A Mission From God

A modern Pagan confronts Jim Towey the White House Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives about his past comments on pagans and charity. First he was questioned about his remarks during a Q&A session.

“Mr. Towey said that he had replied honestly; he was not aware, at the time that he answered the question, of any Pagan charitable organizations. Since then, he had gotten over 1500 letters and emails from Pagans outlining their charitable works, had met with “one or two” Pagans in Washington, and in fact believed that one Pagan organization had actually received money for their soup kitchen. He also stated that the forum in which the question was asked, didn’t give him really enough time to think about the question, and that he wished now, he had given more thought to the question before he answered.

Then, another Pagan was able to speak with him directly after the Q&A.

“I introduced myself to Mr. Towey (call me Jim!) as the President of the Red Hills Pagan Council, a civic group comprised of Pagans, and quickly informed him that I wasn’t there to ask for money or to apply for a job (he was visibly relieved to hear that) but that I was there to let him know that Pagans do indeed, have charitable hearts, frequently do charity work, and gave some examples. Michael gave him his letter. He seemed pleased that we were doing charitable work, but I kept getting the impression that he still thinks “Pagan” equals “atheist.”

So there you have it. The man who is overseeing over a billion dollars for the purpose of giving to “faith-based” institutions thinks that modern “Pagans” are actually modern pagans, that is, atheists. This is somewhat troubling, you would think that such a person would take a refresher course on religions in America.

Jason Pitzl-Waters