For The Goddess Worshiper Who Has Absolutely Everything

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  November 25, 2008 — 3 Comments

Nothing says “honoring the divine feminine” more than 76 Pieces of 1.45 ct. H color VS1 Diamonds arranged in the shape of the Goddess. At least according to Turkish company Bee Goddess and its co-founder Ece Sirin.


“The Bee Goddess diamond and gold collection of pendants, bracelets and cufflinks brings together mythological symbols and sacred meanings from around the world and across the centuries. The key inspiration of the collection is the creativity, fertility and the loving compassion of the Goddess … Each Bee Goddess symbol invokes and expresses an archetypal meaning and story to enrich life with powers such as eternal love, energy, compassion, wisdom, wholeness, creativity unity, happiness, good luck, prosperity, and more. They are a beautiful reminder to channel one’s own inner divinity to elevate life from the ordinary to the magical and connect with others beyond the boundaries of time and space.”

If diamonds aren’t your thing, you can also get their designs in pure gold and white gold with diamonds. For those of Celtic persuasions, you can also get a diamond-encrusted spiral triskele as well (which they inexplicably label “Minerva”). As for cost? Well, it isn’t polite to mention such things, how tacky! You have to send them an information request to discuss a purchase (which means that unless you happened to win the lottery recently, you probably can’t afford it). No doubt these will be on the wish-lists of upper-crust Goddess worshipers across the globe this Yuletide season*.

* To be honest, despite my general distaste at excessive opulence, anything is better than those “journey” diamond pendants everyone seems to be hawking lately.

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Jason Pitzl-Waters


  • Sortiarium

    Interesting and beautiful Blog!

  • ArachneDefiant

    Even us witches like having a little bling sometimes. :-) On a more serious note, I hope that this very interesting company that obviously has a deeper interest in the world than simply producing sparkly things to sell is looking hard at where they are obtaining their diamonds. The unfortunate near-monopoly of the diamond market by DeBeers has been the font of some of the most egregious crimes against humanity seen in the past century. Let’s hope Bee Goddess is as socially aware as they should be.That said – again, gorgeous jewelry.

  • Celestite

    holy crap!I would be afraid that the goddess would strike me dead!Let’s see, caste a circle, call the Elements, oh and don’t forget the bling crusted with blood diamonds and gold mined from who knows where. Can’t think of a better way to honor the earth. *gag*