Christian Military and Malicious Magic

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  January 23, 2008 — 7 Comments

The Philadelphia Jewish Voice has posted a chilling interview with Michael Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and a former Naval serviceman who served with the Reagan Administration. Since 2004 Weinstein has been waging a very public battle over what he sees as the pernicious influence of a certain strain of evangelical Christians on our supposedly secular military. Since starting his organization, Weinstein claims that nearly 7000 active duty members of our military have come forward complaining of harassment due to their religious faith.

“By last week, over 6,800 active duty members of the United States Marine Corp, Navy, Army and Air Force have come to our foundation pretty much as spiritual rape victims/tormentees and the shocking thing is 96% of them coming to us are Christians themselves. Roughly three-quarters are traditional Protestants, like Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Lutherans, Methodist. We get Mormons, we get Assembly of God, Church of Christ, Southern Baptist. One-fourth of that 96% percent of that total universe of 6,800 — more each day — one-quarter of that 96% are Roman Catholic. About 4% will be Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, Wiccan, Jain, Shinto, Native American spirituality or atheist or agnostic.”

Weinstein has also received death threats, “talks” from fellow Republicans and military men who tell him that the Jews who died in the Holocaust are burning in hell, and malicious magical prayer workings from evangelical Christians.

“I wanted to say one more thing. You know, we do not talk about this a lot, but our family has a lot of stress. We get death threats practically every day. We’ve had the largest windows in our house shot out, we’ve had dead animal sacrifices put on our front door. We’ve had feces and beer bottles thrown at the house. My wife and I have a group of what we presume are fundamentalist Christian women who call about every eight to 10 days, for most of the last 34 months, and they just chant on the phone, “Mikey Weinstein, bullet in the head, praise the Lord, he’s finally dead.” We’ve got little children, three or four years of age, call and say, “Now we lay you in your grave, there was no way you could be saved; you hate our Lord and he can tell, which is why you burn in hell.” And that’s not the worst part. The worst part is listening to the adult males and females in the background telling them what to say and how to do this.”

Anyone from a Pagan tradition that practices magic will instantly recognize those phone-calls for what they are, directed group workings with the goal of Weinstein’s death. The kind of “black magic” that is almost universally seen as morally repugnant within our communities. These claims of abuse, intolerance, and mistreatment towards soldiers of the “wrong” faith, while shocking, points to a trend I have been reporting from the Pagan angle for some time now. A trend that puts our Pagan troops in danger, and is a scary harbinger of what our military could become if left unchecked.

For those wanting to help Weinstein in his struggles, there is a page for making monetary donations to his (non-profit) organization, and I’m certain he wouldn’t mind prayers, devotionals, and workings from Pagans to help counteract the “magical war” being waged against him by Christian groups. For the latest news from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, click here.

Jason Pitzl-Waters


  • Toonhead

    As a former evangelical, I find the behavior described shocking. The practices described were very much against the teachings of my church. You pray to God in the name of Jesus to save a soul or change a way of thinking but never ever pray for destruction, bad things to happen or take joy in the suffering of others. They are doing what Wiccans are condemned as doing. If I went back I don’t think I would recognize it. What the gentle carass?

  • sunfell

    When I was serving in the USAF, I came to work early one morning to discover my Christian colleagues in a circle, praying for my demise (by name!)- they were praying that God would make me miserable enough to ‘break’ me so I would crawl to Jesus. I had been suffering panic attacks, nightmares and near- suicidal depression- and at that moment I understood why. Their “prayer” was answered: I ended up being demoted (due to active sabotage on their part) and left the service before retirement (honorable discharge). But the wheel of karma did swing around, and caught some of them on the return stroke- they made the fatal error of bragging about what they did in front of the squadron commander. Two were demoted, one was dishonorably discharged. I am not a bit surprised that these ‘Christians’ are actively using black magic/toxic prayer against Mikey and people who aren’t in their camp. In their eyes, it’s OK to do this- God has their back, or so they believe.

  • Barbara

    Thank you for the link. I’ve added it to my blog. It’s inexcusable that anyone serving in our military is treated this way.I personally think that anyone who pushes any religion on someone in this manner is a little insane. Surely they don’t believe their God wants people to come to Him by force? That’s not the Christianity I used to be part of, and I had problems with its pushy missionary style. This is inquisition-style, or more like an abusive cult than religion. What next? Vats of Koolaid laced with cyanide? Shameful … just shameful.

  • THE Michael

    It would seem to me that this is just the kind of work the ACLU loves to take on….has anyone tried to get them onboard with this?

  • Copper Asetemhat Stewart

    Thanks for calling it malicious magic and pointing out the similarities. There’s lots of this stuff in the “spiritual warfare” ideas and practices… it’s not a military context, but a good chronicle of an intense effort is _Prayer Warriors_ by Stuart Howell Miller, a gay man targeted by his family and their evangelical social circle, as well as by a nation-wide prayer chain–a harrowing look at the micro-level effects. They ended up praying that God kill their son rather than allow him to persist in homosexuality, relying on scriptural justification.

  • Yvonne

    This is deeply scary. Malicious magic indeed. We should all be doing protection magic for this guy.

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