Greeks Free To Worship The Old Gods

Back in 2004 a documentary appeared called “I Still Worship Zeus”. The film highlighted the struggles of native Greeks to gain the freedom to worship the old gods of Greece. Greece, despite being a modern democracy has denied their Pagan citizens the same religious freedoms and protections as (Orthodox) Christians, Muslims, or Jews. But it looks like the efforts to de-criminalize the worship of the Greek gods is finally bearing fruit.

Religious leader of the Greek Pagan organization Dodecatheon.

After worshipping in secret for years, a Greek court has recently ruled in favor of worshippers of Greek deities.

“Greek court allowed association of worshippers of ancient Greek deities to be set up. At the moment Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Athens, Hermes, etc. are being worshipped by 100,000 Greeks. Until now Ministry of Culture banned them from conducting public worship at archeological sites and their gatherings were often secretive. Greek Orthodox Church is severely criticizing worship of ancient deities.”

This is a major step in a country that is politically dominated by the Greek Orthodox Church. Finally one of the richest sources of Europe’s pre-Christian heritage has allowed modern Hellenes and Pagans the right to honor the old gods and to practice openly.

Jason Pitzl-Waters


  • Anonymous

    From the time in which Greece liberated itself from the Ottomans, Mormons, Jehovah witnesses, scientologists, Baptists you name it.. Have had their shot of trying to convert their brand of Christianity / religion on the country. Now you might say they have a right to their own opinion and I suppose they do have a right to choose to worship as they please. But 400 years of a brutal regime who’s only goal was the extermination of our belief and faith (as I am sure pagans have also been persecuted during the medieval period within Europe) has molded the current situation and has created the Greece we see today (please note that not one person has ever been burnt as a witch by the orthodox throughout history.. as this is murder and against Orthodox Doctrine) and created the insular mindset you see before you. We have become very protective of our faith and a close association of church and state has developed due to this long fight for survival. Foreigners protesting outside the acropolis wanting the right to worship there are viewed with hostility because as Greeks we perceive that an Englishman or a German has no right to dictate to us how we should govern our nation as we have no right to dictate what happens in their country. What I believe the pagans are failing to realize is that the Greek people have become so sick to death of this flood of people trying to either convert us or remold Greece in their own image (we are quite happy with the status quo), that the response to this constant flood has created the very harsh response you now see when you retry to open up the Parthenon for pagan worship. Now I understand there are some Greeks who have become pagan and that the attitude of the establishment has been quite harsh in the past. And we as Greeks need to deal with this issue in a compassionate manor taking not only the Greek pagans into account, but also the feelings of the 98% of the country that Christian Greek Orthodox and are not pagan into account. As Greeks open and respectful dialogue must be forthcoming from both sides in order to resolve the issue in a mutually respectful manor. Neither side must treat the other side with contempt, and those involved in the process must take time to understand the others feelings and build trust between the two groups. Failure to do this will only be met with more hostility and will ultimately harm your cause. May god bless you all

  • Anonymous

    In reality the Greek government shouldn’t have a problem with Hellenic views at all. It is the foundation of who they were and who they are now. Ignoring such Hellenic things is devaluing history, I’m sure the church isn’t about to go and destroy every monument. That is not Greece. Pagans and Christians have been fighting an aimless battle for ages, it is stupid and people should know their history. This is a step that should have been a given long ago. I really hope that this stays this way, its a sad thing when your roots are taken out from under you because something new came to that very spot. With ages of history I hope they both find a way to share. It has been done in many neighboring countries, co-existing peacefully, and with maturity.

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