The Colors of Paganism

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  November 17, 2007 — 1 Comment

If you are thinking of redesigning your Pagan-themed web site or putting together a full-color poster for your next public event, you should definitely check out a new article on the Colour Lovers web site entitled “Colors of Religion: Paganism”. Written by Yvonne Aburrow (who also runs MetaPagan and the Blog Elysium), the article looks at the colors that help define our religious movement, and provides helpful palettes to integrate in design.

“Green is the colour everyone immediately associates with Paganism. It is the colour of nature, of trees, and all growing things. It is associated with the Green Man, a symbol of our connection to Nature, and a manifestation of the life-force. Many Pagans also like the colour purple for its spiritual connotations (it is associated with the crown chakra). Interestingly, purple and green were also the colours of the suffragette movement.”

The article ranges far and wide, discussing the importance of the rainbow in Asatru, why Druids wear white, and why red, black, and white are often paired together.

“The white, red and and black colours of the Triple Goddess owe a lot to Robert Graves’ seminal work The White Goddess. He derived it from the tendency of the Irish myths to declare those “otherworldly” colours in combination, such as the red-eared white cow that was Brigid’s only food as an infant, the red, white and black oystercatcher that is called “Brigid’s bird” or the red-eared white dogs that occur in so many stories as Otherworld animals.”

Some of the Pagan-friendly color palettes include “Green Man”, “Full Moon”, “Double Rainbows”, and “Winter Solstice”. All of which trump a black background with a thousand annoying sparkling animated .gifs littered everywhere. In design, like in Paganism, the old ways are sometimes the best ways. So don’t create a web page that sucks, use good color choices (now provided thanks to this article), keep it legible, and keep it simple.

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Jason Pitzl-Waters


  • whatsername

    How interesting! Green and purple are actually my favorite colors too…