Isn’t it a little early for this?

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  November 18, 2007 — 4 Comments

It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet and already the first rumblings of the ongoing “War on Christmas” are emerging. It seems that like the retailers, conservative Christians have to start earlier and earlier in order to make their quotas (of attention-grabbing media). The American Family Association has singled out two major retail chains for not being sufficiently full of Christ in their marketing. The first, home improvement retailer Lowe’s, took heat for selling “family trees” in their catalog instead of “Christmas trees”.

“In its Holiday 2007 catalog, containing 56 pages of Christmas gifts, Lowe’s advertises hundreds of gift items, including scores of “Family trees.” In fact, the word “Christmas” only appears two times in the entire holiday catalog. The ads mentioning “Christmas” cover only 12 square inches of the 5236 square inches available.”

The AFA must not have gotten the latest message from Pat “I love Rudy” Robertson, who made a tree-related pronouncement on this week’s “The 700 Club”.

“This week, Pat Robertson said on “The 700 Club” that Christmas trees are not worth making a fuss over because they “come from Teutonic Paganism” and “are not an integral part of Christianity.” You know things are getting bad when even Robertson starts making sense.”

But Lowe’s, believing it better to be safe than sorry, immediately recanted its “family trees” and said that “Christmas” would be everywhere in their stores. Where, oh where, will I buy my Pagan-friendly “family” tree now?

The AFA also set its sights on PetSmart, for selling seasonal pet items that weren’t sufficiently devoted to all things “Christmas”.

“Of all the items that pop up when you search for Christmas, not a single one mentions Christmas or is identified as being a Christmas gift.”

PetSmart is also listed in the “naughty” list of Christmas-defying retailers by The Liberty Counsel, who has released its yearly “naughty and nice” list of stores (PDF). The pet-retailer joins The Gap, Ace Hardware, Bloomingdale’s and K-Mart in the list of establishments getting “coal” from conservative Christians. This and other early warning shots, seem to prefigure an especially heated seasonal “war” this year. No doubt the “big guns” will soon come out with their yearly allotment of outrage, but don’t count out those sneaky Hollywood liberals!

As for the millions of non-Christians in this country, the ones that some Christians believe shouldn’t be acknowledged by stores during “their” holiday, we will go on quietly celebrating our Winter festivals, and awaiting the day when we all acknowledge the real reason for the season.

Jason Pitzl-Waters


  • Barbara

    I don’t know why we can’t all just get along, each celebrate whatever holiday we choose, for whatever reason is important to us, and allow each other the same.But I guess that would make too many people happy, and apparently someone doesn’t want that.

  • fenix

    Oh, joy of joys. I suppose I’ll be seeing our annual “attack on Xmas by the school system” here in the Ozarks. There’s a lawyer by the name of Dee Wampler who makes it a point, every year, to go to the Springfield schools and all the little town schools around Springfield and point out that there’s a “war on Xmas” due mostly to us Pagans. He thinks that calling the break between semesters “winter break” instead of “Xmas break” is hurting our little future fundies.He hasn’t really gotten very far with it.

  • Robin Edgar

    Actually the *real* reason for celebrating the “death” and “rebirth” of the sun during the winter solstice, whether in the northern hemisphere in late December or in the southern hemisphere in mid June, has a lot to do with this rather more spectacular “death” and “rebirth” of the sun. . . The ‘Stone of the Seven Suns’ at Dowth, Ireland, makes that abundantly clear to those with eyes to see. . .

  • Kidsis

    BAH! I’m Christian and I even find this whole “Christmas, not Holiday” thing ridiculous. Holiday means “holy day” anyway. Just because probably-still-pagan Constantine decided to hijack a couple of pagan holidays to make the “Official State Version ™” of Christianity more appealing to his still-actually-pagan subjects, that doesn’t make those particular days anything worth getting offended over. Yes, the day is held as a holy day by most of the Christ-based religions, but other people hold the day holy as well.I believe that those who reject Christ will be cast into Hell by a Father who doesn’t want to do it but is bound by His Word. That doesn’t mean I can’t respect those who don’t share the same beliefs or understand that the season is more than just “holy” to us Christ followers. There are other people in this world as well and we have to get along with them until we die.