Raven Grimassi, Paris the Forest God, and the Demon-invoking Witch

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  October 11, 2009 — 11 Comments

I have a few, well, odder, odds-and-ends for you this Sunday. Starting with a seemingly improbable mystic super-hero, Wiccan author Raven Grimassi. Grimassi, along with his wife Stephanie, appear in the latest issue of the “empowering” (and not safe for work) soft-core comic “Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose”.

Raven & Stephanie in action.

“…it’s a battle between Raven Hex, Raven Grimassi, and his wife. That name may or may not mean anything to you, but Grimassi is a reknowned author of numerous books on Wicca and Witchcraft. Within the world of Tarot, he’s also the keeper of the Library of Magick and, alongside his wife, more than a match for Raven Hex.”

Raven Grimassi also conveys important life-lessons about ancient wisdom and seeking for knowledge, though I don’t know how effective “Tarot” is as a vehicle for such wisdom-teachings. Let’s just say that it is incredibly disconcerting to see Raven Grimassi talk about the “Library of Magick” when his head is placed right next to a gigantic, well, cameltoe (the above panel is, in fact, one of the few that is “work safe”). Will people, after reading this work, be unable to think of him without recalling that his cartoon stand-in was kicked in the face by a semi-nude woman with improbable (even by comic standards) breasts? One wonders which “Craft superstars” they will recruit to appear in the comic next. If you’d like to purchase this comic (soon, no doubt, to be a collectors item), it’s available at the Broadsword Comics web site.

Switching our pop-culture gears slightly, we turn from occult cheesecake comics to cheesy occult television. It seems that the most recent episode of the CW Network show “Supernatural” featured a shape-shifting “forest god” that needed killing.

“Turns out the monster is a washed-up forest god whose old stomping grounds were razed to make room for a Yugo factory. Her worshipers used to hand themselves over to her rapturously, allowing her to eat them for sustenance. But now that the whole “old school religion” sacrifice thing isn’t common anymore, the god has to take on the forms of celebrities to eat people. As long as it munches on people who adore it, the god is satisfied. Plus it gives Sam and Dean a little lecture on how celebrities are the new gods…”

It’s a plot-point that should warm the cockles of multi-media magicians everywhere. Naturally the final form the fallen god takes is that of Paris Hilton, who bemoans the fact that people have lost touch with “old-time religion” before having her head chopped off. You can watch the entirety of “Fallen Idol” at the CW Supernatural web site. I’m not sure exactly where this sits on my personal offended/amused scale of things, but you have to give them points for originality. It isn’t often a forest god takes the form of Gandhi and tries to eat someone.

In a final note that is sadly not fiction, a publicity-starved occultist, “Magus” Lynius Shadee, claims he has conjured a demon inside a Catholic church in Cambridge that could drive parishioners to suicide.

“Magus Lynius Shadee says the demon could possess parishioners and drive them to suicide. He claims to have instructed the evil spirit to “dwell” in the famous church to “cleanse it”. The occultist, who calls himself the King of All Witches, says he let loose the entity to prey on worshippers at the Church of Our Lady and the English Martyrs in Hills Road.”

This brazenly idiotic publicity stunt came in the wake of vocal concerns by local Christian church leaders over Shadee opening up an occult center near Cambridge University. Shadee is yet another sad, self-proclaimed, “king of all witches”, who needs to stir the pot in order to feed his no-doubt incessant need for attention. I hate to say it, but I’m rather rooting for the Catholic exorcists in this instance.

That’s all I have for now, have a great day!

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Jason Pitzl-Waters


  • William

    Not to mention supporting the idea that people who worship forest gods are actually demon-worshippers.

  • Spaz

    😛 I now have the song "Cult of Personality" byt Living Colour running through my head!

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  • http://gypseian.livejournal.com Cora

    Longtime lurker here.

    Supernatural is a very camp show, to say the least. I’ve been watching it since its inception, and I’ll admit that a few things on the show have definitely irked me in ways that Buffy The Vampire Slayer also did. The difference between SPN and Buffy is that I kept watching SPN. Their take on paganism is definitely the standard media one, going off of the more gruesome oldtime paganism and the stereotypes. If I can recall from Season 3, they even had a witches coven that ended up being in service with a demon. So yeah, it definitely has its moments of raising my hackles a little.

    Generally though, the show is fun to watch ^_^

  • Jake

    Raven? Looks like Ron Jeremy.

  • William

    I thought the same thing when I saw it!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Baruch Baruch

    I didn't take the content of his claim that seriously. I think he's just lacking in maturity.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Baruch Baruch

    I agree that he hasn't wandered very far from the church. He's still operating (immaturely, imho) within its paradigm.

  • Riverbend

    LOLOL…oy boy how I would LOVE to see that guy go up against Fred Phelps…too funny. :) I wonder what sign he'd carry to counteract "God Hates Fags"?

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/catvincent catvincent

    And 'The Invisibles' (Vertigo)

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