Reality Television Witch Converts

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  January 19, 2009 — 35 Comments

An announcement has come forth that Rev. Kendra Vaughan Hovey, elder high priestess of Duxbury’s First Church of Wicca, and star (along with her family) of the reality television program “My Unique Family”, has converted to (some form of) Christianity and is opening a new church. In a letter sent to members of the church (thanks to Kat for forwarding it to me), Hovey takes time to explain her conversion from Wicca, pointing out her former faith’s (perceived) shortcomings.

I have come to see the serious failings of the Wiccan faith. A major problem with the faith is that there is no unity among the followers of the faith which makes it very challenging to define exactly what Wiccans do and do not believe in. Wiccans have a very open “do what you will” or “live and let live” perspective in life which very easily can cause harm to oneself and others without one actually knowing it until it is much too late. Additionally, there is no unified moral code of ethics. This puts up huge red flags for society-at-large because no one can really be quite sure of what any group’s intentions are. Society would have no way of knowing, for example, if you are a Wiccan that practices the Great Rite or polyamory, to name only two examples. Also, they would have no way of knowing just what “Do what ye will and harm none” means, and quite frankly, neither does each individual Wiccan. We are left to make moral and ethical decisions for ourselves rather than realizing that by human nature we are going to do anything that feels good to us, not what is best for us, and also not necessarily what is best for society as a whole. This makes for a very dangerous and faulty moral code of ethics. In addition, Wicca teaches primarily about how we can change the world and have all that we want. Spells, magick, etc. all prove to cause us to think selfishly instead of putting others before ourselves and more importantly instead of putting God before anyone else, including ourselves. It is very understandable that one would be close to nature and the earth, as well as, feel a need to call “God” the “God and Goddess;” however, the actual rote and complicated spells involved in Wicca can prove to be a huge distraction in one’s spiritual growth. We do not need all of the “ritual things” in order to have a relationship with God – all we need is a sincere and thankful heart.

While I respect the decision of any Pagan to leave for a faith or philosophy that better suits them, Hovey’s little rant to her followers seems to point to someone who wanted Wicca to be something other than it was, and didn’t really understand (or want to understand) the theology, morality, and practice of modern Paganism as it is. Perhaps her desire to shoehorn Wiccan practice into a congregationalist model, complete with sermons on Sunday and clerical collars, bespoke a long-standing desire to fully embrace Christianity. Now that she’s moved on, her new church is aiming to heal the wounds of “inequity from past religions”.

…helping people heal from their experiences of inequity from past religions and religious institutions, using Jesus Christ and his teachings in the Bible as the foundation of how to have a meaningful relationship with God, as well as, holistic health of mind, body, and soul.

Again, I wish Ms. Hovey well in her conversion and ministry, too bad her healing journey towards Christ had to begin by misrepresenting and bad-mouthing her former faith. She’ll no doubt be far happier in her new role, though I doubt it will get her the attention she sought while running a Wiccan church.

Jason Pitzl-Waters


  • Well said

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    • People who claim not to be selfish are liars. People who think they are not do not think.

      • What would exhorting each other to do good look like to you? Can you give an example?

  • storm

    Personally, I think she was just angry because there’s no tithing in paganism. No giving of 10% or Reverend-Pastor-Bishop WhateverName asking people to donate their homes so that they can purchase that new model Lincoln Towncar. I guess she didn’t get the memo that the Christian dogma just didn’t work in paganism. I left christianity because of this. I like having the freedom to be me and not having some loud mouth in a suit trying to dictate to me that GOOOOOOD came to them and told them I was a sinner because I lived my life how I see fit.

    But if this is how this woman wants to live, then so be it. Good luck in her future. Don’t let the doorknob hit you where the good Lord split you. And don’t blame another religion for you weaknesses.

  • Oooohhh, that sounds juicy. Care to go into more detail? 🙂

    • Riva

      Thank you Kat. I often wondered what had happened. They never mentioned onthe show that they were polyamorous Pagans!!

  • Riva

    All I know is at one of the New England Pagan pride events people had issues with the way she ran one of her workshops. They never went into detail.

  • Hey, everyone's gotta make a living, even attention whores.

  • Gene

    Count your Blessings, Atheists! Imagine if she decided she had 'progressed' to your belief system.

  • embreis

    That should read "the Gods are perfectly happy to chat with anyone who approaches them properly."

  • Aron

    For the record, there are (some) Hindus who identify with the word "pagan".

    • Riva

      Why is the church closing? Did she not have someone to step up as High Priest/ess?
      Or were they all just her cult minions?

  • I find myself wondering where she got her ordination. ULC, perhaps?

    • Ruadhan

      No, she has a degree in metaphysics from the University of Sedona.

      • Tomas

        Was this woman even a Wiccan (as in initiated into an authentic, lineaged coven)? Because her rationale for leaving Wicca displays a gross misunderstanding of the religion.

        • So anyone wanna take bets on what she'll convert to next?

          I've got 5 bucks that it's Buddhism.

        • Cherylee

          I think we need to remember that although Wicca does fall under the Pagan umbrella it is in itself a religion and does have its ethics and belief structure.

          • True, but they at least share common cosmology, something that many Pagan religions don't.

          • TTelis

            Well she found out where the money is .. I hope she Is happy with her new god Mammon…err Jesus.

          • RE: this comment: “…didn’t really understand (or want to understand) the theology, morality, and practice of modern Paganism as it is.”

            This posits that Paganism is one religion, with one theology, one morality and orthopraxis.

            Considering there are many different religions with different theologies, different moralities, and variety in practice, how can someone claim to understand what THE theology, THE morality and THE practice of modern Paganism as it is?

            In other words, is this to be understood that all paganisms are the same, and (for example) Asatru and Wicca (which are both pagan religions) have the same theologies, the same morality structure, and the same practices?

            I tend to think not, but please enlighten me on this. I could be wrong.

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      • Tracie the Red


        You mean people need that in Wicca?

        But I thought that Wicca is whatever you want it to be. At least, that's what so many Wiccans claim.

      • Ruadhan

        Nobody promoted her. She started her own "Wiccan church" and appointed herself it's HPs.

  • cherylee


  • Lori

    Yep! And she'll convert because of too much structure and rules.

    • Riva

      This makes me wonder why she was asked leave a Pagan Pride event becaue of something that happend within her workshop. I wonder if she was "Preaching the truth" to folks!?!

    • But…but…Cunningham said it was OK and he's the authority on Wicca! Any 14-year old will tell you that.

  • Too true!

  • Wickels

    I just think that it is sad and more bad press for Wicca. I wish she'd just kept it to herself.

  • I'd be pretty likely to agree with you in principle if you hadn't more or less negated everything you said as you said it.

  • Kendra Vaughan Hovey is back into Witchcraft!