Good on ya Jason, and thank you for all that you do.

  • Beth

    Bountiful blessings to you, Jason, and to all who have helped to support this powerful, important resource. I would be delighted if you wanted to come up with a Wild Hunt supporter badge we could put on our blogs, Witchvox-style! Just a thought. Let's keep abundance flowing to you! — Beth

  • Jason, I am REALLY feeling guilty now, because I have been a voroucious consumer of National Public Radio for far longer than I've been following your blog, and I have YET to contribute to them. Now I'm going to have to, lest my Catholic guilt resurfaces and I start carrying around this nagging feeling there's some sort of hell waiting for me. You, my friend, are the equal of any mainstream press I have followed, and you truly seem to have our interests at heart, without falling victim to "the silly shit" I see so much of the pagan community fall victim to. I value rationality above all things, otherwise I'd have remained a Catholic. You also help me to avoid becoming an atheist altogether. Thank you and I hope my small subscription helps you live your dream, which is actually a dream we ALL share.

    Now, if only we could get Deo and Mandy back, all forgiven……….hehe

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