Keeping Track of the “Worship Invasion”

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  February 18, 2009 — 14 Comments

While the extreme anti-Pagan “Third Wave” spiritual warfare practitioners lost out on gaining a powerful ally in high government office during the recent Presidential election, that doesn’t mean they’ve disappeared or slowed down. The El Paso Times reports that Mexican “ex-witch” (and associate of C. Peter Wagner) Ana Mendez Ferrell is coming to Texas to lead a worship conference where she’ll help rewrite your “spiritual DNA” and apparently use her spiritual powers to end border violence.

Supporters of the evangelist, prophet and apostle are hoping “a general in God’s army” and a host of prayer warriors will have more impact on ending the violence at the border than Mexican soldiers or police have had. More than 1,800 people have been killed in Juárez since 2007 in alleged drug violence. “The violence in Juárez has made news everywhere, and people are coming from all over to pray for our region,” said Moni Field, co-pastor at El Paso for Jesus. “God uses people like Ana Mendez Ferrellto mobilize believers to bring about change.” In a phone interview, Mendez Ferrell said she is looking forward to her visit to El Paso.”The (El Paso) conference is God’s appointment. Worship at a certain level can totally transform a region,” she said. “We’ve seen this happen in other parts of the world. Worship, as a weapon, can counter the evil and murdering.”

Ana Mendez Ferrell is quite proud of using prayer and worship as a weapon and brags about being a part of the infamous workings against the “Queen of Heaven” (aka the feminine divine/Mary in Catholicism) on her web site.

As a general in spiritual warfare, Ana has coordinated many of the most important prayer initiatives in the darkest places of the earth, confronting major territorial spirits.  The most difficult assault that she and her team undertook was the climbing of Mount Everest in 1997, which resulted in major spiritual breakthroughs in the 10/40 window.  Ana was also the special task coordinator for operation “Queens Palace,” the first worldwide prayer initiative, involving nearly 75 percent of the nations in the world in a war against a dominion of darkness known as the “queen of heaven.”

Participants in these workings take credit for everything from the death of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa to giving Wiccans cancer. They are willing “soldiers” in an organized network of malefic “black” magic workings that they justify and sanctify by claiming they are merely casting out demons. While the El Paso Times makes a quick note that Mendez Ferrell is “controversial”, it is couched in a way they makes her seem heroic rather than monstrous. It gives no background in what sort of “workings” these “generals”, “warriors”, and “soldiers” do. How many Christians will attend thinking it a normal prayer service to end violence only to find themselves enmeshed with a spiritual paramilitary.

While it is certainly the right of the “Third Wave” to practice their religion freely, journalists need to be a bit less credulous, do actual research on religious organizations, and understand the inherent dangers of spiritually militaristic groups that declare “war” on other faiths. It seems all too easy for these “warriors” to veer into actual physical violence should their goals not be accomplished on an acceptable time-line. As for their spiritual “targets” (ie most of the people who read this blog), we need to keep our eyes open, and not assume these extremists have faded away simply because an election didn’t go their way.

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Jason Pitzl-Waters


  • Anonymous


    • DaBroad

      This is a bizzarre line from their website…they're "training a generation to make a footstool for Christ."

    • AmericanTrikstr

      That's is odd. Jesus was a carpenter. You'd think he could make his own footstool.

  • THE Michael

    If this woman pisses off any of these rabid drug lords, she's gonna find out real quick just how inept her "spiritual warfare" is.

  • Aron

    I couldn't agree more. First they attack the God, then the shrine, then the worshiper.

  • Mark Temporis

    Hey, about the mountain thing; Here in HI, even seculars, christians, and buddhists respect Madame Pele!

  • Brian

    What part of Ephesians 6:12 do you wonderful people not get?
    "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places]."
    If we all claim to be "Christian" and accept that through salvation we are immortal in spirit, why do you base the workings of God's universe on the perceptions of this physical reality?
    With the average life expectancy in the US to be about 78 years of physical existence, and our spiritual existence to be eternity, which state do you think has a larger impact on this "perceived" reality?

  • chuck_cosimano

    They do have an odd assortment of targets.

  • Karen Eliot

    I think growing desperation is going to push many people into looking for others to blame… and hence they will be ripe meat for people who are certain just *who is* to blame.

  • Ursyl

    What part of it is not required of anybody that they follow YOUR book or YOUR interpretation of said book, yet in American we ALL have equality under the law and the right to practice our own beliefs do you not get?

  • Alex Pendragon

    It's like, not being able to understand what part of "insert tab A into slot B" is something a person with grey matter should be able to interpret, but applying this "not get" euphymism to a religious track is clueslessness at it's best. If you want to direct us to understand something based on it's concrete merits, direct our attention to a math or chemistry book, otherwise please keep your "wisdom and understanding" of something based entirely on your willingness to simply believe it to yourself.

  • druideric

    did you stumble into the wrong blogosphere, my man? people in these parts actually THINK about this stuff. Quoting chapter and verse from a contoversial patchwork tome of questionable parentage isn't going to cut it here. blessed be!

  • Firestorm

    Just make sure that you warn everyone in Hawaii first so they can vacate to one of the other islands in safety.

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