Do You Want to Be the Star of an MTV Reality Program?

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  February 19, 2009 — 3 Comments

I think I have been more than clear concerning my views on reality television. Far too often naive (or greedy) Pagans have been exploited in this sensationalist and bottom-feeding genre, providing snarky laughs to a growingly cynical audience. However, I’m not blind to nuance, and realize there is some difference between horrid shows like “Wife Swap” and generally harmless fare like “The Amazing Race”. So having said that, I’d like to pass along information (that was passed along to me from Peg Aloi)  that the MTV documentary series True Life is looking for Wiccan teens and young adults (aged 14-25) for an upcoming episode.

…we are casting for an upcoming episode of the award-winning series True Life. For this episode, we are looking for people who are in the process of converting to Wicca, or who have recently converted.  We are focusing on how parents deal with these changes, and how it affects relationships. People should email their situations to with their name, age, location, phone number, and recent photo of themselves I would really appreciate it.

If you are selected it looks like you’ll be worked into an upcoming episode entitled “I’m Clashing With My Parents”.

Are you clashing with your parents? Going against their wishes? Defying them even? Are you an Americanized teen growing up in a household with immigrant parents whose conservative cultural values are at odds with your modern viewpoints and lifestyle? Perhaps your religious beliefs are setting you and your parents at odds. Are you abandoning the beliefs they instilled in you as a child? Or is your deepening passion for faith and religion concerning your more secular-leaning parents? Maybe the conflict between you and your parents is a classic old disagreement over the guy or girl you’re dating. If you’re personally living through any of these scenarios, or an equally compelling conflict with your mother & father, we’d like to hear from you. MTV is working on a new episode of “True Life” that will explore the impact on young adults, and their families, when grown children challenge their upbringing and defy their parents.

If that sounds like a program you’d like to be a part of, be my guest. But caveat emptor: while True Life has tackled serious subject matters and won some awards for their work, they also have a suspiciously high number of programs that deal with nudity, partying, the sex industry, porn, people wanting more sex, and people who’ll do anything for money. So this isn’t a serious sit-down with PBS, don’t be surprised if things get edited to be more dramatic than they really are.

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Jason Pitzl-Waters


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    • PJ Graham

      Stuff like this makes me so glad I don't have cable.

  • Everglade

    People still watch MTV? Why?