Random Thoughts

I hate it when a really cool book is pointed out to me and I can’t afford it. Maybe once I’m flush again I’ll splurge for it.

Speaking of splurging, my big birthday indulgence this year will be DVDs of the complete Robin of Sherwood series that was made in England from 1983-1985.

I remember seeing one of the episodes years ago at a convention back when I was very young to paganism and it really had a big impression on me at the time. So being able to watch *all* of them when I have only seen a few will be an enormous indulgence.

My other birthday treat will be seeing the new movie King Arthur, being a big Celtic and Arthurian history and mythology buff I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I’m sure their will be some errors but I’ll go in with an open mind and hope to be entertained.

Merlin and his “Woads”

In other movie news,I went and saw the new Harry Potter movie last night and I thought it was very good. Far better than the second movie, the darker tone seemed much more appropriate to the subject matter and the kids were much better at acting this time around. A fun film.

Finally, I’m doing my pagan radio show (“Pagan Thoughts”) this Sunday (10am on WEFT), I’ll be spotlighting recent pagan and religious book releases with a manager at the local Barnes and Noble who happens to be Asatru. If I can manage it I’ll record the show and post an mp3 for the masses.

Jason Pitzl-Waters