A Fat Witch…

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  March 24, 2007 — 1 Comment

Conservative radio and television show host Glenn Beck is getting some heat for calling Rosie O’Donnell a “fat witch” on his show. But he wants to be clear that he didn’t mean Pagan Witches.

“I have to tell you, I’m a little ashamed of myself for saying that. I am. I mean it’s technically true, she’s a witch. Well, no, technically, she’s not a witch. There’s no Wiccan tendencies there, and I probably agree with Wiccans more than I agree with Rosie O’Donnell. So I apologize to all Wiccans on that.”

So it seems that in the world of conservative punditry calling someone you don’t agree with “fat” is OK (since its “scientific consensus” according to his producer), but calling them a “witch” is crossing the line (Does that include actual “fat” Witches, or do those two conditions cancel eachother out?). Who knew that Wiccans have risen so high in the esteem of prominent conservative commentators. I’m sure Limbaugh, Coulter, and the rest will be sure to take note.

Jason Pitzl-Waters