Cradle of Pagans

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  November 28, 2006 — 7 Comments

Drowned in Sound interviews Cradle Of Filth frontman Dani Filth. The heavy metal singer weighs in on the use of voodoo dolls in keeping his band together, and reveals a bit about his own personal belief system when asked if he believes in a God.

Dani Filth

“Yes I do, although it is an amalgam of all the relevant bits of other religious deities, including of course, the nasty ones. To avoid debates with so-called people-in-the-know, I get away with saying I’m a pagan.”

This includes Dani Filth in the rare company of eccentric musical artists who use the “p-word” to describe their eclectic or unorthodox religious beliefs. Other famous “pagans” include Neil Young and Bjork. Somehow, despite their individual statements of pagan identity or influence, I doubt we’ll be seeing any of the above playing a Pagan festival at any point in the near future.

Jason Pitzl-Waters


  • Anonymous

    Why not?

  • Jason

    From most accounts, festival music is stuck in a tribal drumming and folk-singing rut of sorts.

  • Anonymous

    After “Achtung Baby”, I thought for a while Bono was a pagan. Guess I was wrong, but I still consider “Mysterious Ways” one of the best “pagan” songs I ever heard. Too bad most “real” pagan music seems to be quite formulaic.

  • Anonymous

    I thought that Bono’s claim to be a Christian was very well publicized. “If you want to kiss the sky, better learn how to kneelOn your knees, boy!” 😉

  • Anonymous

    Emerson Avenger-You’re right, but “Achtung Baby” was my first exposure to U2, and I heard it-over and over again-before I read the publicity. It was dissappointing, and changed the way I viewed Bono and the band, but I still love that album, especially “Mysterious Ways”.

  • Anonymous

    Another famous pagan- Sully Erna, lead singer of the band Godsmack, is (or was) a Wiccan. Also- though I’ve never seen or heard confirmation anywhere- Mudvayne’s lyrics, mostly written by lead singer Chad Gray, seem to be full of thinly veiled references to Thelema.

  • Anonymous

    Well “Mysterious Ways” is a great song and one of my favorites too. I have good reason to identify with it considering the amount of synchronicity and other “mysterious ways” I have experienced. In what way was it “disappointing” to learn that Bono identifies as Christian?