Keeping Track of The “Third Wave”

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  June 20, 2009 — 16 Comments

Ever since the movement came to my attention during the last presidential election, I’ve been keeping tabs on the malefic prayer warriors in the neo-Pentecostal/evangelical Christian movement known as the “Third Wave of the Holy Spirit”. This loose affiliation of Christian leaders, activists,  and churches brag of (indirectly) killing Catholics, maiming Wiccans, and “rewriting” the spiritual DNA of their followers. This group nurtured Sarah Palin, gets wooed by Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee, and wants nothing less than the supreme dominance of (their version of) the Christian faith. At the center of this movement sits C. Peter Wagner, founder of Global Harvest Ministries / The World Prayer Center (which sits within the New Life Church campus in Colorado), and resolute prayer warrior who organizes coordinated prayer wars against the Goddess (whom he calls the “Queen of Heaven”) in all her manifest forms.

“Atop the hierarchy of demon spirits are the ‘territorial demons’, and squatting near the apex, over Mount Everest, is a purported global-level demon spirit called ‘The Queen of Heaven’ that prevents, according to Peter Wagner, prayers of Catholics, Muslims, and adherents to other supposedly illegitimate forms of religious belief, from reaching God. In 1997, while Wagner was still running the Colorado Springs World Prayer Center (a joint project of C. Peter Wagner and Tedd Haggard), that center mounted an expedition, conceived by former voodoo priestess turned evangelist Ana Mendez, to Mount Everest to do battle with the “Queen of Heaven.” Ana Mendez later suggested that the spiritual warfare waged by the expedition team may have helped contribute to the death of Mother Theresa.”

Bruce Wilson at Talk To Action, who has been doing the lions share of digging into this increasingly prominent fringe movement, has now dug up a 1993 video segment where Wagner reveals more of his rampant anti-goddess paranoia. As fellow religious blogger Richard Bartholomew points out, this time it’s all about how Japanese Sun Goddess Amaterasu is the “harlot” from the Book of Revelation.

“Japan, as a nation, is one of the nations of the world which has consciously, openly, invited national demonization.  And they do this though what’s called the Daijosai ceremony…where when a new Emperor comes in to power…And as a part of this ceremony the Emperor goes to this specially chosen…place…He eats rice that has been planted and harvested and chosen through witchcraft. And at a certain time that night the Sun Goddess visits him in person, and has sexual intercourse with the Emperor…So the emperor becomes one flesh with the sun goddess…There is a certain spiritual phenomenon…that’s called succubus…Since the present emperor slept with the Sun Goddess the stock market in Japan has gone down, never come up since. This has been a disastrous year, the first year the rice harvest failed, the first Japan has ever had to import rice.”

Naturally Bartholemew dissects and debunks Wagner’s crazy talk, but I doubt any “Third Waver” will listen. If Wilson is right, and Third Wave affilated churches are being recruited to make up the core of a newly revitalized “Religious Right”, we need to keep our eyes open concerning their rise. Should these extremists ever hold real politcal power, I can’t imagine it would be condusive to the growth and health of the modern Pagan movement. At the very least, we should be concerned that seemingly mainstream politicians are willing to ally themselves with groups that are so hostile to religious co-existence.

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Jason Pitzl-Waters


  • Bjorn Odinsson

    Hel yes! Heathen POWER! 😉

    • BookhouseGal

      Ah, 'Spiritual Warfare.' …The Kim Jong Ils of the magical defense world. :)

      They've been at this a while.

  • WilliamC

    And this is NOT a fringe group and we really need to be very very concerned. Many of the CEO/Preachers at Megachurches across the country are involved.

  • Steve Hayes

    I didn’t realise C. Peter Wagner had gone so wacky, but then I’ve been out of touch with the Neopentecostal scene for some time, and my knowledge is probably out of date.

    I’ll raise this for discussion, citing your post, on the New Religious Movements discussion forum, and see if anyone else knows more.

  • Dennis Tolar

    True Christians will not embrace paganism, yet they will love the pagan in spite of their differences. Although I am instructed by the teachings of Jesus to share the gospel with everyone, I am in no way supposed to force anyone to accept it. I am only supposed tell others about how Jesus has saved me and give them an opportunity to receive Him for themselves. If they do not ask Jesus to save them, I am to love them still, keep praying for them and not try to coerce them. The consequences are to be determined and carried out by God as He and He alone is the judge. I hope this lets you know that not every Pentecostal holds to Wagner's twisted teachings.

  • BookhouseGale

    This is true. People focused that much on trying to project malice, well, you know what they're living in.

  • BookhouseGal

    I was always pretty sure they were referencing the 'Left Behind' fantasy novels. What do you expect? :)

  • Robin Artisson

    I think you are part of the problem, not the solution.

  • WilliamC

    Don't forget Nemesis

  • Arinanna

    Well stated

  • whitewolf

    Gods, those Fundies are a piece of work. What is this the Dark Ages? WTF? Wherever happened to live and let live?

  • Sravana

    Props to chuck – excellent idea!

  • Dennis Tolar

    Even though this has been posted for some time, I would like to add to this topic. I am a born again, Spirit-filled minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, yet I disagree with the New Apostolic Reformation and C. Peter Wagner and his crowd. I am currently trying to eduacte as many like minded Christians to their error. While I do not agree with your paganism, these people do not represent the true Biblical view of Christianity. However, so few Christians even read the Bible and know the teachings of love that Jesus taught that they are falling for the false teachings of the NAR and those associated with them.

  • Robin Artisson

    Well, that was deliciously, gently condescending, friend. You must feel very important having such a powerful commission to "share with the rest of us" from the supreme being.

    Let me dialogue with you here a bit, just to return your loving example. True Pagans will not embrace Christianity, and it's not written anywhere that we have to love Christians in spite of our differences. In fact, smart pagans- and there are some- will not extend love into a hateful, judgmental void of lunacy or barely-concealed hostility; that is against nature itself, and against dignity. Instead, they will call intolerance out for what it is, and not pretend that intolerance is somehow unrelated to religions that teach intolerance, of which yours is one.

    I know you'll say that you don't "take it that way", but you're smugly condescending here, and your message is not wanted here. I can think of few places where it would be wanted, so old and tired a message as it is. All that "message" does is reveal your own pride, and if Pagans are wise, they'd disregard you as all the wise of this world would.

    We are not in need of salvation, from anything. Your fear mongering here, trying to get people to submit to your worldview of metaphysical helplessness, is one short step above disgusting. Your mind is diseased, from contact with your diseased and philosophically irrelevant religious tradition. You wouldn't know what real love or acceptance was if these things sat on your face and wriggled.

    You don't love Pagans. you smugly extend what you think is warmth inside to them because you believe a being outside of yourself would want you to, and because you hope to be rewarded one day for this false piety with glory eternal. But you aren't going to get anything of the sort. You're going to get what everyone else gets- a long drop deep into the Underworld, and from there, a mysterious road to a destiny that only you can know or comprehend.

    It won't be triumphal with angels and trumpets. You aren't going to sit among saints next to the throne of the Semitic storm god. You're going to be another piece of discarded flesh and another lost ghost, wandering in the Great Below shedding the delusions that it carried throughout life. You're going to learn what it means to be *one of us*, a human like everyone else, in a way you should have in this world. When it's happening, I hope your soul keeps enough wits through the death experience to remember that I told you this here today. If you bump into me down there (and I hope you will, because I'm much better in person) I'll tell you all this again.

    How's that for a "die well" wish? That's Pagan love, friend… an invitation to dialogue even beyond the grave…

  • Jv Krakowski

    and they say pagans have problems…

  • Robin Artisson

    There is no "true biblical view" of Christianity. There is just the opinion of various ministers, denominations, churches, and traditions. Your view is not the "true" one, because there is no objective measure of "truth" in these matters. You are a Christian troll coming here to spread your filth, and I sincerely hope that you come to understand how inappropriate you are, in pretty much every way.

    PS: Welcome to the Wild Hunt. You can expect Ali and Cat to fly in and support you and defend you from me soon- tell them hi when you see them.