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Jason Pitzl-Waters —  June 12, 2007 — 5 Comments

Some quick announcements from the Pagan blogosphere.

Sia, from Full Circle Central, points out that there is a new discussion group started for the Gaia’s Guardians organization. Who or what are Gaia’s Guardians?

“Gaia’s Guardians is a loose confederation of professionals and volunteers who work on projects that benefit Mother Earth and her creatures. This is an inter-faith effort & people from all belief systems (or none) are welcome … This is a networking group for those who are already actively engaged in this sort of work. If you are new to community service, and wish to get involved, either visit Volunteer Match or write to Full Circle at and we’ll try our best to hook you up with local efforts you can support.”

You can learn more about this group’s activities and history, here.

A soon to be launched web site called The Pagan Quill, promises to shine a spotlight on the best that the Pagan and occult blogosphere has to offer.

“[The Pagan Quill] is a writing project geared toward bringing the best pagan writers to the forefront of the blogging community. Pagan Quill will be a virtual environment where pagan bloggers much like yourself submit their works to be featured on the front page with hopes of getting their names out there, in the spotlight, where they deserve to be.”

If you think your writing deserves to be featured, send them an e-mail for submission details. No word on a launch date, but you can read their mission statement, here.

The occult group blog, Key 23, has re-launched as a occult web-zine/blog entitled Key 64 (featuring articles by Lupa, Nick Pell, and Taylor Ellwood). While New Zealand author Caroline Tully has launched a Pagan blog entitled Necropolis Now (with a focus on grave sites and death imagery within paganism).

Finally, I have launched a new blog at to highlight and promote a new book I am working on. It will be a history of modern Pagan and occult music, hopefully to be published sometime in 2008.

“The ultimate goal of this work is to give the reader a short (yet hopefully informative) history of modern Pagan and occult music. A history that spans a nearly forty year period from the late sixties to the present day, and includes just about every conceivable musical style. We will discuss not only the musicians but also those individuals and groups that provided inspiration along the way. We will discuss the early pioneers of self-consciously Pagan and occult music, and finally, this book will discuss how all of these artists form an essential cultural component to the health and growth of modern Paganism.”

The blog will feature reviews, interviews, excerpts from the book in progress, and perhaps some legally released Mp3s for download. If you are interested in all permutations of Pagan music, why not add it to your reading list? You can also subscribe to the blog on Livejournal.

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Jason Pitzl-Waters


  • Lupa

    Thanks for the Key64 mention :)

  • Pagan Quill

    Thanks for the Pagan Quill mention. We are not as yet open for business, but hopefully, we will see everyone soon!

  • Pagan Quill

    Scrap that! We’re open now!!

  • Erik

    Very excited about the book – it sounds fascinating!

  • Caroline Tully

    Hi Jason, thanks for mentioning my new blog, Necropolis Now. I just need to mention that I am Australian, not a New Zealander. (I live in the “Land Downunder”, they live across the sea in the “Land of the Long White Cloud”). Let me say however, that New Zealand is a highly civilised place with much better politics than Australia!